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A series of events · 6:50am Feb 15th, 2012

Well the past few days have been real random, I have a new found watcher and my other favorite author Sparkle commented on my Celestia is best pony blog. Well I know you are the only one who will see this (maybe sparkle) but If you have not seen this then you should have!


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Glad to be back! I am extremely excited to see this being written!

Hey Wraith, welcome back! I'm glad that you Faved Zenith! I hope that you enjoy seeing where Spike goes on his journey!:twilightsmile:

Hey Wraith, ya know what the best part writing Children of a Lesser Dragon God Boy Whelp Thingy Guy is? Getting to come and thank all the great folks like you who Faved it!:twilightsmile:

Hello, hello! Thanks for reading and faving Our Gifts! I hope you have a great holiday season!:moustache::twilightsheepish:

I'm reading like 10 fics, as well as "The Dark Tower" simultaneously. (Or as simultaneously as possible.)

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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