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This story is a sequel to Numbers

Eleven years ago, a young stallion named Filthy Rich became a father.
His daughter was his most prized jewel...
And he swore he would always love her.

One morning that stallion's filly brought a grown mare to tears,
And Filthy Rich was forced to see his Diamond through new eyes.

Now, he must find a way to bring out the sparkling gem only he can see, before Diamond Tiara destroys her classmates... and herself.
If that gem even exists at all.

But raising a child isn't as simple as working out a business deal or solving a financial issue, and Filthy Rich must relearn what it means to be a parent if he ever has a hope of redeeming his daughter.
For the price of an innocent foal's tears is more than even he can afford.

Featured 5/27/14 - 5/28/14

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*internal screaming* :pinkiegasp: I love it already due to it being a sequel to numbers! :pinkiehappy:

Oh... I feel. I read numbers as one of the first stories I ever read here, and I'm glad the sequel is out. I will enjoy this, that I know.

Love the viewpoint from one of my favourite background characters

Yeah. The sequel is here. I can't wait for the next chapter. Please hurry.

Golden Tiara, that name sounds familiar.

Beautiful! :rainbowkiss: This is a great start to the story, and it gives me an expression with similar beginnings to Finding Nemo. This isn't weird, is it?

Never mind the vague comparison. I'm going to read more! :yay:

Normally I only like random comedy, but this fic was just too amazing to pass up reading! So, not much else to say, except for, thank you ma'am, for blessing the site with this fanfiction! I know that's a bit much, but yeah. Can't wait for chapter two! (Three, if ya count the prologue)

Filthy rich should really hive dt a good switching

Just... Just...
There is no words for this masterpiece

Maybe some emoticons though...

I have to wonder. How old was Diamond Tiara when she lost her mother? How long was Mrs. Rich Diamond Tiara's authority figure? How long has Mr. Rich only really had to worry about his business and rely on somepony to tell him what his daughter needed? How long has he just given Diamond Tiara what she wanted?
Mr. Rich now has to do what he doesn't know how to do...be a parent.

God damn you Filthy, can you not see your tolerance of your daughter's actions is going to kill her!? :flutterrage: I fear the consequences of his over tolerant attitude of her... I fear them overly... :fluttercry:

...*sniffle* That was adorable.

He has to talk to her. He has to put his hoof down. He doesn't want his child to stay a little monster and grow up into a big monster. He needs to speak with her.

He should go seek the sage advice of Granny Smith

You managed to express Filthy's internal conflict perfectly. Keep doing what you're doing.

Saw two minor typos while reading.

savoring the calm sound of the running how water

No matter much it might hurt me later.

Of that I agree. particularly since the two are on good terms, and technically the Apple Family ARE the source of his family's wealth.

you are missing some words but other than that it's beautiful.

4454705 You know, I didn't even think of that?:applejackconfused:

This looks interesting. I shall follow it and see where it leads me.

- LF

To know you're kid has poor behavior is never easily accepted by most parents.
It's not something that Rich can easily control, Tiara is capable of making her own decisions but she needs guidance. Something that her father really hasn't put time away just to teach her morals. She strikes as one of those kids that honestly act out so viciously just to make sure that someone around her notices she's there and doesn't want to be left alone anymore. I'm not defending her but I think we should at least take a look from how she may perceive things.

Every time I see something sentimental, I feel like saying a random word.

Aww, Weedaula.

Shit, wrong one!


Now I wonder if there's an MLP/Inglip crossover fic...

Hmmm, so far I am really liking this delve into Rich's character. Hope we see more. But what I am really looking forward to, is the confrontation.:rainbowdetermined2:

How did you make this guy Likable! :pinkiehappy:

I really like Filthy Rich in this story. He's just so broken up inside about his daughter, he doesn't know what to do anymore, which makes him a stronger character.

I liked the first story, and I'm loving the second. Keep going!

4452522 well I think he said he lost her about 11 years ago or something so I assume that she was like 1 or 2 at the time though I could be completely wrong


Actually, Diamond is 11 years old. Her parents got divorced when she was... Well, let's just say that her mom hasn't been around for quite a while. She will show up eventually in the story though. :twilightsmile:

, but I I’m going to do my best as a father.”

"I I'm" should be "I'm" just if you want to avoid repetition. :raritywink:

I'm looking forward to future chapters. Keep up the good work. :ajsmug:

I hope Filthy does something soon.

Is mommy going to stay in the picture? I'm gonna get some popcorn:eeyup:
Something tell me there will be a lot of feels to come.

"Golden Tiara would never her granddaughter" - I think you're missing a verb. How about "would never see her granddaughter"?
"That’s what Daddy’s are meant to do" should be "That's what daddies are meant to do" or "That's what Daddy's (Daddy is) meant to do."

See, now I'm interested... A fave for future chapters!

Oh yeah! You have no idea how much I been looking forward to this sequel.

Golden Tiara would never her granddaughter.

Golden Tiara would never meet her granddaughter.

Beautifully written so far! I feel for Filthy. I'd really like to see more.

I wonder if Tiara´ special talent allow her to exert some influence over others, something she exploits to avoid the consequences of her attitude.

Damn... never did I think I'd feel sorry for Filthy Rich, but here I am doing so.

even the constant letters from my ex or her lawyer, promising to have my money and my daughter.

Don't worry, Mr Rich. She'll get nowhere near Ponyville, or even Diamond Tiara.

4460688 :rainbowlaugh:Well, I we we've got that covered!

Awsome start! The two things I liked most were the amazingly life-like protryal of Filthy Rich and the adorable scene where he holds his daughter for the first time. You have an amazing secne of how to make stories appear both realistic and compelling. I must say, I envy that. I am definatly going to stick around for more.:twilightsmile:

I'm a little confused as to why you changed from third person POV to a 1st person one. That said, you handle this POV 'style' just as skillfully as you did the other so I'm not complaining. I could proabbly go on for a while about the various things that make this story stand out from others (Mastery of the 'inner voice', clever approach to Filthy Rich's personality, the overall story concept) but as I am short on time right now, I'll simply say "Do not stop writing or you will make me very sad." You don't want me to be sad right? *psycotic grin*

Aw, what a touching start! I liked how you portrayed Filthy Rich as a nervous father to be, you get a follow from me. :pinkiehappy:


Well, when I agreed to the sequel, I stated I'd keep the story first-person and in present tense. However, when I tried to write the prologue, I felt it just flowed better in third-person. I figured since it was a flashback/intro sort of thing it still worked, so I left it. Don't worry, though, I intend to stick to first-person for the rest of the story. :twilightsmile:

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