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... at watching movies. I really wish I hadn't invited them over in the first place...

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You may want to consider changing the title. I really liked this. But I almost didn't click on it cause all I saw was "Ponies Suck" and I automatically assumed it was a troll fic. I suspect you are going to have people who pass it by because when they are quickly scanning the site, that's all they see and automatically assume troll fic.

I could be wrong. But that's how it would seem to me.

>“Great, now c’n we please watch this hear movie?”
>watch this hear movie?"
>this hear movie?"
>this hear
I fell out of my chair.

Good fic nonetheless.
People judge things by their titles?
They... they still do that?

Fixed, thanks for the feedback.
I wrote this story for no reason other than to cure me of writers block, and don't expect it to go well.

Hey, someone who doesn't bawl like a baby when someone points out one of the few spelling errors! You have potential!

1006917 Chrome here has a lot of potential. Give him time and he'll write masterpieces.

1006898 They do given how many new stories flow into this site every day. They may not have time to get a through look at all the stories and likely do pass things by because of the title, especially given the recent influx of troll fics.

Nah, it's a pull. people are like "Oh, what the hell is this?" then they look at the description, then they're like, "well, this is truly intriguing to my interests!"
JK, I don't care if people like this story or not. It was a stress reliever that I decided to post.

Hah, thanks man. You've been really helpful lately. But, you know, I'm not really looking for likes with this story. I'm surprised, I suspected it would bomb completely... :applejackconfused:

very amusing how will they react to other movies I wonder...

Wow, that host is a real jerk.

nice story.. and i laughed hard :rainbowlaugh:

However ridiculous it is (as intended, and I'm not insulting it if that's what you're thinking), I would like to see more of stuff like this--the girls commentary on movies, or at least pointing stupid stuff out from certain movies. The fact I was disappointed about this being a one-shot is a good sign. Still, what we got was entertaining, I can say that. Even the bathroom joke--a literal toilet joke--got a chuckle out of me. Too bad the guy is such a sourpuss--I'd be more than honored to have the Mane Six at my house and watch a movie with me. :twilightsmile:

1007269 as much as I'd like to say I'd react differently, I really can't.

You want them out of your house? Tell them what JELLO is made out of and watch their reactions.



Wow, what a cute story. There's not much I could say, but it's great to see a lighthearted story like this.

Also, I'm assuming that "Flamboyantly designed horse" is rainbow dash. That's just hilarious.

1006908 I liked this alot. If you do make a sequel,You should write about them watching the Nightmare before Christmas or some sort of horror movie! That would be hilarious!

Mixed feelings. I like how you introduced them and how you portrayed their characters, but I don't like 'you' as a character. You come off a tad mean and brash... but I suppose that is the purpose. Also, there are a few grammar issues, but nothing really to detract from the story. All in all, enjoyable. Just wish that 'you' weren't such an ass.


I wasn't gonna do that, but I based it off the guy in the photo I made. It's not me in any respects, the guy on the cover photo just seemed like he would be an ass.

1012603 I meant 'You' as in the character 'You', not you (author) directly.

I liked it, at least due to the title :pinkiehappy:

W00t anthor chapter! here have a mostache :moustache:

Are you open to any suggestions for movies for them to watch with eachother?

absolutely! I'm not even really sure what movies I was going to do, so fire away!


How about Monty Python and The Holy Grail? I'm sure that would be pretty amusing.

HAHJKHHUHFBNJ:LSDUPHH that would be perfect! Consider it done. (there is a lot of H's in that attempt at typing randomness)


You know if you run out of good movies you could always go to TV Shows or even have them watch him play Video Games.

Make them watch Alien or maybe even Prometheus.

Make them watched Human centipede, if only to show Celestia where she can shove her "wrath"

I would suggest Twilight (you know, sparkling vampires, not the pony, obviously), but that seems too obvious of something to chose--and I don't see this guy wanting to buy this movie AT ALL. But if you still decide to, that's cool. He just will probab;y kill himself before the end of the next chapter. If not, I also suggest Zombieland--I have no idea why, just a good movie that popped into my head.

It's really awesome to see this will continue on. I liked it as a one-shot, but even better now that it will continue on for a bit. See, dude? You're going to suffer for messing with our little ponies. Haha! :trollestia:

1161448 :applejackconfused: Oh my Celestia, no! D:

1164878 eh, what can I say. Celestia's being a bitch

1165609 well, now she's not even pretending not to be one, so that's new

1165942 I get that a lot, working in a cutlery store and all

If there's one thing I've learned in my sixteen years of life, it's that you should never watch Monty Python with a girl, this one is going to be almost too easy.

Star Wars. They must watch star wars, or something by Lucas. They must know.

This story pic.... OH IT JUST SLAPS ME ON THE KNEE. BWAHAHAHA. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh this story, it's wierd.

Make em watch a really horrifying movie like SAW or something :rainbowlaugh:

They dare to say Monty Python wasn't funny?!

The heretics must BURN.

Now where'd I put that blasted gasoline, I know I left it around here after last week's bonfire...

It's finally out I was worried that you never going to finish it!

If you don't have any ideas for what movie to do next you could try Indiana Jones.

P.S Would you take suggestions for TV Shows/Video Games?

Have them watch Evil Dead 1 or 2 or Army of Darkness! Or maybe even Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie!

very good sir very good. another if you so please.:twilightsmile:

Can you have them watch Japanese Movies in the future?

Oh, I know! Have them watch the MST of Manos: The Hands of Fate next!
And then follow it up with Mac and Me, Highlander II: The Quickening, Showgirls, Battlefield Earth, Gigli, and Catwoman! :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

Next time, Birdemic: Shock and terror

This is me every time I try to show my friends this movie. :rainbowlaugh:

How about Inglourious Basterds?
Or is it too late to ask? :fluttershysad:

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