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*Fic is about hugging Alicorns*

*Has Twi as a unicorn in the Cover Art*


7063540 You might've read that pre-edit.

7063552 After looking around for a bit, it is a lot harder to find a good picture of Pinkie hugging alicorn Twilight than I thought.

I actually just got one!

Meh, because of my heartless body I can't feel cuteness anymore. It took countless days and nights but this was a okay story for what you was trying to do.

A quick cute story about Twilight and Pinkie, for me it meh. But I can see it as a okay story for me. Not great or terrible just okay. But just my thoughts.

k! I appreciate your thoughts:heart:

I wonder if Pinkie could do the same for CHRYSALIS? Feed the hive for a year with that much d'awwwww! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

I love reading your stories!:pinkiehappy:

Thank you! This was kinda just a filler, but I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless:twilightsmile:

It isn't hard to get a hug. There doesn't need to be a 'mission'.


That is very true:twilightsmile:
But Pinkie lives on a whole other plane of existance:duck:

Pinkie...and twilight.........well.......one word to describe this....it- "ITS ABOUT ME!":pinkiehappy:

Pinkie hush...it's really REALLY CUTE

"It's just really liking someone alot!"

A lot.

Well wasn't that nice. I enjoyed the story, I felt that Pinkie and Twilight could have talked about love a bit more to better drive the point home, but this was nice as it was.


Nice, cute and simple ^^. Keep at it!

Putting this on my favorites list. This was adorable :twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:

Cute. Not a terribly whole lot to it, but cute nonetheless.

Another story on my favourites list!!! Good job on the story, I really liked it and it was well written.:pinkiehappy:

Another space on the favourites shelf filled.
You have got a real good handle on pinkies crazy, if such a thing is possible...

I'm starting to think I'm doomed to a 10/1 ratio:rainbowderp:

*crosses fingers for 100*

Next story must be called Derpy snuggles
Or to snuggle a Derpy

This story, my friend, has earned you a like, a favourite and a watch! I love this! :twilightsmile:

7068014 Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, my friend:raritywink:

A few grammatical errors:

Twilight blinked. Welp, there went her relaxing evening. "Pinkie, what are you doing?"

It's 'well', not 'welp'. Unless you meant 'whelp', but that wouldn't really something Twilight would think about Pinkie.

Twilight spluttered, throwing her arms up in frustration. "It's just not something you do, alright?"

It's 'forelegs', not 'arms'. Here's a chart to understand the proper terms:

Without warning, Pinkie reached forward and wrapped her soft arms around the alicorn.

and again...

Pinkie squeezed her chest

Technically, ponies have 'barrels' although it could be called a 'barrel chest' or just 'chest' for short. Even this chart uses the term 'chest' instead of 'barrel'.
It's not enough to break the immersion for most people. Other than that, it's a good short story.

Thank you! You are very insightful about horses. Although, I believe "welp" is a word, just more of a slang:twilightsheepish:

I seriously have no idea why this got 100+ likies:rainbowderp:

7069110 Because it's mega-cute and your sentence structure is diverse and it's mega-cute and your sense for line-breaking is pretty much flawless and did I mention it's also mega-cute? Because it kind of is.

Awww: Cute, amusing, short and sweet. And the characters were absolutely perfectly handled :)

Just one thing I noticed:

talk to Candance about the certain properties of love

Shouldn't that be 'Cadance'?

Hugging mission complete. :pinkiehappy:

That was a nice and sweet story to read. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:


Actually your provided illustration demonstrates that "arm" would be just as correct as "foreleg," as part of those limbs is referred to as the "forearm."

7082198 Well humans, ponies and birds have a scapula, radius and an ulna, but birds don't have arms and humans don't have wings. While a pony has a forearm, it doesn't have an arm. While technically the forelimb of any vertebrate is an arm, it's just not normally used that way in regards to any other creature than a human or a primate. Just sayin'.


Except, as you just said, they are technically arms. Also, magical ponies DO seem to use them like arms sometimes. They carry spears, manipulate tools, and hold straws dramatically.

Quite adorable. I'm not a huge Twinkie shipper, but that's just me. This, I think, is cute enough to warrant you a like, a fave, and a follow.

Sure, I just added it:heart:

Oh, I'm really sorry... I have no idea:fluttershysad:

That's great! And thanks for the follow!:raritywink:

I love it! Pinkie at her "Pinkiest" and Twilight at her "Twilighest", with a nice idea.

That was sweet. I do have one question, though.

What am I to do with this diabetes?

Simple cute fluff is never a bad thing. Ends a touch abruptly, but still good fun all around.

"Ohh! That makes so much sense, now!" Twilight fluffed her wings by her side and scrunched her small muzzle up. "Physically though, love healing is a stretch... although, no doubt they are quite beneficial to the one directed at..." she trailed off, levitating up a quill to scratch out a note on a piece of parchment paper. She would have to talk to Cadance about the certain properties of love, seeing as friendship was more of her subject.

She continued to read, making small notes as she went along. Yet, how different were friendship and love?

actually, there are four (and a half?) kinds of love

Storge: familial love; kinship
Agape/Kenosis: the love of 'man' for god and the love of god for 'man'
Eros: Romantic love
Phillia: Besides being a convenient pun,

All of your stories that I've read so far are cute and adorable! :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

This was short and sweet, and the ending made me smile big. Sorry that this isn't as in depth as the comment you left on my story. I think you did a great job on this. I admire your ability to keep everyone in character, for instance how Twilight is trying to find a logical "equation" per se for love, even thought it's an extremely abstract concept. Though in Twilight's world, nothing is abstract. Then Pinkie bouncing around everywhere.

Great job. :yay:


Aww, thanks! And its no problem! I don't know if you feel you have to "repay" the comment... you don't. But I'm glad you liked it:heart:

Step 1: Find an alicorn.
Step 2: Nonsense.
Step 3: Hug the alicorn.

Seems pretty straightforward.

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