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I totally love ponies! :)


Oh, so this is how I do a blog post. · 7:39am Sep 25th, 2012

Hm, I've never done one of these before. Fancy that.

It's as though there's so much room here to stretch my creative potential to its utmost limits!

But instead I plan on rambling and prating a bit, because I'm intoxicated on insomnia. I mean... I haven't slept for too long. It's 2:00 AM. Prepare your mind for whatever happens to burst forth from mine.

Perhaps I should explain why I put Flights and Feelings on hiatus, and why What's wrong with Tia ended before it really began?

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You know Fatty McGee? He threatened suicide recently, and as he's not answering his messages I've been giving him, I'd like you to try to contact him in any and every way you know if you can.

Edits and fixes made to chapter 2 of A Jewel of a Problem. It should be better now.

I know, I know. Not being impatient at all, really, so much as pestering you. It certainly seems to have had the desired effect! :derpytongue2:

78058 Well, rest assured, I've finally got some time on my hands to work on it. I can only implore you to have a tiny bit more patience, and not decry me to the bowels of Tartarus for being irresponsible, and not finishing what I started. Take solace in the fact that your mild rebuke shall galvanize me into putting my best hoof forward!

Something like that indeed. :pinkiecrazy:

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