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Filthy Rich is good at a lot of things...

He always considered himself to be a good parent as well.
But when Miss Cheerilee requests a meeting with him, he may have to face the fact that his darling daughter isn't as perfect as she seems.

Featured 3/16/14 - 3/19/14

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Huh. This is an interesting take. I'd honestly like to see more of this.

This was really good, i'd like to see this turned into a full fledged story :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Great story. I would like to read when Rich talks to his daughter, or when Rich talks to Applejack, Rarity, or Derpy or Advise. Great Talent. Great job.

Very good, it shows a very realistic scenario that might explain Diamond's bullying tendencies.

Donraj #6 · Mar 16th, 2014 · · 4 ·

I don't like Cheerilee's characterization in this story. There's none of the confidence or professionalism I'd expect her to show. I get that she's upset by what Diamond Tiara is doing to her other students, but I don't think that would reduce her to a stuttering mess, or that she would "wilt" when Filthy Rich looks at her cross-eyed. She's a teacher, and presumably a good one. She has to have dealt with bullies before or at least have some idea how to deal with them. She's not going to be afraid to tell Filthy Rich in no uncertain terms what his daughter is really like and that he needs to deal with her. Probably with detailed suggestions as to how. Don't really buy that she wouldn't follow up on the lack of response to her letters either.

I've taught in a public middle school. People who do that for a living do not get intimidated or shaken easily.

Don't really agree with Filthy Rich angsting over it for the rest of the story either. He's supposed to be a business pony. That means he's a problem solver. If anything I'd expect him to suppress his feelings by throwing himself into planning a course of action.

Cheerilee wilts under my gaze. “Oh dear…” she whispers. “It… It would appear that Diamond Tiara has been keeping the letters I gave to her rather than give them to you.” She frowns. “That makes a lot of sense, actually.”

And that´s why, when professors deliver letters to parents via their children, also demand a signed note in return as guarantee they got the memo.:facehoof:
While sympathetic, Cheerilee´s portrayal is kinda incompetent. Just like in canon.


Yea... I admit, maybe Cheerilee bursting into tears is a little strong... But Filthy Rich, given his importance in the local economy, is probably quite intimidating. Aside from that, we have seen in the show that while she does love her students, she is, to a certain extent, pretty oblivious to what's going on between Diamond and her other students. She probably feels like a petty shitty teacher for not really noticing her students reactions until being bombarded with letters. As for the letters, again, Filthy Rich is an important pony in their society, the last thing she'd want to do is annoy him, so she probably just left it alone until it got really bad.

As for Filthy...that's kind of the point. He never was really willing to see the bad parts of his daughter, so this caught him off guard. While his sensible side is, of course, saying "send her to a different school", his emotional side isn't really willing to do that, nor does he know how to get his daughter to stop.


Cheerilee´s portrayal is kinda incompetent. Just like in canon.

Exactly. :trollestia:

Oh, I'd love to see this turn into a full story (like Filthy having astern talk with Diamond, trying to go over his options, realize he went wrong by spoiling Diamond rotten, and other stuff).

Can't wait for the next update.


....it's complete. What update? :rainbowderp:

4091667 ...What? This can't be the end. You have to write a whole story with Filthy Rich talking to Diamond Tiara, learning how to raise her better, all that stuff.

4091445 I'm actually pretty sure we've seen a few instances of Cheerilee and Filthy Rich disciplining Diamond Tiara in the show, but I can't remember specifics off the top of my head.

Which is why I tend to agree with the theory that Filthy Rich isn't a particularly bad pony. The Apples wouldn't do business with him if he was too much of a shithead.


Actually, the only time Filthy Rich ever "disciplined" Diamond was when her made her participate in making the Zap Apple Jam, and that can easily be perceived as him just trying to get her to be more social.
And he isn't a bad pony, he just is unable to see his daughter's own flaws, something many parents have trouble with.

