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Ace Attorney: Apple Bloom - Yukito

Diamond Tiara is accused of stealing lunch money from Dinky Doo, but Apple Bloom is determined to prove her innocent

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Turnabout Theft

It was three days ago that it had happened. Dinky Doo left her lunch money inside her classroom, thinking that it was safe. However, upon her return, the money was missing, and the only suspect… was a filly who was not present during the second period Gym class, and was caught fleeing the scene of the crime: Diamond Tiara.

Apple Bloom knew that Diamond Tiara was innocent, though, but nopony else felt the same. Since Cheerilee had arranged for a roleplay session to help teach the children how a court of law functions, she decided to use this case for the session, with the intention of performing her own investigation afterwards.

Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara stood outside the classroom doors, neither of them having the nerves to open the, and walk inside. “This is way too tense.”

“Yeah, for me,” Diamond Tiara said. “You’re not the one on trial here.”

“Look, ah know ye’re innocent, an’ ah intend ta prove it,” Apple Bloom said, giving the other filly a determined stare. “Now, are ya sure ya don’ know anythin’ else? Anythin’ at all?”

“I’ve told you already, I don’t know anything more!” Diamond Tiara paused for a second, before reacing into her saddlebag. “Well, I don’t know if it has anything to do with this case or not, but I did find this pen on the floor during the second period Gym class.”

“A pen? … Why does it look like Rainbow Dash?”

“I don’t know! Maybe it belongs to that stupid chicken friend of yours! In fact, here! Take it!”

“W-Wait! Ah-” It was too late. Diamond Tiara had forced the pen onto Apple Bloom and had stormed off into the classroom. ‘Ah can’t really blame her. Ah’d be grumpy too in her place… Hm? This pen won’t open.

Apple Bloom tried to bang the pen a few times against the wall to loosen it up. ‘Ah, there we go… Hm? What’s this?

“Apple Bloom?” Cheerilee called from inside the classroom. “We’re waiting for you.”

“Ah! Right!” Apple Bloom placed the ‘pen’ away into her bag. ‘What the hay? Who would carry somethin’ like- No. That’s not important right now. Ah’ve gotta focus on this here trail, an’ provin’ that Diamond is innocent! … Ah hope ah don’t mess up.

The fillies and colts took their seats in the back of the classroom and waited in a mix of anticipation and excitement as their first ever classroom trial was about to begin. Judge Cheerilee took her seat at her desk at the front, and smacked her gavel onto the wooden surface.

“Everypony, the trail will now begin. Is the defence ready?”

Apple Bloom nodded from her seat at the defence’s bench. “The defence is ready, ma’am.”

“And the prosecution?” Cheerilee asked, looking over to Babs Seed with a concerned look on her face. “I still feel that the prosecution should be one of my students.”

Babs let out a single laugh, and blew the fringe of her mane upwards in a manner she deemed cool. “Whether it’s somepony from your class, or jus’ a city filly visitin’ her cuz for the weekend, does it really matter? The only thing that matters here, is that it won’t even take ten minutes ta get that ‘Guilty’ verdict of yours.”

Cheerilee sighed and shook her head. “Please remember, this is only a mock court scenario to act as a class exercise. Though the case itself is real, I will deal with it myself and decide what to do after the trail is over.”

Babs turned her head away and grinned. “Unless, of course, the prosecution can prove without a doubt that the accused is guilty.”

“Well then, let’s begin with your opening statement.”

Babs stood up from her seat and faced Cheerilee. “Diamond Tiara is guilty. There’s no mistake. I mean, jus’ look at her bad attitude. Ya’d have ta be a real fool ta honestly think she’s innocent. No offence, cuz.”

“Objection!” Apple Bloom shouted, jumping out of her seat and pointing a hoof at her cousin. “The defendant’s attitude is not admissible evidence! … Right?” She looked over to Cheerilee, who smiled and nodded to her student. “True she may be a total brat-”


“And a jerk-”

“Whose side are you on?!”

“But that don’t make her a thief! Mah big brother, accordin’ ta mah Granny Smith, was as rascally an’ rebellious as they get, but he never once did anything that stepped over the line!”

