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Stories based on hlissner's Where the World Ends Universe. Sorta like the Chess Game, but a different, more defined universe.

Information on this universe: http://wtwe.wikia.com/wiki/Where_the_World_Ends_Wiki

Map is expanded from the canon one; 'Equestria and Beyond', property of hlissner.

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The wiki is dead.

Hey guys! :rainbowdetermined2: Dashie here.

If any of you have seen my fanfic: The Protectors of Harmony, it actually uses this map.

Is this okay? Or am I breaking some unwritten rule somewhere?

It`s a beautiful map and I thought I could work it into my story.

I don't know if there's anyone here, or anyone who will read this, or can see this, but one thing is for certain, we all have the same map and we all know the one place where the world ended: right back where we began. The Lost World.
With your help, anyone who is willing to help out a steam wing pegasus time-traveller, we can write the story of why everyone left and how it became the Lost World. It has to do with the Automaton Wars, the dark scene in which very few remember, even before Celestia's mother, Galestraya, ruled. This is before a time when peace was the norm, a time when evil was the true power, and a time when magic was rare. If hlissner/nasco is there, or anyone who was warped to the present-time Equestria who barely recovered their memories just now, please tell me. Help me tell the story of what happened. Help me bring to Celestia and Luna's attention how the steamwing technology could benefit ponykind.

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