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Recent Video Game Influences on my Writing · 11:57pm Jan 17th, 2020

Good evening everypony!

Recently I've been playing a lot of Escape From Tarkov, and its inherently dark theme of war and survival is something I hope to incorporate more into the story!

If you noticed in my most recent chapter (29), the way I described the ODST's movements by checking left, right, and behind the group as they went was something very much influenced by the game!

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I haven't been on long, in fact, you registered about 8 days after I did :rainbowlaugh:
anyway, welcome to fimfiction! may your tales of honor and your hunts be successful.

Oh by the way great story real awesome.:rainbowkiss:

654883 No one has welcomed you to the site yet either. Well, a friendly welcome to you I do extend.

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