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Pinkie has a very important request for Rainbow Dash.

Inspired by this picture here and happened thanks to Reddit because I saw someone request it and a nice fellow named ocalhoun offered to do it (and did do it! Check out ocalhoun's story here!), but I wanted to try my hand at it too!

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Wow, our short descriptions were really similar. (Not to mention the titles.)
Time to read the rest!


Wow, that was fun, especially seeing how the two of us described the exact events in the comic slightly differently. The getting punched in the face thing was a fun take on it (and honestly, I expected her to accidentially hit her face on Rainbow's still-outstretched hoof!)

I also found it sort of curious that we both chose the exact same POV: Past tense, third person limited, focused on Pinkie, with a bit of Pinkiness thrown into the narration, but not enough to make it really annoying. I have to admit, I dithered quite a bit when getting started about what POV to do it in ... as we can see from these two stories, there's only one way to do it right!

*edit again*

Wow... I just realized that the two of us joined Fimfic about a month apart, way back in 2012. :rainbowderp:
You're like my long-lost brother or something! :pinkiegasp:

So friggin' cute...

Cute story. Never thought of a RariPie ship. Might go read more stories that involve those two.

Interesting 'ship. Well-written, funny as all heck too. Ah, Pinkie. :D

This is just like the time where me an Autum Breeze posted the exact same story simultaneously.

It was about the Equestria Girls Trixie being regressed down to a four-year old girl, and now Sunset has to try and take care of her until Twilight has the cure...

Speaking of which, I need to update that soon. Wrote one chapter and just forgot it, it seems...

At first I had no idea what getting punched in the mouth had to do with getting a kiss on a boo-boo. Then halfway though, it just clicked for me, and I really hoped that I was right, because I love being right-and I was right!:yay::pinkiehappy: Although to be honest, for a moment at the end, I was worried that Pinkie Pie would start crushing on Rainbow Dash instead-traumatic imprinting seems like something Pinkie would do.

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Now #82.

My review can be found here.

I really enjoyed the characterization in this. Pinkie Pie is so much more of a cartoon character than the others and its fun to see her interact with the other more "real" characters. Also, smitten Pinkie Pie is adorable.

I have to say I like this one a lot better than the "sister" fic. The other feels really shallow. Just a kiss for the sake of a kiss with nothing behind it (well, Pinkie's feelings are mentioned but you just get told "Pinkie had a crush on Rarity," there's nothing solid to read).

I think sticking to Pinkie's infatuation and her cartoonish reaction worked very well, and the ending was pretty funny.

Nice job.

Author Interviewer

Rarity was definitely a classy lady like Rarity

I've read at least five fics today, most of them comedies, and this is far and away the funniest line in any of them. :D

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