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Pinkie Pie is bringing her big sister Maud around on a tour of Ponyville. While looking around Sweet Apple Acres, Maud loses her pet rock, Boulder. She receives help from Big Macintosh, and the two have a nice, deep conversation.

Thanks to RainbowBob for the idea for this ship.

Now with TWO YouTube Readings! One by Arwhale and one by DRWolf!

Now with a Spanish translation!

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Weird I was talking about someone doing this in my blog....good anyway:rainbowlaugh:


Sediments! Rock puns! Muahaha!

And later on, Maud needs to wash herself after Pinkie reveals that she and Big Mac might actually be very distantly related. :rainbowlaugh: Then again, they are very distantly related, so I guess it could work.


Maud and Big Mac are a surprisingly good fit. They don't need words to express their love. Looks like Big Macintosh just picked up a new shipping partner. :eeyup:

Such riveting dialogue! :yay:

This is too cute! MaudMac OTP! <3

Pure gold! Absolutely loved this. :twilightsmile:

I support this ship!!

This was really fun. Sorry--there were duplicate comments there.

Comment posted by scoots2 deleted Mar 16th, 2014

Very nice! Definitely the best Maud Pie fic I've ever read. :raritywink:

I just hope Boulder approves of Big Mac. Otherwise their relationship will be off to a :coolphoto: rocky start.

I'm sorry, I had to make the pun. I tried hitting Add Comment without it, but I just couldn't.

Not a shipping I like, But real good job on this story.

this story was enjoyable.

This ship is utter perfection at its best state. :coolphoto:

inb4 literal retards thinking this is incest.

That being said this is a damn good, sea-worthy ship!

Just perfection.
This may yet challenge my FlutterMac OTP ideals... nah, but so, so close.

For the record, I loved this; of course, my gold star should reflect that fact.

Added to uncommon shipping pairs. Nice. Way to get in before it overtakes TwiDash in popularity :rainbowlaugh:

This has to be the best shipping fiction I have ever read

I'm normally not a fan of Romance fics, but this... :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Finally, a ship to overcome to FlutterMac and leave it in the dust.

You do realize now that Pinkie Pie is allegedly a part of the Apple Family means Maud is also Apple Family related as well regardless?


I like this ship!:eeyup:

Comment posted by MariusIoannesP deleted Mar 16th, 2014

I haven't read this yet, but I just wanted to say ALREADY there is a story featuring Maud in the Featured Box! It hasn't even been a day since she made her debut.

Comment posted by Spade_McTrowel deleted Mar 16th, 2014

Nah. They're far enough removed to be kissin' cousins. All good.


I was da 100th like :coolphoto:
Amazing story and genius idea! I LOVED IT :raritystarry:

this story is great. Two most stoic ponies attracting each other. I've got a lot of respect for them. Their actions speak for them better than words could, whether it's running a farm, or pulverizing a boulder, they both have a lot of pride in what they do.

Perfect couple. :pinkiehappy: (going to need Maud emote after a bit :eeyup:)

Well done. It was only a matter of time.

This came out today and you already managed a story about it. Hats off to you sir for your ability to put your thoughts to paper so fast.

4088863 You have my full agreement! :pinkiehappy:

4088496 Lets just pretend they live in Alabama

4088536 The ancient biblical city in what is now Isreal?

Judges 19:10
But the man would not tarry that night, but he rose up and departed, and came over against Jebus, which is Jerusalem; and there were with him two asses saddled, his concubine also was with him.

Judges 19:11
And when they were by Jebus, the day was far spent; and the servant said unto his master, Come, I pray thee, and let us turn in into this city of the Jebusites, and lodge in it.


I love this pairing already. :eeyup:


lets say this takes place in Japan where cousins marrying each other is OK. :derpytongue2:

Perfect :twilightsmile:

Just perfect


I like it.

This ship is strong.

Like a rock.


I highly doubt that this counts as incest as there is quite the distance between the branches of the two families. If they even are family, it's not officially been stated yes or no yet to my knowledge.


This needs another chapter.

10/10 legend ron combo bone

Whelp, I ship this now.

This is really nice, I like it. I hope there's more, I was really genuinely dissapointed when I didn't get to hear Big Mac's poem. I want to see what he'll say that will get her to like apples:eeyup:

You could put the Pie Sisters tag instead of the OC tag you know.

I support there being a Maude/ Big Mac Romance.

My only complaint is the shift from Pinkie's point of view to Maud's point of view after the first paragraph. Otherwise, I enjoyed the fic.

4088496 it's a possible, distant relationship, I don't think it's that big a deal.

Why? Why didn't I think of this when watching the episode this morning?:rainbowhuh:
Goddamnit, this is the epidimy of simplistic beauty:eeyup:
There needs to be a Maud emoticon :ajbemused:

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