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Sweetie Belle's outstanding performance in the school pageant should be a reason to celebrate, but when she is crushed by a glaring absence in the crowd, Rarity steps up—just like she's always had to do.

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And yet their parents will make it a point to attend a grandiose Hearths Warming Eve party once a year, only because of Twilight having it at the castle

This makes an insane amount of sense

It’s never too late in FiM’s lifetime for stories like these.

Its always nice to find a heartwarming story about Sweetie belle and Rarity.

what a fantastic story, loves of love and feeling in it.

it kinda reminds me of Simply Rarity .

but a really great story to show Rarity's Genorosity

I can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into this story's execution, and it paid off and then some. So much so, in fact, that I was actually kinda surprised to discover that this is only the first story you've published on your account; it truly felt like the work of an experienced writer. Kudos!

Congrats on the milestone, and best of luck with all your future endeavors!

This could work as an actual MLP episode. 10/10

Damn... Some onions have been cut by ninjas

What a pleasure this was to read and I hope, at some point, you do a sequel

This was a very good well written story.

Just glad it;s only circumstantial evidence their parents are neglectful

I will admit that this made me cry more than I would have particularly liked. While I did not have to take on the responsibility of raising my siblings as Rarity did in this story, to me the biggest gift I got in life was my two siblings. I would never admit it to them of course, as the oldest I am too old for that but still.

Wonderful story, 10/10.

Thanks for the sweet review! I'm actually a professional writer, this is just the first time I've gone through with making an account here and posting an MLP story thanks to some sweet nostalgia. ❤️

That was really sweet. I love seeing heartfelt moments between Rarity and Sweetie Belle, and I'm a massive fan of both characters.

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