• Published 30th Oct 2019
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She Kills Monsters - Chiko

After a tragedy, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, armed with a personal Ogres & Oubliette's module, try to help Rarity open more than just her boutique.

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Sunset Shimmer

It had been a while since Rarity had gone out. It seemed like everything had changed behind her back. Fashion had changed, music tastes had changed. She felt completely out of place in the outside world.

Sunset Shimmer put a reassuring hand on her shoulder and squeezed. Rarity smiled back. "I'm proud of you for getting out the house."

"Mmhmm." Rarity rubbed at her bare arms. "Although, I do miss the warmth of my bed."

"Don't worry," Sunset said. "We'll be inside in any minute now, and you can rub up on all the guys for warmth. It'll be just like old times."

Rarity giggled, her face flushing red. Tonight would be good for her. Tonight would be fun.

It was not.

Everything was disorienting. The music's pulse had no consistency, switching tempo and rhythm at what seemed like random. The dancing was just as confounding. She didn’t know how to move like the others, so she just awkwardly bounced in place. She wasn't having fun. Right now, she just wanted to go home.

She needed a drink to calm her nerves. Perhaps it would loosen her up just a bit.

Pushing past waves of people, Rarity made her way to the bar. She nearly collapsed on top of it, finding something stable to hold onto while the world kept spinning round.

She felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Thought I lost track of you," Sunset said, smiling as she joined her friend. Rarity smiled back. "What do you need?"

"A shot."

Sunset held up two fingers. A pair of drinks slid in front of them. Rarity didn't hesitate. Sunset followed her friend's lead.

Rarity rolled her neck. She closed her eyes, trying to return to a headspace she hadn't been to in over a year. It would be difficult. However, she wanted nothing more than to take her rightful place as the queen of the dance floor.

Another shot. Rarity licked her lips and took a deep breath.

Confidence, Rarity. Confidence.

It was simple. She would march down the dance floor and claim the cutest boy she could find. They'd dance together, flirt, and lose track of the night with each other. She’d rest her head on his shoulder and hold onto his big, strong arms. Then, they'd go home together to cap the night off.

All that went out the window the moment she began crying onto said shoulder. They only shared a single drink.

“What’s your problem?”

Rarity felt the makeup run down her cheeks. She pushed off the jerk and crumpled down onto the bar counter, openly sobbing into her arms. She wasn’t ready, and she wasn’t sure if she would be.

“Rarity, are you gonna alright?”

“I’m fine, Sunset,” Rarity said into her arms. She heard rustling. “Do not.”

It was too late, Sunset’s warm hand was on her wrist, and she made out a faint glowing light.

“Get off me!” Rarity pushed her away, noticing the necklace in her freind’s hands. “I’m going home.”

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