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In an effort to get to know her reserved little student better, Celestia invites the young Twilight Sparkle over for a cup of hot chocolate. Who knew lavender unicorns were so cute?

Warning: Contains Cuteness

Review by Titanium Dragon

Another Review by PresentPerfect

Amazing Reading by: CaptainBron3y

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Halp!!!! I'm choking on the cuteness!!! Halp!!!

Another one of your stories on my favourites list! Well done on the story! Also, I loved the cuteness! :rainbowkiss:

Ohhhhh my gawwwwwsh

This is such a sweet story:twilightsmile:

this was great! there should be more stories like this!you really are a gifted writer!


Aww, that's so nice of you to say:pinkiehappy:

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My heart melted then reformed three times bigger after reading this impossibily, insanily cute story. ~hug

Excellent read, you have my upvote :pinkiehappy:

Cuteness... Overwhelming...:twilightsmile:

Adorable! That was such a sweet story.

I hope you don't mind if I point out a couple typos for correction.

I rather favor this sweet, nostalgic treat than that bitter tea the delegates always prepare for Luna and I

I think it should be "prepared" since Luna is in the moon at this point in time, and it should be "me" instead of "I".

Some foals are just jelous when somepony does better than them.



What a sweet and cute story. Great job!

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I laughed. "That sounds like a great idea. And it seems like you love your brother very much?"

Twilight placed her hoof over her heart. "Yes. We made an oath to forever love each other," she said solemnly.

Also, did you say chocolate?




Much, much yes.

Lovely. And nice to see someone not afraid to use the phrase 'Lavender unicorn'.

Thank you. Fixed.

I give this story a hnng out of 10.

This was just so adorable! :twilightsmile:

You murdered my cuteness meter.

I approve of this cuteness! :yay:

Although, er...

Her face was animent

Did you mean "her face was animated?" If you meant to use the french, that's a plural. :derpyderp2:

That one downvote is Hitler's.

wow.. this is quite a different kind of story from what i usually read. I love it though. quite the talent with writing!
Great story! keep up the good work!

Say with me now everypony... DAWWWWW!!!

Agreed Twilight= best pony :twilightsmile:

*Finishes reading*
Wow, that was a good story. So cute and innocent, Daawww! I might as well leave a comment stating how-
*scrolls down to see "666 views"*

:rainbowhuh: Uhhhh...

How is it I always end up reading the cute, fluffy stories you write?

7164740 The devil hath seen this... and dislikes this?

.....Hurrrgh!*Clutches heart, then falls over dead*

Well that's just peachy: you killed me adorableness. HAPPY NOW?!

7164876 Clear *thumps with paddles* so much dawwwwwww

I don't know. Perhaps you are simply drawn to them:pinkiecrazy:


Thanks, I changed it:twilightsmile:

I-I think I just had a heart attack, call an ambulance hnng

"Forearms" on a horse? *eyebrow raises*
On another note, you've both ruined and made my day from all of the cuteness.

Twilight closed her eyes, leaning against my side. "I know. I know I didn't. Some fillies just don't like me, Princess," she said softly.

Bitches be jealous, aye? :trollestia:

I say, send them to the moon.

Twilight blinked rapidly. "The other foals. They think I cheated on the test... they say I never deserved it, and that I should just to go home," she squeaked. Her ears pressed flat against her head.

I slid down from my seat once again, and brought her down by the old rug. "You know," I began slowly. "Some foals are just jealous when somepony does better than them. It doesn't mean anything is wrong with you at all. Of course you didn't cheat, my dear student."

Rainbow Dash managed a wry grin. "Like my dad always says. 'Some ponies, you can hit a triple and they'll swear you were born on third base.'"

-From The Great Alicorn Hunt, by RHJunior

Before I could stop myself, I had nuzzled the chocolate off her face almost as second nature.

Aw. Adorable.

Just like everything else in this story.

As I thought it would be, this was a ridiculously cute fic. I know it irritates some people, but I always imagine Twilight and Celestia had a more mother/daughter relationship than just student/teacher. This fic hits those notes extremely well. I really wish the show would give us more backstory like this. Until then, we have people like you to do it for them. :pinkiehappy:

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