As for Cheerilee, the only real instance I can think of is when she demoted Diamond from Editor in Chief, and that wasn't really a case of bullying so much as not recognizing the difference between news and gossip. For the most part, she seems pretty oblivious to what's going on. :twilightoops:

4090947 I agree with you somewhat in the first part, but not in the second. We all have our weak points in the "armor" we wear to get through our day, and getting hit in one can rattle even the most confident and self-assured individual. It's not outside the realm of possibility that his daughter is one of Rich's weak points.

He'd hardly be the first example of a parent doing a poor job of raising a child through no direct fault of his own, after all.

i would love to see another chapter in which it explains how he tries to fix it. would be a interesting read.

It's out of character for Cheerilee-- or any teacher worth two spits-- to break down crying like that. Anger, weariness, yes. Weeping? no. Begging him to "do something?" No. Getting fed up and issuing an ultimatum? Yes.


Oh sure, I'm not saying he would handle it well. But I think it would be more in-character for him to act than to mope or be reflective. And for whatever he tries to fail miserably and blow up in his face.


Hmm, yeah, couldn't really recall all the details and thought there might have been more times than that.


Gonna have to agree with this, and that's coming from a teacher.

I'm not saying teachers can't form bonds with their students (and thus become upset when something is troubling them), but any decent teacher knows how to remain professional and not break down in front of their students' parents. Heck, that's the -worst- time to do it, since the parents will most likely start to think that the teacher is far too emotional, high-strung, etcetera.

Really, Cheerilee making an ultimatum ("this has to stop, one way or the other") is fine and dandy, and precisely what she should be doing... but downright begging a parent to take action and being on the verge of sobbing in distress? No; I'm sorry, but I can't see any competent teacher doing that over something as "simple" as bullying (yes, I know bullying is very much a serious issue, but it's still relatively simple to deal with when compared to serious psychological problems and such with children).

Still, Filthy Rich's reaction, while a bit drama-queenish, is believable; I've seen several parents that cannot accept that their children pick on others, and refuse to aknowledge even the possibility... glad to see Filthy Rich being aware enough to understand that he might have been mistaken about his child's innocence.

4092431 What exactly does she issue an ultimatum about? She can't punish Diamond Tiara for her behavior if she never catches her in the act, or for what she does outside of school. It's already said that she just doesn't care about any of the punishments Cheerilee is actually capable of enforcing on her, and, as mentioned, Cheerilee can't suspend or expel her for non-physical bullying.

If one of those letters happened to include a parent demanding action because their little foal was becoming suicidal over that bullying, and Cheerilee just couldn't get any results... crying isn't all that unrealistic. Extraordinarily unprofessional, but not unrealistic, especially considering the overall nicer-than-real-life nature of Equestria (how that filly's acting becomes several marks worse in that case). They could also be angry tears--a number of people cry when they're angry.

I do think it would work better if the crying was cut out, though. There are less dramatic ways to show feelings of helplessness.


"or for what she does outside of school. It's already said that she just doesn't care about any of the punishments Cheerilee is actually capable of enforcing on her, and, as mentioned, Cheerilee can't suspend or expel her for non-physical bullying."

Which is just plain bogus, at least where I come from; bullying classmates, even outside of the school, can have serious ramifications here in Norway, and can lead to the student being deemed a disturbance for the other students, and thus not allowed into the common classroom or even near the school.

And I highly doubt a society like the one seen in Equestria would just say "Oh, she didn't harm you -physically-, but bullies you anyway? Can't do anything about that!", because it sure doesn't fly where I come from; doesn't matter if it's physical, verbal, psychological, etc... if you bully someone (or if you're just a disturbance for the other students, leading to their own education suffering) then you can get booted out of the classroom and/or school, suspended for quite some time, and forced to get your education through specialized tutors (alongside lessons with psychologists and other experts) that are paid for by the state, since kids have the right to a certain number of years of education.

