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Sweetie Belle finally did it. She got her cutie mark. Should be a day of Sunshine and Rainbows, right? Well, the universe is not always so kind to little fillies. Things got complicated.

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gonna fave and see where this goes. hopefully you decide to continue this later, maybe?

Slice of life indeed.

Nope, it's a one shot.

Aww, I loved this. Even though you labelled it as a one-shot, I would love to see more :pinkiehappy:

Kind of like what happened with my friends. As soon as I told them I was a brony, they ditched me. :fluttershyouch:

WHAT? THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF MANY STORIES. I think.... I didn't read this yet.

1614336 Mine hate ponies and stuff but they didna ditch me HA, YOU JELLY?!?!?!

very nice as a oneshot.. but seriously.. this could use a follow up to see what happend with scoots, the other crusaders and RD

1614336 Then they weren't your true friends, if they were your true friends they wouldn't have let it bother them and they certainly wouldn't have ditched you. :eeyup:

1616829 I know, right? :twilightangry2: Oh well, who needs them? I have a moderately trained pegasister friend, and I need to train her over the break my school and her school has in this, fanart, and other various things. (BTW, I've been friends with her since the 1st grade, and when I visited her over the summer, she admitted her love for it. I :yay:'d)

That's good, I'm sorta in the closet, so I don't have to worry about this happening. They're not very good friends if they don't stick with you for something like that.

Nice little story, though I would love to see an epilogue.

I enjoyed this very much! :yay:

1616932 I'm currently living in Turkey right now, but on the 17th, I'm moving to the good old USA :pinkiehappy: Which is where my dear pegasister friend lives. I must train her HARD in the ways of us pony folk. ...:ajsmug: AH LAHKE HELPIN THE PONY FOLK...an' stuff.

Hmmm, it is surprising how few fics of this nature I see, well done by the way, I enjoyed it

Oh what why you only one-shot? This could be great, please do more?:fluttercry:

I think I changed my mind on that. It will most likely be continued, possibly in the near future.

1638294 Oh hell yea :pinkiehappy:
If you do I bet it is gonna be fantastic, I wish you the best of luck. :twilightsheepish:

If you want to leave it as a one-shot, just write a sequel! That way you still continue this and stick to your word that it's a one-shot. Without the last paragraph and a line, it feels complete. But with it, it is an unresolved scenario, and the reader wants more.

I wonder if this story will be continued someday.

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