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We are the ever faithful followers of the Elements of Harmony. Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy. Applejack, and Pinkie Pie. No one pony has more power than the other.

"Concilium valet" - The Council prevails.!/pages/The-Harmonic-Council/322392697850706


I, BronyRex have created our youtube outlet. It is under my name, Rex Ultim, but still, its more than the others can say, i think.

Join our forces in the other interweb social strongpoints to make us even more powerful. We need your support to restore peace to our beloved Equestria.

We need to get to 18 members total to be more powerful than the Discordian Anarchy. Its a start, but its something of a goal.

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299176 General Innate Enigma reporting in, Commander Rex!

ROLL CALL! Who is reporting in for the Harmonic Council!
Report in by Friday so I know who is still part of the group.

friend me


my friend requester thing malfunctions so i can recieve, not send


Gotcha. I already know that Innate has one. I also didnt find an NLR or SE page on BronySquare so it looks like we got there first!

293391 Give me two weeks. By then, my band comps will at least slow down, giving me some more free time.


So do either of you have a BronySquare account. I already have made the page, and I would like you two there

its bronified facebook


Hey, have either of you two heard of Bronysquare? I just made a council footing if either of you would like to be a part of it.

OK, to all who are still part of this and have a facebook. please follow the page. if you dont want your real identity know, you can use a fake one. And of course, same ranks apply.

well i have a lot of non-brushies but plan to get some soon, nightmare moon, vinyl, ect. toysrus special pack

288690 I think I like the other toys better then the Brushies, but I've never had either type so I can't be completely sure.

New topic change. I found out the kroger i work at sells applejack brushies

288662 Alright I will, thanks.Warning Random Topic Change Detected! I will never forget the look on my friends face when he found out I was a Brony too. It was priceless.

Yeah, if you need help, my skype is the same of my username here

288660 I've never really had to explain why, but that's what I always thought I would say if I had to.

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