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After a brief talk with Fluttershy and Applejack, Pinkie Pie suddenly comes to a startling conclusion! One of her friends is hiding something, and it's up to Pinkie to get her to admit it!

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Aww, I loved this. You capture everypony's voice excellently. Starlight's friend overtures made me laugh, as did multisyllabic discourse and Twilight's 'Everypony's entitled to their opinions.' And of course, that end. This was the first thing I thought of when I saw that episode, so I'm glad you wrote a fic about it.

OOH!!!! This has Sequal Opportunity!

Beautifully done

I an surprised it took this long for a fic to come up addressing this topic!


"Ack!" Twilight choked. Multisyllabic discourse was trendy now, and she had very much wanted to join in, but the forelegs squeezing the life out of her had other plans.


Yay! Pinkie Pie Twinkle got another story out!

Silliness aside, enjoyed this little story. I wondered how long it would be before someone drew the same parallels with that season one episode.

I was pondering that very thing

Excellent little story! It felt almost like an actual episode:twilightsmile:

This was great. I loved it all the way through. Good work in particular with writing Pinkie Pie here, she can be a hard character to get just right, but I really did imagine her voice as I read this story. ^_^


That was wonderful.

Pinkie will always be Pinkie.
A funny story.

Maybe Twilight and Autumn Blaze should hook up sometime and talk about Pony/Kirin things.

Either way, good read, Twinkletail.

"Maybe in the top ten?" Starlight responded. "The Fountain Incident was only a couple of days ago."

Do I want to know?

Or maybe she's part ponyta/rapidash, as many bronies theorised during Season 1. :twilightsmile:

9227222 No. It involved far too much pudding.

"About how the kirin turn into fiery Nirik when they get angry?" Applejack and Fluttershy said, in a frankly impressive display of unison.

Ahh, I see where this is going! :pinkiehappy:

"I...think I might have a letter to write," Twilight said, preparing her quill and a sheet of parchment paper. "Great-Grandmare Velvet always did look a bit...scaly."

Very nice story, good work.

Liked and faved, because that was a good Pinkie story!

...So would this mean Flurry Heart might be part kirin?

This was very sweet :pinkiehappy: I must say, your Ponk is excellent. Another Twilight mystery unfolded :trixieshiftright:

Oh Celestia....my ribs. I laughed SOOOO hard!!:rainbowlaugh:

Well done! Just...well done!!!!:heart::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::twilightsmile::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

"So you're telling me..." Pinkie began, looking far more focused than either of her friends had expected. "That these kirin burst into flames when they get angry?"

I knew what this would be about from the moment I read this line. Nice callback.

"The Fountain Incident was only a couple of days ago."

Now I'm curious.

Pink earth pony, a teensy bit round in the flanks, has an entire bevy of songs in her arsenal about making ponies smile?"

I'm not sure whether to be realistically happy that someone's calling to attention to the fact that all that sugar has to go somewhere, or surprised that Starlight appears to be just peaking further and further out of the closet.

Great read.

Starburst: Uh, Cadence? I wouldn't let Flurry have her dessert before dinner, and now she's kinda... On fire...?
Cadence: WHAT!?

i'd love to see more of this!

I really appreciated all the random asides in this story.

I always wondered why they never did a callback to that Twilight reaction.

This story is ridiculous. Kirin are part dragon. If Twilight were part Kirin, she'd have some kind of magical affinity towards dragons...

But seriously, great story.

I know, right? If she were part dragon she would hang out with a dragon, be resistant to dragon fire, maybe even hatch a dragon one day. lol

I've always liked the idea of Twilight having dragon aspects. Now having a possible canon explanation is even better.

"Ack!" Twilight choked. Multisyllabic discourse was trendy now, and she had very much wanted to join in, but the forelegs squeezing the life out of her had other plans.

There are so many quotes in this chapter that got me to laugh, but this one in particular holds a special place in my heart for how deadpan it is. A well-done little story, very in-character, with a premise that actually makes a fair bit of sense.

Spontaneous Twilight Combustion

Silly Twinkletail. Twilight is obviously part rapidash. (I still want to see her do that again in the show.)

"So you're telling me..." Pinkie began, looking far more focused than either of her friends had expected. "That these kirin burst into flames when they get angry?"

At this point, I knew exactly where this was going.

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I'm sad I can only upvote this once.

I can't believe we only have one more season, and we most likely get a Twilight bursting with fiery, nerd rage. Twilight "Rapidash" Sparkle was pretty cool, but the show's neutered her, I haven't gotten any good snark, quips, or sarcasm from her in at least 4 Seasons.

Yes it does.

I really loved how Pinkie reacted immediately after claiming to make Twilight mad, i swear it felt like I was watching an episode and could hear the sad background chime.

Well done! A good read!

I meant to comment on this the other day but completely forgot. I'm really happy to hear this and thank you kindly for it. Even though Applejack is my favorite pony, Pinkie is my absolute favorite to write. I always worry a little about trying to balance her between wacky and just silly while making sure to toss enough seriousness in to make sure that she isn't just a walking punchline like a couple of episodes make her out to be. In my head, she's not as random as others think she is. Rather, she has a train of logic for nearly everything she does. It's just...well, her train doesn't always make the same stops as others. She knows what she wants and why she wants it, but others may not immediately catch on to her reasoning and thus end up slapping the random tag on her. I'm really happy it seemed to work effectively for you and others :twilightsmile:

This situation fell in that dangerous position between friendship lessons; was this a "pay attention to your friend's needs and help them even if they don't ask for it" type of deal, or did it fit more under the "give your friends some space when they need it" umbrella?

Those are the hard ones.

You do a darn good job with the writing style that you use!