“The defence is correct,” Cheerilee said to Babs. “You will need more hard proof than simply pointing out the defendant’s attitude problems. Objection sustained.” The gavel slammed down onto the table.

“Hey now, I wasn’t finished. Of course I got hard evidence.” Babs reached into her saddlebag and pulled something out. “This was found at the scene of the crime. I’m sure we’re all familiar with it… It’s part of the tiara the defendant is known for always wearing. Ya may notice a piece of it is missin’.”

Apple Bloom bit her lower lip as she looked over to Diamond Tiara, along with the rest of the class. “Y-Ya can’t be serious.”

“That’s right,” Babs said, holding up a small piece of metal. “This is a piece of Diamond’s tiara!”

“No way!”

The entire class mumbled to each other about what this could mean, before being silence by Cheerilee’s gavel slamming onto her desk.

“… Very well. The court accepts this evidence,” Cheerilee said as she instructed one of her ‘bailiffs’ to retrieve the item. “By the way, where exactly was it found?”

“Knew you’d ask me that. Let’s take a look at the map, shall we?” Babs took out a scroll from her bag and unrolled it onto her desk. “Let’s see… It was around here. At the desk two away from where Dinky’s money was stolen.”

“Why didn’t ya tell me about yer tiara bein’ broken?!” Apple Bloom whispered to Diamond Tiara, who gave a panicked look in response.

“I didn’t think it had anything to do with the case! I thought I broke it somewhere else!”

The sound of Cheerilee’s gavel brought their attention to the teacher. “Well then, I assume you’re now going to call your first witness, Miss Seed?”

“But of course.” Babs blew her fringe out of her face. “The prosecution calls the pony in charge of the investigation: Sweetie Belle!”

Sweetie Belle rose out of her seat and walked down the class towards the front. She blushed as she noticed that all eyes were on her, and shrunk away a little bit as she approached the podium in-between the defence and the prosecution.

“Witness, name and occupation!”

“Huh? But, you already know my name.”

Babs sighed and shook her head. “Sweetie Belle, we gotta do this by the book. Now c’mon, loud an’ clear now.”

Sweetie Belle nodded, and then took a deep breath. “I’M SWEETIE BELLE, CUTIE MARK CRUSADER DETECTIVE IN CHARGE OF THIS CASE!”

After everypony removed their hooves from their ears, Babs cleared her throat to gain her friend’s attention. “… Not quite that loud an’ clear.”

A blush crossed Sweetie Belle’s face as she gave everypony in the class a sheepish grin. “S-Sorry…”

“Now then, testify to the court your findings.”


“So, I did some asking around town about Diamond’s behaviour recently. I went to the places she visited in the past week.
“She’s been on-edge lately apparently, but nopony reported any suspicious behaviour.
“We found that piece of tiara in the classroom that definitely belonged to her!
“And aside from that, she also had a motive!”


“… I see. You’ve done a thorough job I see, Sweetie Belle,” Cheerilee said, earning a big smile from her student. “But, perhaps next time try to tone it down a bit? I’m the one ponies go to when an overexcited filly is literally in their faces demanding information.”

“Eheheh… I’ll keep that in mind.”

Cheerilee nodded. “Well then, defence. It’s time to begin your cross-examination. Please take your time and point out any contradictions, but also remember that pointless questioning or badgering of the witness will hinder your case, and will be penalized.” The classroom broke out into giggles at the last word, only ending when Cheerilee banged her gavel onto her desk. “… You may begin.”

“Yes, ma’am.”


“So, I did some asking around town about Diamond’s behaviour recently. I went to the places she visited in the past week.
“She’s been on-edge lately apparently, but nopony reported any suspicious behaviour.
“We found that piece of tiara in the classroom that definitely belonged to her!

“Hold it!” Apple Bloom shouted. “How can ya say for certain it was hers?!”

“Objection!” Babs shouted, slamming her hoof onto her table. “C’mon, cuz! What other filly walks ‘round school wearin’ somethin’ like that?!”