But then, maybe it's very different in other countries like the US, or the UK. *Shrug*

And of course, it might be VERY different in Equestria, but I still doubt an excuse of "it's just -verbal- bullying and/or it doesn't happen at school" would fly in any Equestrian school that cares about the students' education and wellbeing as a whole.

I'm afraid where I'm from some school districts really aren't willing to take extreme action about teasing, especially outside of the classroom. How Equestria would treat this is, arguably, just headcanon, so there's no way to tell who's right.


Obviously a lot of people seem to have a problem with her crying, and while I'll agree it is technically unprofessional, is it unrealistic? No.
People can cry when they get frustrated (think back to Baby Cakes), and it's likely that Cheerilee has never had to deal with an issue like this before, so between parents demanding action, and Filthy Rich refusing to listen to a word she says, she has a right to throw up her hooves and pity herself.
From what little we've seen in the canon, she doesn't really seem to ever do much to punish her students. Even when the CMC nearly married her to Big Mac, she simply made them do some chores. In many other instances when her students have misbehaved (Snips and Snails bringing an Ursa to town, CMC constantly causing havoc, etc.) she hasn't punished them, which suggests that unless it's inside school, she likely doesn't have a lot of power over it.

So...yea, I think her finally breaking down and crying isn't totally unbelievable. However, I supposed if anyone thinks it ruins the story and makes it downvote worthy, I can consider taking it out. :unsuresweetie:

Poor Filthy Rich..

He's successful as a "businessstallion",
but, is a colossal failure when it comes to being a parent (like so many others)

He's really going to have to make some Changes.

Anyways, this is a good one.
It gives me a good idea on how to go about FR in my own fiction in which Diamond Tiara's bad behavior HAS to be addressed.

Any chance of a continuation or sequel? I would really like to see Rich confront his daughter.:twilightsmile:

4093083 Bullying (in school) also gets a strong response in the U.S. ... in the modern day, and in most areas. Unfortunately, there's still places where schools or entire school districts underestimate its effects and don't take serious action against it. But that's beside the point, sorry for rambling.

There are a lot of school districts in the U.S. where teachers have no authority to punish students for anything that they do outside of school (there's... well, there's a reason that ). So there is a reason for Cheerilee not being able to act, if the author is American.

And I do agree that Equestria wouldn't be a society that would downplay the effects of non-physical bullying. But I think a case could be made that bullying is rare enough over there that they just don't have a competent system in place to handle it. Or, considering Babs's episode, the Education Department of Equestria might just be terribly incompetent. It sounded like she had a good number of other foals gunning for her.

It might also be that a standardized school system is still new to Equestria (perhaps each school mostly ran itself beforehand, or they mostly learned through the apprenticeship system until recently?), and it has a lot of problems that still need to be sorted out.


However, I supposed if anyone thinks it ruins the story and makes it downvote worthy, I can consider taking it out. :unsuresweetie:


Wow, so far this is the best story plot I've seen so far and I like the direction where this is going. So when's the chapter coming out?

This piece was quite inspirational for me.
it will REALLY help with a similar situation that I am doing for one of my fictions.

Added to my headcanon stories.

I was always interested in what Filthy Rich thinks of Diamond Tiara. I mean, he seems like a nice enough guy, so how exactly did Diamond Tiara turn out so....ew?

I have to agree with the folks who think that this should be "Chapter One" and not a one shot. There's so much potential and nothing has been resolved yet.


That's kind of the point... The reader is left to decide whether or not Filthy Rich decides to try to improve his daughter's behavior, or continue to pretend she's perfect.

I suppose if enough people wanted one, I could consider doing a sequel sometime when my schedule is a little less busy. :duck:

4094423 I agree I want to see what course of action to loving father will take to help his daughter get back on the right track

I've noticed that DT's actions have been publicized now in a lot of stories, kind of sad to see how two dimensional of a character she's become.

