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When Spike catches a terrible cold, Pinkie offers him a treatment plan in the form of a special kind of soup.

A special Reviewer's Mansion Secret Santa Gift Exchange story for the one-and-only Ninjadeadbeard, who asked for "Spike and Pinkie, Comedy or Slice of Life." Comedy isn't really my forte, but I tried to incorporate some semblance of humor into this piece. I hope you enjoy it! Happy holidays!

No actual relation to the real Crystal Noodle Soup product.

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Now that was sweet. :moustache:

“Ugh!” Pinkie wiped his nose. “Sorry.”

Ew! Pinkie!!! You can't do that! You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you can't pick your friend's nose!

Wonderful story! I loved it! Thank you so much for this, my Secret Santa! :twilightsmile: Pinkie can be so hard to get right, but I think you nailed that perfect blend of wild, directionless energy and boundless positivity and selflessness that makes for the perfect Pinkie Pie. :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Merry Christmas! :moustache:

“Pinkie, Twilight’s the personal student to Princess Celestia,” Spike managed to say. “We get a discount.”

Just a discount though, because heaven forbid if they got it for--dare I say it--free! :pinkiegasp:

That was brilliant - perfectly nailed all the characters and the situation. As 11074649 said, did a particularly great job with Pinkie. Always nice to see her with the (colloquially speaking) insanity done right - where she's crazy, but not random; her thought process is bizarre, but you can still see the logic of why she's thinking and doing it and how she's coming to her conclusions, strange as that logic may be. Very well done.

I'm honestly tempted to leave that typo in, ha ha! But I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! Pinkie had always been a challenge for me to write, which is why she doesn't show up in a lot of my stories, so I'm definitely glad to hear that my portrayal of her here feels authentic.

No doubt, this is a good Pinkie. The humor came off as being in tune with the show, as well.

This was great:rainbowlaugh:. Pinkie in particular stood out; she was silly and goofy, but also showed her caring side.

That was nice of Pinkie. Helping Spike like that.

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