“Sorry, Apple Bloom, but we already checked it out. It fits perfectly,” Sweetie Belle said, turning her head away from her friend as she told her.

“What? When?” Diamond Tiara asked.

“Uh… Oh! It was when you were asleep at Sugarcube Corner, and Apple Bloom was in the bathroom! I, uh, didn’t want to wake you, so I did the fitting when you were asleep, and…”

“And you’re positive it’s a perfect match?” Apple Bloom asked. Sweetie Belle simply nodded. “N-No way…”

“Witness, this is important information. Please add it to your testimony,” Cheerilee said.


“We did a test, and the piece of tiara fit Diamond’s perfectly.
“And aside from that, she also had a motive!”

“Hold it!” Everypony’s attention once more shifted to Apple Bloom. “What exactly is this motive?”

Cheerilee nodded. “I agree it’s very vague. Witness, can you please elaborate?” Seeing Sweetie Belle’s clueless look, Cheerilee decided to elaborate herself. “I mean, can you make it more clear for us.”

“Oh! Yeah, you see, Diamond’s… well, greedy. And selfish. She obviously took the money because it’s… well, money.”

“…” Cheerilee sighed and shook her head. “That’s… do you have anything to back that up?”

“Uh… Oh! I remember, one of the ponies I spoke to said that Diamond was looking at a video game, and it seemed she really wanted it! It was an expensive one!”

Babs snickered from her seat. “So she stole the money to buy a video game, huh? How low.”

“What was that?!” Diamond shouted, being silenced a moment later by Cheerilee’s gavel.

“Order! Witness, please amend your testimony to cover this new fact.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“She was looking at a video game, an expensive one. She must have stolen the money to buy it.”

“Objection!” Apple Bloom turned her attention towards Diamond Tiara. “Defendant, please state for the court the name of your father.”

“Huh? It’s… Filthy Rich.”

Apple Bloom grinned and faced Sweetie Belle. “THE Filthy Rich. Richest stallion in Ponyville… and doting father to his only daughter! You may not know this, but Diamond’s rubbed it in mah face enough times that I know for a fact, her weekly allowance is bigger than our monthly ones!”

“I-It is?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“It is. Ergo, she had no motive to take money to buy a game. She already had easy access to said money!”

Babs’ eyes widened as she took in this information. “… GAH!”

The class began muttering amongst themselves again, and once more had to be silence by Cheerilee’s gavel. “Order! Order!”

“Oh! About that,” Sweetie Belle began, “You see, I also learned in my investigation that Diamond’s allowance was cut recently.”

“W-What?!” Apple Bloom shouted. Babs regained her composure and gave her cousin a confident grin. “Is this true?” Apple Bloom asked Diamond Tiara.

“… It is,” Diamond Tiara admitted.

“I see,” Cheerilee muttered to herself. “Yes, if her allowance had been cut, then I guess that rules out the possibility of her buying it with her own money.”

“Hold on!” Apple Bloom pleaded, slamming her hooves onto her table. “Like ah said, she makes more money from her allowance than the rest of us! She could have easily had some money saved up for a rainy day!”

“Sorry,” Sweetie Belle said, looking guilty for the information she was about to provide, “But, I checked. Not only did she have her allowance cut, but she was banned from accessing her money for the next month.”

“… What did you do?” Apple Bloom asked, receiving an annoyed look in response.

“That has nothing to do with the case! I refuse to answer!”

Cheerilee shook her head. “Apple Bloom, unless you can provide evidence that Diamond Tiara had a means to purchase this video game of hers another way, I will have to accept the possibility of this being her motive.”

Think Apple Bloom! Is there anything I can… Wait, ah got it!’ Apple Bloom grinned as she recalled what she had studied prior to this day. ‘Evidence ain’t everythin’! There’re also ponies ah can use!

“Well, Apple Bloom?” Cheerilee asked. “The defendant’s motive for stealing money was to buy a video game. Is there anything to refute such a claim?”

“Take that!” Apple Bloom turned around and scanned the class. When she found her target, she pointed her out. “The defendant didn’t have to steal any money… because she has a best friend named Silver Spoon!”

