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This story is a sequel to Finding Love

Rarity has kept a secret hidden from her friends for as long as she has known them. When Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo start dating, she decides that its time to admit the truth to the most important pony in her life, Applejack.

Cover image made by White Diamonds LTD.

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Comments ( 19 )

Aww, that was nice. Not my favorite fic you've written, or even on this site, but still sweet none the less.

The spell that let two mares have a foal together had only recently been developed and it was easy enough to learn,

Okay, I do have a problem with this line. If it was a spell that was recently discovered, why is it so easy to learn? If it was that easy, you'd think it would be discovered far sooner.

There's also the fact that since the spell involves having foals, it would be something that only a doctor/nurse could really learn. (Unless you're Twilight of course.) Think of it like, you have to understand the cell forming of a child's birth as a level of how complicated it would be to use that spell.

I don't doubt a spell like that could exist, but I don't think it would be a simple spell.

8363795 Eh, I dunno, I haven't even figured out the details on that...

That's my point. It wouldn't be so simple to learn.

8363845 Okay, maybe not at this stage... sorry, you're right, I messed that up.

And that is not taking into consideration things like how such a spell would affect the population numbers , or the impact that it would have upon feminists and non feminists . Also though we don't know how the spell works , I do think that it should be riskier and more prone to negative side effects and consequences since they are trying to utilize artificial means to create new life .

8497310 I admit I did not think this through very well, just assume whoever developed the spell figured out a way around some of that.

Is this going to be reflected in soaring hearts?

Oh,my bad. I get confused with the different arcs sometimes.

8517642 Its fine, I have a lot of stories with the same characters so it can be hard to tell continuity apart. This fic falls under the Next Generation continuity while Soaring Hearts is under its own continuity, easy enough mistake to make.

It’s magic, also figuring out how to do it in the first place is what was hard, perhaps anatomical knowledge has improved drastically over the years and all one needs to use it is the spell and a good explanation.

9027781 Yeah, now I just need a good explanation.


also figuring out how to do it in the first place is what was hard,

That's not what the story said:

and it was easy enough to learn,

Like I said, I can definitely believe that a spell like that can exist, but I can't believe that it would have both of these issues:
A. It was a spell that was recently discovered.
B. It's a spell that's easily learned.

Also, it's been almost a year since I read this story, so I'm just going off memory and what my comment said. Just think of it like School. They teach subjects, but how easy is it to learn said subject? Like Algebra Math.


Algebra was very easy for me to learn, actually so was calculus, but you know what these things took centuries to discover in the first place (millennia in calculus’ case) and this only supports what I said. And the story didn’t say that figuring the spell out in the first place wasn’t the problem either.

I was only using Algebra as an example because most people struggle with that. If you found it easy, well, that's you, not everyone. A nurse can find it easy to learn the process of how birth is performed because that is their level of knowledge. But someone who has no experience with that will find it harder to learn.

If I recall correctly, the story was suggesting that Rarity was able to learn this Pregnancy spell easily. But her area of knowledge isn't on nursing or magic. It's gems and dress designing. It's not the same as being a doctor. All her magic relates to gems and dress designs too. (Along with levitation, but that seems to be something every unicorn can do.)

And so you are saying that just because it is not her special talent it “Has” to be difficult for her? Then how is it she can read, or cook, those aren’t her special talent either.



Would you guys please take this to messages?

Comment posted by Skylight77 deleted July 7th
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