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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )



When Diamond Tiara is accused of stealing lunch money from Dinky Doo, she is put on trial by her class. Apple Bloom, who believes Diamond Tiara to be innocent, takes the stand to defend her.

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Telaros #1 · Jul 14th, 2013 · · 1 ·

That was a fantastic turnabout. We need more teachers like Miss Cheerilee there. These days they aren't even allowed to even mention amendment rights to students in class let alone do mock trials!

This is why you gotta facehoof at the writing staff some times on the show... Babs Seed could of lasted throughout a few more episodes in S3 and flesh her out a bit more. Allow her to stay in Ponyville for at lest one School year or something.

So much to say but all are spoilers. So I'll end it here xD

Fun story. Though it's not really a crossover as it is an adaptation. Course, alternate universe can be argued (since Babs apparently attends the CMC's School.)

In any case, a lot of characters felt very true to their canon selves. Though, how could Sweetie Belle be confused by a word when she's a dictionary? :p

Oh my god. That was excellent!

Well done on combining the two.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well that was an unexpected twist.

Oh my god... without even reading it, you've made Diamond Tiara into Miles Motherfucking Edgeworth. I just know. I have to wonder who is the Larry Butz of this story. I am so fucking in. I'm just... I love you. *Glomp*


I think Larry Buts is Babs.

Maybe Von Karma could be Babs. Instead of a whip, she spits put seeds.

2876057 I could see it... Ha, dat's what ya get ya foolishly foolish foal, foolishly foolin' around with the cutie mark crusaders! *Spits seed*


Dat's not how ah act like!

Shut up, Babs. This is a fanfic. Anything can happen.

The title should be "Apple Bloom: Ace Attorney"! The only time a title has that order is the Investigations series, in which the protagonist is Miles Edgeworth, a prosecutor, not a Defense Attorney!

EDIT: If it makes you feel any better about the state of humanity, I know this is a nitpick, I just wanted to OBJECTION to something

Actually, Babs might be Godot. Instead if coffee, she eats a bag of seeds. When she's surprised, she would spit out seeds, like Godot's spit-takes.


It's "trial", not "trail." (Spellcheckers won't catch that since they're both legit words.)

Best turnabout ever!

So this sounds exactly like the Classroom Trial from the Ace Attorney series... meaning Apple Bloom is Edgeworth, Scootaloo is the Butz, and Diamond... is Phoenix Wright. Sweetie taking the role of Gumshoe was also rather amusing.

Well done. Fits the spirit of Ace Attorney and MLP very well. I find interesting they had a confetti cannon ready, but then, I never questioned it in AA.
I could comment on any aspect, but I guess I'll say that I giggled at the class giggling at the word "penalized." I always pronounced it with a short e, but I guess it can be done with a long e as well, and subsequently be laughed at by the immature.

Oh, and of course, Princess Twilight readily available. Seems legit.
Thumbsed up, my friend. Good work.

Snails? Glitter Shell? :twilightoops: I think that my head is going to explode...

I like that tumblr a lot. Great work, Yukito.

Congrats on making this featured!

It's like you wanted to make a Phoenix Wright fan game, but didn't have the talent.

yay glitter shell~~!

You have made my day, good sir. I love the Glitter Shell Tumblr and i had really loved the reference you made there. The rest was amazing as well. Great Job!:pinkiehappy:

that was awesome!

Interesting lil ending there had me guessing the whole time. It would be a teacher always complaining about school funding. Twily should get a sign that says no housecalls.

I've only heard of AA, and didn't get the references until the middle of the story, that's where I asked myself "Why is AB saying "Take That!" whenever she proves something?" It hit me immediately, so I felt like a fool for not seeing it earlier.:derpytongue2:

Good story. I can see how this got featured. I like to read a good, short story.

“Objection!” Babs slammed a hoof onto her desk. “I object! That’s… objectionable!”

babs stop stealing lines from edgeworth

2878315 Or the resources? :ajbemused:

2877001 You didn't even read the description properly, did you? How can Diamond Tiara be Phoenix and Apple Bloom be Edgeworth is Diamond Tiara is the defendant and it's already stated that Apple Bloom will be defending her?

2878708 i guess he is talking about the original AA story line when they where young they had class trial and phoenix was the on being accused and edgeworth defending him

:moustache: WOOOO Ace Attorney baby!!! And its was such a nail biter with a giant turnabout that Phoenix Wright and Apollo justice would have been proud of! I couldnt guess who was the real criminal was and that Glitter Shell shout out was great! Great job Apple Bloom! Your big sis would be proud!:applecry: (Why is this the only Apple bloom emoticon?!)

That was epic!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp: I was in gasps the whole time.:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Am I the only one who notices that the title should be "Apple Bloom: Ace Attorney" instead of "Ace Attorney - Apple Bloom"?

i easily find this one of the best things i ever read i :heart: this story:twilightsmile:

Guess what, Apple Bloom. You end up being an attorney anyway. :pinkiecrazy:

I hope this has a sequel, with a more serious case :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I have to thank Turnabout Storm for getting me into the Ace Attorney series. It was a pretty amazing story to read a filly version of Phoenix Wright, especially with the huge amount of twists you managed to put in with using the "Think crazy" strategy or "flip the chess board" strategy that Apple Bloom was using. I'm think I'm going to re-read this while listening to the Ace Attorney series. Great work for making such a thrilling experience.

“I court, there are no sides, my little pony.

Should that be “In court, there are no sides, my little pony.".:twilightsmile:

Skeeter, why you change your name:fluttercry::applecry:

Sequel/ part two with a different case any one?:pinkiehappy:


Proceed to my blog, the parasprite's blog and Formerly Regidar's blog for the answers you seek...

~Skeeter The Lurker


That is all.


Affirmative. The Classroom Trial was a pivotal event in PW's life, when he was accused of stealing lunch money from a classmate during PE and all the students assumed it was him except Edgeworth (only difference here being it was Edgeworth's money while here The victim was a different pony), and the teacher decided to hold a mock trial. Edgeworth defended PW and Butz provided the inaccurate testimony, but Edgey pulls it off. The clincher was the ending when it was suggested Babs and AB should switch, hinting that AB's cutie mark might be for prosecution rather than defense.

For a sec there a thought snails was secretly a female phew crisis averted

It felt like a real AA case, well except in this one there wasn't a murder

This blew me away.
I stopped seeing them as fillies. They turned back into fillies only during recess and when it's all said and done. The level of professionality with Apple Bloom is what sold it.
Sweet. Thank you for the experience.

i hope you make more like this

Please, another! I loved this story.

I'm following that Glittershell Tumblr and couldn't help but feel rather pleased at the hint to it. Besides that, this was a fantastic read and very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Nicely done, the case really had me guessing, and the turnabout was unexpected...

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