Silver Spoon’s eyes widened, and the class went wild with chatter once more. Cheerilee’s gavel silence most of them, but one particular grey filly spoke up. “W-What are you suggesting?! That I stole the money?!”

“How dare you?!” Diamond Tiara shouted. “Who do you think you are to accuse her of such a thing?!”

“N-No! Not that!” Apple Bloom shouted as she waved her forelegs in the air. “Silver Spoon, like Diamond Tiara, ye’re also from a rich family, ain’t that right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Babs realised where this was going, and she did not like it. “Ah.”

Apple Bloom could not help but grin at her cousin faltering in the corner of her eye. “Y’see? If Diamond wanted the money ta buy a video game… she could jus’ ask her best buddy Silver Spoon. Why, ah’m sure she’d be happy ta lend the money.”

Sweetie Belle thought it over for a few moments in her head. “… T-That’s right!” The class all agreed with Apple Bloom’s claim, and Cheerilee once more had to silence them with her gavel.

“Order! Order!”

“Objection!” All eyes turned to Babs, who was now sweating as she glared her opponent down. “Close! I almost fell for it! But that won’t do, cuz!”

“W-What d’ya mean?! I clearly proved-”

“Objection!” Babs slammed a hoof onto her table. “What did ya prove, exactly? All we know is she had another option… but do we know that she took it?” Babs blew her fringe out of her face, and then extended a hoof towards Apple Bloom. “All you’ve done is present a possibility! The motive still stands, though! Unless you can prove she actually did borrow money from Silver Spoon, the prosecution stands by its claim that Diamond Tiara stole money to buy a video game!”

Cheerilee took a brief moment to collect her thoughts. “… Indeed. The defence makes a fair point, but they have yet to back it up with any conclusive evidence.” Cheerilee slammed her gavel onto her desk. “We have established a motive for the defendant. But, that’s all we have so far. Well, that and a broken piece of tiara.”

“Which places her neatly at the crime scene.”

“Objection!” Apple Bloom shouted. “We don’t know when her tiara broke! It could’ve been before the crime took place!”

Babs’ grin did not falter. “… Cuz, maybe you shouldn’t jump the gun so much.” Babs blew her fringe out of her face and turned to face the class. “The prosecution would like to call its next witness. One who saw the defendant fleeing the scene of the crime!”

“W-What?!” Apple Bloom’s eyes widened with horror. She knew who she would have to deal with next. “You mean…”

“That’s right! Witness, take the stand!”

“Yo!” An orange Pegasus filly from the back of the class jumped up onto her seat, and jumped over the other foals sitting in front of her, performing a somersault and landing skilfully onto the classroom floor. She then approached the podium where Sweetie Belle had just testified.

“Witness, name and occupation.”

Scootaloo turned towards Apple Bloom. “Sorry AB, but this’s where you meet your end! My testimony is perfect!”

“… Witness,” Babs repeated, “Name and occupation.”

“Oh, but nice work so far! And those ‘Objection!’s and ‘Hold it!’s? Awesome!”

Babs slammed a hoof onto her table. “WITNESS!”

“But I think you need to put a little more oomph into-” Scootaloo was cut off by the sound of Cheerilee’s gavel.

“Witness, please state your name and occupation for the court… before the prosecution’s veins pop.”

“Huh? Oh, right! Name’s Scootaloo! Student, Cutie Mark Crusader, and future Captain of the Wonderbolts!” A silence loomed over the class. “What?! What’s with the silence?! You wanna say somethin’, then say it!”

Babs regained her composure and blew her fringe out of her face. “Okay, Scoots, jus’ calm down an’ testify as to what ya saw.”

Scootaloo took a deep breath. “Fine…”


“It was during the second period Gym class that I saw it.
“I was passing by the classroom when the door suddenly opened.
“And yeah, it was Diamond Tiara!”


“… Short and concise,” Cheerilee commented. “Very well. Defence, you may begin your cross-examination.”

“Sorry, Scootaloo,” Apple Bloom said, “But ah ain’t gonna hold back on account of our friendship.”

