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This story is a sequel to The Opening Act

Nobody said that friendship would be easy. There are often as many bad nights as there are good ones. The important part is being there regardless.

Or at least that's what Pinkie keeps telling herself as Trixie, once again, fails to pick up her phone. She can't be mad at her for that though. Trixie's been having a bad night. In fact, there's been a lot of bad nights lately. Maybe, by going over to her apartment, Pinkie can help change that.

Trigger warning for Implied Ideation. No actual act or explicit discussion.

A story set in the Who We Become series.

Proofreading/Editing by Krickis and Gowak.

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Thank you! I’m very glad that I was able to pull off the image I had in my head. Doesn’t always happen. :twilightblush:

Intrusive contemplation about su*c*de. Not an actual plan or anything concrete, but the impulse. I just felt it was explicit enough in this story to demand a trigger warning, as opposed to my other story Leaving Something Behind, where it was all metaphors so I didn’t feel it was necessary.


p.s. you can use [spoiler ] [ /spoiler]


Yeah. I thought about doing the spoiler tag, but it’s not really a spoiler, more of a trigger warning, and I don’t want people to miss it if they need to know it’s coming.

Still, thanks for the advice. If I didn’t already know, that would have been really useful info (and I only learnt that this year). :twilightsmile:

you could have want with

Trigger warning: Intrusive contemplation about su*c*de.

p.s. in that size and ...

The other two continued to stare in disbelief, the hissing of batter the silence.

Probably meant to be 'batter broke the silence' but I want to believe it was 'batter battered the silence'.
I also want to believe that Pinkie's friends and family would get her some kind of support like therapy but they don't seem clued in to how much she hides, yet.

Your writing is as well thought out, heavy hitting and generally good as ever. Looking forward to more.

Yeah, I’ve tried to imply with the ending that even Trixie (who I’ve tried to portray as the most observant person, behind Pinkie herself) has no idea how bad things are.

The last story I have “planned” deals exclusively with the Pie family, but we’ll talk more about that on Friday.

I’m glad you enjoyed the story. ^_^
Thank you for your time.

Because, in reality, she was fine. Trixie was still here for now, after all. And so, for as long as that lasted, she had at least one reason to keep smiling.

The amount of hope packed into those ending lines is just a punch of good feelings. I really adore how well these three were able to communicate with one another and the alternating perspectives that finally allowed us into Pinkie’s head. I find that even meta choices about that can make the characters’ chemistry feel more authentic.

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