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EGADS · 7:11am Jun 1st, 2012

They have new pony emoticons!

More seriously, huzzah! Updates in abundance. Chapter 39's coming up real soon...

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I appreciate being recognized for my sleuthing skillz. :derpytongue2: Never did get a reply, but I wish him the best still. :twilightsmile:

I know that I'm 5 years late to the party but I appreciate the level of stalker you went to get more info on this author I just learned about :pinkiecrazy:

For those interested in reading Tales of the WInter Magic Academy.

Whereabouts regarding the author are unknown. So is the reason why the story got deleted.

Screwball is a beautiful young pony, which implies that you have a good taste in character.
I shall follow you for that.

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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