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Wacky things are going on in Ponyville. The cause? Discord's got a dangerous case of the hiccups.

Written for One-Shotober.

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I'm liking your writing more and more every day :rainbowkiss:

That was one of the worst endings I've read in a long while. So much buildup only to have exactly nothing come from it. But it was great until that point.

This... We like this!!

3295938 Same thoughts.

And so they went water-skiing.

And it was good.

Oh my gosh, i have the hiccups right now, even before i saw this story :twilightsheepish:

Weird... Whenever I laugh like Discord did, that's how I usually get the hiccups.

This is so Discord.

That is probably the only possible ending. Very nice.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Wow. That was a gem. :raritystarry: No, Rarity. It means that it was good. :facehoof:
One-Shotober... I ought to try that next year... Sounds cool... :duck:


Have to disagree here. The fact that it ended in such an anticlimax only adds to the hilarity. Good humor is about subverting expectations, after all.

The part I liked the most was actually seeing Discord finding some real merit to cooperating (more or less) with the rest of society, thus showing he actually has been reformed, not just constrained. The usual take seems to be that he resents, subverts, and/or tries to ignore the changes.


You are a newbie at reading, good sir! That was a classic gold ending.

That ending was beautifully unexpected.

I just... I love it.

I couldn't even...

Liked and faved.

I thought the ending was going to be Discord hiccuping and it giving Twilight wings! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Still a fine story though. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by czf224 deleted Dec 3rd, 2013

Hum...I'm guessing this is inspired by the Aladdin cartoon, when the Genie has the same hiccup problem.

Actually, it was sneezing.

This was so punny that I hope my sides don't burn up on reentry.

Fluttershy: "Right, so we'll have a cup of tea and some biscuits and then we kill him.... if that's okay with him of course"
Rarity: Attack of the 50-foot mare
Pinkie: "peanut butter jelly time!"
Twilight: Ms Potts
AJ: that Family Guy episode (though I don't watch Family Guy)
Rainbow: I'm sure Terry Gilliam animated something like this at some point

I'd water ski with Discord.

A truly-well-thought-out Discord fic. :3

The ending was meh.

Intentional, obviously, but still not very satisfying.

Seems very random...:derpytongue2:

Sequel. NAOW. :flutterrage:

But having something come from it would have made sense.
And we all know what Discord thinks about that.

Author Interviewer

I'm a little sad that it just stops without a further punchline, but this was way funnier than I was anticipating. :D All I really want is more.

"Well, yes and no," Applejack said flatly.


I had a good, long laugh. Thank you.

A good story, but I'm honestly surprised that you didn't have the line

"At least somepony appreciates me."


"At least somepony appreciates me. Or maybe just finds me appealing?"


Discord waterskiing. Now that I gotta see! :rainbowlaugh:

5341315 The episode where he gets "reformed"

3 and 4 sentences in:

Twilight's head was, quite literally, a teapot. And it irked her.

Reaction: Instant fave, after writing reaction comment.

Further Reaction: Write rambly reaction blog post while reading. Continue being entertained well after finished.

...I have a feeling that there are so many puns that I could make about the Mane Six when they were 'changed', yet I can't think of a single one. :applejackunsure: Oh well, it was still funny though. :rainbowlaugh:

Hm, wonder why Spike wasn't affected... :moustache:


The ponies and the draconequus looked at each other, unsure of where to go from here.

"So...what now?" Pinkie asked.

"...Water-skiing?" Discord offered.

And so they went water-skiing.



Fluttershy: "Right, so we'll have a cup of tea and some biscuits and then we kill him.... if that's okay with him of course"

Brave Ms Flutters ran away
Bravely, ran away...away...
When danger reared its ugly head
She bravely turned her tail and fled
Yes, brave Ms Flutters turned about
And gallantly she chickened out
Bravely taking to her feet
She beat a very brave retreat
Bravest of the brave, Ms Flutters

Best reference ever. Hats off to you, my friend.

Well that was wacky.

I agree with this.
This would solidify that Discord truly is in fact reformed, even if he plays tricks every now and then (plus some).

Oh no! Reality is bendin— wait. Ohp! It’s fixed. It’s fixed! Let’s go waterskiing! 😂😂😂
Love it

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