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It was the happiest I had been my entire life.
I was able to forget and move on. For the rest of my adolescent years I lived out my life in a satisfied stupor; careless to the rest of the world and only focusing on my friends and my job—most of the time. For three years I lived content and lazy in the beautiful town of Ponyville. I didn't expect that my life would be so full of adventure and fame. I only expected to escape my old life, but instead found something even more grand and beautiful than a mere vacation from my suffering.
I wanted more than anything to keep it from all falling apart.

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Comment posted by PegasYs deleted Mar 27th, 2013

Love it! It feels so good to be able to read more hope in the storm! :rainbowkiss:

1709591 Hot dang! This is better than I imagined! I spotted a minor error in spelling though

“You insubordination is not one of your most flattering qualities, Miss Dash.”

Shouldn't it be "Your in subordination..." and not "You"?

I made my way the small distance to my bed,

not sure what's wrong, but this sounds weird to me.

just wanted to point these out. Other than that though, great job! :rainbowdetermined2:

I don't wanna be sad again, this story may make it so!

I shall read this first thing tomorrow!

Love it. Absolutely love it. There was one grammatical error (though now I can't find it :pinkiecrazy: ), but other than that, amazing work.

Really looking forward to the rest, Chrome. And actually looking forward to crying my eyes out. What can I say? I'm a sucker for romance and sadfics.

Make me proud! And also make me cry under a pillow and rethink my entire life all night! :pinkiehappy:

Moar, please may I have moar.:twilightsmile:

I really like it, can't wait for more

Why did I get this in my notifications again?! I don't even, where all the other comments at?

Surely, this was good, but for some reason it seems better than before, still sad, still has me wondering, and I want MOAR!

Comment posted by PegasYs deleted Dec 16th, 2012

...as a sort of buck everypony who thought otherwise.

Personally, I would have put "buck everypony" in quotation marks, like that, just to clearly signify its meaning. Minor, but hey. :scootangel:

All my friends leaded these great lives,

Should be "led".

Fluttershy sighed closed her eyes.

I would have put an "and" between "sighed" and "closed", or a comma after "sighed" followed by "closing".

"None of will think worse of you for it."

Should of course be "None of us".

Liking it, though, keep going! :yay:
And poor Dashie, everypony say: "Aaaaaw...":pinkiesad2:

Very tempted to re-read that chapter... but oh I don't want the sadness to come back. :fluttershysad:
Oh ohhhhhh, all the chapters in this part shall be just as great as the ones in the past! :rainbowdetermined2:
Shoot, i'ma read that chapter over anyway.

Wow. Both parts of this are being featured at the exact same time... I seriously don't know how that bucking box works.

THIS IS AMAZING! I'm a dedicated fan to this! AND I LOVE IT!

YAY SEQUEL! And so far it is keeping my attention 100% so MOAR :flutterrage:

Very interesting. Can't wait to see the other's take on her past. Also, Fimfiction is lying to me and saying their is an unread chapter for me...

Wow, that was an excellent start to the sequel. Very emotional.
Already liked and fav'd, and now I'm off to chapter two. :twilightsmile:

My heart is legitimately bleeding right now :fluttercry:

That ending. I'm very curious to see what the others will say.
I really like it so far! I could imagine Rainbow being this type of pony. It's very emotional, written well, good on the grammar, and I like it a lot so far. :twilightsmile:

1810338 The last three sections of the featured box are for updates only. I updated Hope in the Storm with a link to this part, and it got featured again. I'm more surprised that this one actually got featured...

1811693 Haha! The sadness has been doubled!
1811803 thank you kindly, your words make me happy as always :twilightsmile:
1811347 Thank you, might be because I deleted an empty chapter, but who knows with the new site formatting. :derpyderp2:
1810708 :rainbowdetermined2: prepare to have your fancies tickled
1810789 120%?
1810127 :yay:
1809757 all suggestions accounted for and applied, thanks for sticking with me so long

I'm usually not a fan of sad stories....
but this one is so well written, I have to fav it! =D

I do hope you spin a happy ending onto this...I dunno if I can take much more of sad feels....

Whatever you decide, great fic!

This legitimately makes me wanna go back and read part one again.

1812469 That was the plan my man, the circular placement of the first part into this story is actually doing very interesting things to my notifications.

This isn't being removed from my Recently Updated list. It's pissing me off.

1817303 Appearently you're not the only one this is happening to. Sorry about that, don't take it out on me :pinkiesad2: If I knew what was going on I'd fix it.

Yay, a fanfic that's actually readable! As an editor (and a grammar Nazi), this pleases me greatly.

And yet here I was: a freaking train wreck, beat red in the face, crying my eyes out in front of the kindest friend I have and will ever know.

That should be "beet red."

who disliked this and why

Heh, no problem. While things like grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. might seem minor, they actually can either greatly help or strongly detract from a reader's immersion. You can have an excellent story, but if the writing is poor I honestly wouldn't want to read it. This is a good story and is written quite well. Do you use pre-readers and/or editors?

1826815 I don't. All of the grammar is done by me. Although, with the release of this story, I recently attained one who will be looking over each chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Cool. I'm willing to offer my assistance, if you're interested in getting any additional help.


Sweet, looking forward to it.

I'm loving this! Keep it up buddy! :pinkiehappy:

This story reminds me of this song:

Uh, something may or may not have screwed up the formatting on the first half of this chapter.
Also 'She was also the only one who new Aero after all.'
Should probably be knew.

2025887 Damn Google Docs!
Thanks, probably wouldn't have noticed that :derpyderp1:

You haven't been spying on me have you this conversation just happened between me and my family yesterday hate to say it but they where right and i need to start taking more of my life into my own hands sure i have a job and finished high-school but that wont mean a thing without collage so i can start a career
Bt now that the story is going again i have something to look forward to great chapter

This is what I've been waiting for! To avoid spoilers to others, I won't say anything, BUT THIS IS A CHAPTER THAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! YES!

Good, good... :eeyup:
Nice to see Rainbow being the bigger pony and going off to sort things out, even if her friends had to make her see the sense in doing so first. But hey, that's what friends are for! :twilightsmile:

On a side note, this thing is still showing up on my unread favourites screen, despite me having read all the published chapters. Is there anything funny on your end that might need sorting out? :rainbowhuh:

I liked this a lot looking foward to reading more so I shall...

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