It usually starts at home with some kids and the negative attention from the home life carries with them to the school where they self destruct in ways like this. Maybe Tiara is acting out because her mother isn't there anymore, that could be the underlying problem, a feeling of anger towards others who have two parents while she doesn't. Now I'm not defending her because she's constantly a rail spike in everyone's side.

Rich is to blame but I feel some pity for the man, divorced, looking after the kid (winning the child in any court is huge) and owner of a company, it's no surprise how he could have overlooked this.

“Alright sweetie, maybe some other time.” Diamond rolls her eyes again, but nods. I don’t know why she does that so much...perhaps it’s just a kid thing? I ought to talk to her about it. It was, after all, considered rude when I was growing up.

He sees the signs but pushes it away because he thinks it's what kids do know.

I always thought Filthy Rich was a jerk...I guess it might be because a lot of rich people are jerks. Thanks for painting a whole new perspective around him. :D Awesome story By the way.

4094481 Up to us to decide, huh...?

Mr. Rich, prompted by his love of family, goes on an adventure to try and save his daughter from the path of evil.


This is complete? Awww... Would of loved to see a beautiful Father Daughter story. Out of all the ponies in the show... Diamond and Rainbow (well, when she was a foal at least) are the only two who have parents you could really make stories with that could really make for some strong family bonding moments. I guess it's arguable others like Twilight and Rarity could too, but foalwise, Diamond is more relatable with how you wrote her here to have a good heartwarming Father moment.

I digress though, far as the story goes, it was pretty good. Though, a few inaccuracies like attempting to blame Diamond for the harsher things said to Scoots bout her wings, which, well we all know came from Silver Spoon and then Diamond's quip about her flag carrying not getting off the ground either. I get it though, Silver Spoon doesn't really have a presence or she's just too cute to blame the bad stuff as actually being her own willful faults.

I loved the intro, the way Filthy was built up and his old ways. Diamond's sort of rebellious phase where she's too old for childish things and a dad too loving to see it as anything less than their child growing up. Kids always seem to get embarrassed from public affection in fear of being laughed at or teased. Being called names and such. Kids are serious brats. lol

Final scene was nice, the comparison of how you run a business compared to raising a child was nice. He's a good pony. Sadly a lot of us grow up based on how our friends and those around us act and treat things. Nothing Filthy could really do there, but, he probably didn't or chose not to pick up on the signs. At least now he knows. The question is, how will he go about 'fixing' her as Cheerilee pleaded?

It's 2:20AM so not the most elegant of posts, but, for a Filthy Rich perspective story through HIS eyes and how HE reacts, I say this was a pretty great start. Though, falls short of a favorite. Felt like it ended a bit sudden.

4090947 That is a great comment. Fully agree with you there. Especially if we're to believe these are still foals and Cheerilee's school is the ONLY school in town. :P

It's like in some parts where they still have one teacher who teaches from certain levels like 3rd-8th, a mix of everything. If Cheerilee is like those kinds of teachers, she's gotta have some serious experience and endurance to put up and deal with a lot of different types of bullies and quirks.

This was quite good. I liked Rich's perspective; for your first time, it's an excellent use of first-person.

However, as it is, the story feels very unresolved. I understand leaving it open for the reader to imagine, but there isn't really much of a jumping-off point here.


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:
As for the ending, it was my intention to leave Filthy's decisions about Diamond open to the readers, but given the general consensus it appears perhaps I left it a little too vague. :facehoof:

I liked this. Twas sad and deep. Insightful. Take a thumb and a fave.

Though I'd tend to agree that Cheerilee wouldn't be reduced to a quivering mess, she might still be very upset about the matter. Those are her kids and she's suffering the failure of not being able to fix this problem.

I think Filthy is characterized perfectly though. Who gives a damn whether he's a businesspony or not, this is his daughter we're talking about. Things are different.

Is there a reason that the italics suddenly drop out in the middle of the intro, only to return a few lines later?

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