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Just an average storyteller. Though quite busy in real life, when I do get time I do enjoy entertaining those who will listen...


Is anyone out there? · 1:15am November 27th

I have many ideas for stories I can write, but only recently have I created a working system to be able to write them all...:fluttershysad:

With the end of Gen. 4, is there anyone still here who will read our tales of adventure, love, and heroism (or...you know...tales of normal pony life)?...

*shakes head* Wha?! Oh right, the blog post.

You may have noticed the new avatar! It's a picture a good friend of mine made for me at my request.

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I haven't been on long, in fact, you registered about 8 days after I did :rainbowlaugh:
anyway, welcome to fimfiction! may your tales of honor and your hunts be successful.

Oh by the way great story real awesome.:rainbowkiss:

654883 No one has welcomed you to the site yet either. Well, a friendly welcome to you I do extend.

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