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Heroes and Allies: The War Room is a place for fans of Heroes and Allies, as well as anyone who loves a good war story. You don't have to worry about misanthropy or haters here, so I hope you have as much fun with us as I had writing the story. This is a place for the people, made by the people, so stories similar to, or based on H&A are gladly accepted. Welcome aboard!

Shout-out to our sister group, Humans aren't Bastards, a group this story had a hand in founding.

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350427 I'm New and working on a few storys. Would you mind if i picked your brain some time with some questions?

hey if you need a army airborne guy you could use me i was in the 101st and 82 airborne lost my leg in iraq

Wassup Lynolius?:rainbowdetermined2:

I`ve been wondering if by any chance, along with the recon marines, you could also bring in the marine scout-snipers.

Also note that i`m only on chapter 19, so tell me if anything has happened (or not happened) between 19 and 40 that would make the above suggestion impossible.

By all means. I'll set one up. By the time you read this, there will be a new story box specifically for things like that. Cheers!

329187 Actually, while i'm thinking about it. I noticed that there are no stories in the War stories section of the forum. So I would like to put forward 3.

1- The Panzer Lehr- By Myself. :twilightblush:
2- The Equestrian Honor Guard and Honor Above All Else - By Honored Service
3- Equestria Total War- By Emkajii

Yes. I am planning on introducing other nations. But everything in its own time. We'll have to wait and see! :raritywink: By the way, it seems that the site doesn't notify me of group page comments, so sorry about the late reply.

Are you planning on introducing any units from other nations to the story?

Btw, love the story :twilightsmile: . It inspired me to write my story "The Panzer Lehr"

We'll follow the old man where ever he wants to go.

Our fearful trip is done...

Fans of the story rejoice! I've just finished writing Chapter Thirty-Seven. Now it just needs to be thoroughly examined by my crack team of editors, and it'll be launched!

On a side note, I never thought this story would have thirty-seven chapters...

Oh captain, my captain!

A very good reason, indeed.

Well because the 82nd actually does jumps whereas the 101st is more of helicopter assault

Just want to thank everyone for another awesome chapter update! Editors and readers alike are what make this story as good as it is. Your suggestions and praise are the crow bar that forces open the door to greatness.

The 94th Airlift wing has already made a minor appearance in the story, and seeing as they're based at Dobbins, it only makes sense to include them further.

Good suggestion. Any particular reason?

In place of the 101st, how about the 82nd?

Decisions, decisions... Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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