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80-year-old Rarity keeps tripping on the steps.

This story won an honorable mention at the Iron Author Speedwriting Contest at Everfree Northwest. Contestants must write a full pony story within 2 hours, based on a bizarre prompt. This is my story as written for the contest, with only minor proofreading edits. Additional edits may be made once I have received feedback from the judges.

Thank you to all those who hosted the contest, and congratulations to the 1st-3rd place winners.

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:unsuresweetie: Where's Spike?
:raritystarry: Oh!
:moustache: I'm under the second stare
:facehoof: No wonder you tripped
:ajbemused: He was stuck in the closet
:raritycry: Gabby can't have him , He's my dragon!
:twilightoops: She flew to coup forty years ago
:duck: ...

This was nice.

I was really scared of how it would end. I'm glad it didn't go the way I thought it would.

That aside, this was a wonderful story. As always, I adore the personal, anecdotal touches and the characterisation.

This was nice, even amazing considering that it was under a speedwriting contest! It's good to see Rarity determined just about every trip she's suffered in the story, with her age taken into account as well. And it's not just for no reason. There's a difference between her conquering her first trip (letting it go to her head, being jealous of Sweetie Belle as well) to her last trip (brushing it off and moving on, even with Sweetie Belle just moments ago).

Belated congratulations on the honorable mention, and thank you for the little snippet, Mica!

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