“Bring it on!” Scootaloo challenged.


“It was during the second period Gym class that I saw it.

“Hold it!” Apple Bloom put a hoof to her chin as she thought about the previous statement. “If it was durin’ second period Gym class… that means y’all admit ta skippin’ out on it?”


“Objection!” Babs shouted. “Scootaloo is not on trial here! It has been established that she wasn’t present for that class, the reason why is irrelevant!”

“Well, Apple Bloom?” Cheerilee asked. “Do you think this line of questioning is relevant to the case at hoof?”

Apple Bloom nodded. “The reason why she skipped out would naturally link ta the reason she was at the scene in the first place. The defence would like the witness ta explain themselves.”

Cheerilee nodded. “Witness? Please testify.”

“Uh, okay…”

“No offence, but Cheerilee’s Gym class is for babies. That’s why I skipped out and ran laps around the school.

“Hold it!” Apple Bloom took out a blueprint of the school building from her saddlebag. “Witness, ah would like ta know from which direction ya approached the classroom from.”

“Hm? Oh, it was…” Scootaloo hovered over the plans, and pointed to the left of the classroom. “From this direction.”

“Are ya sure ‘bout that?”

“One-hundred percent!”

Cheerilee’s gavel struck her desk. “Witness, this is important information. Please amend your testimony to include it.”

“Yeah, yeah…”

“I was passing by the classroom when the door suddenly opened.
“I was approaching the class from the left when I saw her.
“And yeah, it was Diamond Tiara!”

“Hold it!” Apple Bloom glanced at Diamond Tiara. “What makes ya so sure?”

“Well, her tiara, duh! It sticks out like a sore hoof!”

Is there anythin’ else ah can ask her?’ Apple Bloom thought to herself, when it hit her. “… Is that the only thing that stuck out ta ya? Ya didn’t notice anythin’ else?”

“Uh… no, nothing.”

Apple Bloom gave a victorious grin as she slammed her hooves onto her desk. “In other words, ya never actually saw her make off with the stolen money, right?”

“… Oh!” Scootaloo gave a sheepish grin. “Uh, right. I never saw it… but it doesn’t mean she didn’t take it!”

“How so?”

“Well, it was clearly in her Gym clothes!” The entire class fell silent, and Babs looked like she was restraining herself from pouncing Scootaloo right there and then. “W-What?”

“… Miss Cheerilee, ah don’ think ah need ta tell ya that this testimony needs ta be added.”

Cheerilee nodded. “And I don’t think I need to tell you to point out the obvious contradiction here.” Cheerilee slammed her gavel onto her desk. “Witness, please add this to your testimony.”

“… I have a bad feeling about this, but…”

“She must have hidden the money inside her Gym clothes!”

“Objection!” Apple Bloom frowned as she shook her head at Scootaloo. “Ah thought we were friends.”

“What?! We are!” Scootaloo shouted, her wings flaring in anger.

“Then why did y’all jus’ lie right ta mah face?” Scootaloo flinched at the accusation. “We all know, at ‘least, those of us who attended Gym class that day… Diamond Tiara wasn’t wearing her Gym clothes when she finally showed up.”

“… What?”

“While it’s true she always jus’ brings a note and sits out anyway, she is still required ta wear her Gym clothes and does so. But that day, she actually forgot ta bring ‘em.”

“… WHAT?!” The class chattered amongst themselves, being silenced moments later by Cheerilee’s gavel. “T-That can’t be!”

“It can, an’ is!”

“M-Maybe she just took off her Gym clothes and hid ‘em somewhere with the money!”

“Ta what end? That would just make ‘em easier ta spot, and would take more time.”

“O-Obviously, because carrying money in your mouth is a sure-fire way to get caught!”

“But if she hid it in her Gym clothes, it wouldn’t be seen. So there’d be no reason ta hide it. ‘Least of all with the clothes.”

“Unfortunately,” Babs interrupted, “An investigation revealed that her clothes were indeed at the Rich manor on the day in question. All four sets she owns.”

“Y’all have four sets of Gym clothes?” Apple Bloom asked Diamond Tiara with a raised eyebrow.