Well, not everything. The idea that a pony could dislike pie was still out of her grasp, cold fusion still vexed her, and for the life of her, she couldn't see why other ponies couldn't see why fillies liked Cinnamon Toast Crunch.r.

I laughed so hard at this


You totally get her as a character and I'm squeezing so hard for it :yay: Thank you for writing this! It was just the thing I needed! :pinkiehappy:

this was something i had considered hwen i first saw the kirin introduced, i really do hope the show writers take the opertunity with it but if not, fanfics like th is one will do the trick

A silly little Pinkie Pie story that spawns a nice little headcannon. Love it!

I have not known what you could have meant before I watched "The Sounds of Silence".
I am yet to read this fanfic.
Some time after watching "The SoS" I got an idea, I'm pretty sure that's what you got here.
Does Twilight have kirin ancestry ? Because "Feeling Pinkie Keen"
#edit And after reading it I see that I wasn't the first to get the idea.
It's a great idea by the way.

Kirin came from a dragon and a unicorn... SPARITY CAN BE A THING!! :raritystarry::moustache:


I really want a sequel to this, but this is freaking beautiful on it's own right.

–roughly seven and a half years, to be precise..

Pointing this out.

Between "May the Best Pet Win" (S2E7), and "Tanks For the Memories" (S5E5) was 1 year. There was 1 year prior to that (2 Winter episodes). And if Campfire Tales was accurate Sleepless in Ponyvile (the Sister Camping Trip) to then (S3E6-S7E16) was 1 year.

So at most. It would be roughly 2 or 3 years. Not 7 and a half.

"Kirin become fiery Nirik when they get angry!" Pinkie answered, flopping onto Twilight's bed. "And that's exactly what you did when you got angry over the whole doozy thing at Froggy Bottom Bog!"

Oh! And in her first Pinkie Party!

(Funny aside. There was a story on fimfic years ago called en fuego.)

Two weeks later ... had to give this another re-read.

Seriously, this is a funny and cute story. And on top of en fuego, is my favorite story based around Purple Smart lighting herself on fire out of anger and righteous rage.

Same here.

Author Interviewer

Nicely done. :) But I realized partway through that this is only half the equation...

The next day, Starlight hunted down Pinkie Pie, which wasn't particularly difficult when one knew she worked at Sugarcube Corner.

"I don't get it," Starlight said as Pinkie seated her at a booth with a double-thick chocolate malt.

"You would not believe the number of times I've heard that this week," Pinkie said, grinning as she slid into the seat opposite Starlight. "So I'm gonna have to ask you to be a lit-tle more specific!"

After taking a long sip of her milkshake, Starlight said, "The whole thing about Twilight bursting into flames when she gets mad. It's... it's not that I don't believe you, it's just..."

"Kind of hard to accept without actual visual proof?"

Pinkie's smile never faltered as Starlight stared at her. "Y-yeah... Exactly that."

"No problemo, Starlerino!" Pinkie leapt to her hooves, still on the booth bench. "You still know that time travel spell, right?"

Starlight blanched slightly. "Uhh..."

"Just set time coordinates to X2011 Y2 Z11 W115 V1904!"

"Pinkie, how do you even know how to--"

Pinkie jumped atop Starlight's head, tapping her hooves against her horn in precisely the right way to input time coordinates. "JUST DO IT!"

"Aaaaaah!" Starlight yelled as the magic happened in her horn.

In a flash, both were teleported to a high bluff overlooking some rocky cliffs and a putrid, squelching bog. A giant, four-headed lizard was stomping off away from them, blowing a raspberry behind itself, while on a cliff ledge, four ponies and a dragon were having a conversation. Starlight couldn't quite hear what they were saying, but even from this distance, she recognized them immediately.

"Wow," she breathed, "I sometimes forget Twilight didn't always have--"

"Shh!" Pinkie shoved her hoof in Starlight's mouth from behind somehow. "Just watch!"

Starlight was very aware in that moment of the extreme plushness of the flanks of the mare sitting atop her, and how they compared to those of certain other mares. Mares who would remain nameless.

As she watched, the conversation reached a heated argument. Past-Pinkie had been shivering oddly. Those shivers became violent, and past-Twilight let out a bellow of rage that echoed across the canyon.

Then she rose into the air and burst into fire.

Starlight was entranced.

The scene only lasted a few seconds before Twilight's mane and tail extinguished in a cloud of smoke, but it was all Starlight needed to flash back to an anxious evening in Canterlot Castle. A long day spent trying and failing to guide Princess Luna through the affairs of the day had led to her passing out on the balcony in the middle of a conversation with Princess Celestia. The day's stresses had manifested in her dreams, a returned Nightmare Moon battling for dominance against a great and terrible alicorn with flaming mane and tail.

Just like Twilight's.

With a shriek that thankfully went unnoticed by the ponies gathered below, Starlight pulled the magical cord that connected the spell back to their time. She and Pinkie zipped through the swirling colors of spacetime back to Sugarcube Corner, years hence. The milkshake hadn't even melted.

"Whee!" cried Pinkie, bouncing off Starlight and back and forth past the table. "That was fun!"

"Pinkie!" Starlight grabbed her (and the milkshake) in her magic and sprinted out the front door. "Come on, we don't have any time to waste!"

"Whoa! Where are we going, Starlight?"

"To Sweet Apple Acres! Applejack has loads of ponies' genealogy histories, right?"

"Yeah, she does! Most of it's about the Apple Family, of course. What's the rush?"

Two mares and a milkshake teleported across Ponyville in an instant. "By Trixie's sweet yet not-so-soft flanks, I hope I'm wrong, but let's just say Twilight might be a princess in more ways than one!"

Any plans to turn that into a full story? (Please say yes):twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

I'm privately hoping Never the Final Word will pick it up. :V

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