• Published 22nd Nov 2018
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Detective jakkid166 in everything - jakkid166

In these storeys, Detective Jakkid166 will be into all sorta different pony stuff that already exist. Fanfictions, videos, games, and all that stuff, he will BE THERE and he will INVESTIGATE te stuff crapkajfkaqhf IO gonna be good at it.

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Detective jakkid166 in Background Pony: Part 1

Author's Note:

This story is base off "background pony" by shortskirtsandexplosions. Its a good story I recomend it unless you get sad easy: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/19198/background-pony

One day I was doin my not daily detective walk through the town of Ponyville to make sure no crimes were happening. I was listening to Michael Jackson music on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone and I got so into it that I starte moonwalking downtown and doing michael Jackson moves. But then I accidentally did the move where he grab his crotch and everyone saw it.

"Dont look at me like that youre being disrespectful to good music" I said and I took my earphones out and kept walking while everyone stare at me. But I was walking I heard there was a different music. It flewtered into my ears and made my heart beat so much it almost came out of my mouth. I listened to my ears and saw the direction it was coming from: There was a pony and she was playing some instrument I dont know what its called.

I walked to the her and said "Hey that is some damn good fuckin music you playing." I saw she had a hat of money on the ground so I took out 50 detective dollars and put them in the hat.

"Thanks" she said. "Wait what kind of money is this"

"Detective dollars. For 500 of them you can have me arrest anyone you want"

"Oh okay cool." she didnt really want it but she wanted to be nice anyway.

"Anyway," I said and I pulled out my phone to look at a picture of my watch to see what time it is. "Nice to meet you, pony. WHat is your name?"

"My name is Lyra Heartstings. You wont remember it though."

"Pfft," I laughed in english. "Detective jakkid166 remembers every one he meets. My memory is like an elephant. Very big and gray"

"No its true nobody ever remembers me."

"Dont worry," said me. "I will remember, if I don't forget. Anyway I gotta go do detective stuff so bye."


I came back to the place again and Lyra was there again playing her instru ment. I walked up to her and said "Hey Lyra how you doing?"

"WHAT THE FUCK?" said Lyra and she THREW the instrument at me and it bounced off my head and lande back in her hooves and she caught it and put it on the ground. "You REMEMBER ME?"

"Yeah," I said. "They call me Memory Man for a reason"

"What who calls you that?"

"THEY do!" I said. "Anyway I told you id remember you. How cold I forget such amazing musical note creations?"

"But no one ever remembers me" said Lyra. "Even when people remember me they forget me because they dont remember me. I dont know why"

"Wait what?" I said and I put my chin on my knee to help me think beter. "You mean every one you meet forgets you?"


"That is strange," I said and I thought REALLY hard. "HMMMMMM. Alright you know what"


"This is interesting to me. And we do not know why ponies dont remember you, which means this a MYSTERY! And because I am the detective, it is my job to solve the mystery. Come with me, pony with the name! I will figure out why nobody remember you."

"Okay cool lets go!" said Lyra. "Where are we going?"

"I need to test theory," I said "Lets to to Twilights house."

So the two of us went to Twilights and knocked on the door. She opened it and said "Oh hello Detective jakkid166 the greatest detective in the world how are you today?"

"Im good," I said and I pointed at Lyra. "That is Lyra. Do you know who she is?"

"No but it is nice to meet you Lyra."

"Okay cool anyway we're leaving now." I said and we walked away from her house. "That was weird, you told me on the way here you met her."

"Yes a bunch of times" said Lyra "But she doesnt remember me. And now if we go back she wont remember me again."

"Really?" I said and we walked back to the house. I knocked on the dor again and Twilight was there. "Detective jakkid why did you leave? Oh you have somepony new with you now."

"Uhhhhh." I said. "This is Lyra, I introduce you to her like 23 seconds ago."

"Dont FUCKING LIE TO ME JAKKID!" screamed Twilight and she slam the door.

"Shit!" I said. "Youre right! No one remember you!"

"See I told you."

"But," I said. "Why am I the only one who remember you? This is weird." but then I got a idea. "HEY! Detective idea! How about you write a note for her to read every time she meet you so she knows who you are again."

"No that doesnt work." said Lyra.

"Okay then send her a e-mail!"

"Doesnt work either"

"What about carve your name into her skin?"


"Fuck." I said and I thought hard. "What is differnt about me from ponies? Coudl it be my human mind is just better at remembering?"

"Thats racist jakkid," said Lyra.

"Shit sorry. Okay well theres gotta be some reason for this. And like any mysterey theres got to be CLUES!" I said and I struck my detective pose. "Time to LOOK FOR CLUES!"

"But where" said Lyra.

"Uhhhh," I said. "I dont know. I guess we will have to find clues to figure out where to look for clues"

SO we started walking and I interviewed her about what was goin on to find out more info mation. "Do you think if you murder a pony they just come back to life after? Or they just stay dead and the witnesses just dont remember seeing you so you get away with it?"

"I dont know," said Lyra. "I dont think we should test that"

"Yeah good point." I said. But then I got a idea. "I GOT IT" I said so loud it almost killed lyra from heart attack. "I think I know why I remember you!"

"What is it?"

"Im the author of the story so I have to remember you to write about you."

"But that doesent explain why nopony else remembers me!"

"ive got an explanation for that too because i'm fucking good."

"What is it?"

So I puled out my laptop and opened fimfiction.net. "I read this cool story on here called 'Background Pony' which is a lot like your thing that happening. But the important thing is the TITLE!"

"Background Pony?"

"Currect!" I said and I smashed the laptop on the ground out of exitement but then regreted doing that because it cost me like $600. "The reason no one remember you is because you are a BACKGROUND PONY!"

"But how we fix that?"

"Simple," I said. "We have to make you into a MAIN CHARACTER like me! Then ponies will rember you."

"Okay, but how."

"Lets see," I said. "The main charaters are the elemets of harmony because there is six of them and six elements. If you was an element too you could become a main character. But I dont know how we could make you an element."

"Maybe it could be posible if I murder one of them and steal their element."

"Yeah that could work," I said and I thought hard. "Thats probably ilegal though so I dont think we should do that."

"Okay then what else?"

"Ive GOT IT!" I said. "WE need to make a NEW ELEMENT OF HARMONY!"