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"A fellowship that was forged in the firey depths of 4chan. Only to be cast out, and to become even stronger. Eventually growing so strong that even the firey depths of 4chan trembled before them."


Innate: using Chrome Dash's "How to make a good character" guide · 11:46pm Sep 23rd, 2012

Made using the advice of Chrome Dash here.

Innate Enigma

Character Sheet

Gender: Male

Eyes: Brown

Coat Color: Deep Blue

Mane and Tail Color: Deep Blue and Red

Build: Average height and slightly heavier than normal

Markings: Tattoos on his head, chest and legs

Race: Unicorn

Cutie Mark: A jack with all the suits in the center

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125320 Thats sounds amazing. I don't have a subwoofer to try that with.


125312 I'm glad I could show you it then.

125310 Dude. This music is breathtaking. WITH A F*CKING SUBWOOFER! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

125306 I've only really listened to the albums Invincible and Archangel. I haven't even heard any of the ones not under TSFH.

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