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When the Ponies crossover into more than one universe,
This is for you…

When Multiple heroes and villains of separate universes intersect,
Your place is here…

Got a story with two or more universes crossing over into Equestria?
Consider 'The Multiverse' your story's true home…

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Right, so, never used groups before despite being on this site for... oh I dunno well over a year at this point. Two? Man, my memory sucks.

Anyway, I was experimenting with this groups buttons and I dunno if I added something to somewhere I wasn't supposed to or not. Sorry if I did. :raritywink:

I'm just looking for multiverse groups and this was the first one that showed up. I'll pass through them looking for good stories and drop my own story in them ( ). Hope anyone whos here enjoys!

-GM, master of rocks.

I am currently writing a story that I call: Multiverse

I won't be done with it probably for a year. I have a LOT I'm putting in one story. It's going to be the whole Multiverse thing, but it's not going to be ONE thing crossing over with MLP. You better get ready for multiple. I don't think it'll be good, but I hope some people will like it.

So anyways, I'm writing Multiverse and I'll be putting it here when I finish the first three chapters.
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