“What?! What if they get muddy or wet?!”

“They’re Gym clothes. They’re supposed ta get messy.” Apple Bloom shook her head and returned to the matter at hoof. “Anyway, mah point stands! Diamond Tiara was not wearing her Gym clothes on the day! So then, why didn’t ya see her carryin’ the money?!”

Scootaloo chewed her lower lip for a few moments, before something seemed to hit her. “W-Wait! I got it!”

“Yes?” Cheerilee asked.

“Eheheh… Sorry, I was just a little confused. I must have remembered wrong about the Gym clothes, ‘cause I really don’t recall seeing her carry the money, but I remember right now.”

“It seems we’ll need a new testimony.” Cheerilee slammed her gavel onto her desk. “Well then, let’s try again. This time, try to think more clearly.”

“Yeah, I’ll try…”


“Yeah, I remember now. I was approaching the classroom when I saw the door open.
“Diamond came out, and starting running away from me.
“Since her back was to me, I must have just missed the money. My bad…”


“I see. You just didn’t see it, and were confused as to why,” Cheerilee summarised.

“Yeah. I wasn’t really paying her much attention, so I guess I didn’t notice that she wasn’t wearing her Gym clothes. Sorry ‘bout that.”

“It’s quite alright, Scootaloo. That is what these cross-examinations are for. To weed out the inconsistencies, whether intentional or not, in a witness’ testimony.”

“An’ y’all can bet ah’m gonna weed out the incon… inconstitch… the lies in this one!” Apple Bloom proclaimed, staring Scootaloo down with narrowed eyes as she steeled herself for her next challenge.

“Not ‘lies’, Apple Bloom. After all, it is often the case that the witness does not realise the information they have provided is false…” Cheerilee realised that Apple Bloom was too focused on Scootaloo to pay attention to her lesson, and simply slammed her gavel to begin the cross-examination instead. “Very well. Please begin.”


“Yeah, I remember now. I was approaching the classroom when I saw the door open.
“Diamond came out, and starting running away from me.

“Hold it!” Scootaloo grimaced as she turned to face Apple Bloom. “Ya didn’t find that odd? Why would she be runnin’ away from ya?”

“Objection!” Babs shouted. “She was running away because she had committed a crime! The crime of theft!”

“Objection!” Apple Bloom retorted. “Ah was askin’ the witness if she had put much thought into why the defendant was runnin’ away!”

“Well, to be honest, I thought she was just late to Gym class and was running to get there on time. Or she needed the bathroom, I dunno. I was just glad I didn’t have to talk to her.”

“The feeling’s mutual,” Diamond Tiara spat.

Apple Bloom considered something. “Diamond, is it true that ya ran away from the classroom?” she whispered to the other filly.

“Yeah,” Diamond Tiara admitted. “But I only looked inside. I never actually went in.”

“Apple Bloom?” Cheerilee asked. “Is that the end of your questioning, or is there more?”

Apple Bloom nodded and turned back to Scootaloo. “So, when Diamond ran away, when exactly did ya lose her?”

“After she rounded the corner, of course. It’s not like I went after her or anything.”

“But that makes no sense! Ya said that y’all were runnin’ laps around the school, and approached the classroom from the left! Ah can understand stoppin’ when ya see the door open, but why didn’t ya continue after that?”

“… Well, there was paint in the way, wasn’t there?” Scootaloo scratched the back of her head. “It was annoying, but somepony must’ve spilled paint there earlier, so I had to find another way around.”

Babs nodded. “That’s right. The janitor piled up some paint cans shortly before the second period Gym class began, but he must have done so carelessly, since they had fallen over and spilled everywhere.”

“He noticed it during the second period, and when he went to fetch some cleaning supplies, he tripped and hurt his leg,” Cheerilee explained, shaking her head with a sigh. “Not the best day for Mr. Greenhooves…”

“… Witness,” Apple Bloom began, “Please add this to yer testimony.” ‘Ah don’ know why, but ah have a feelin’ this’s important information.

“I fail to see the relevance myself, but…” Cheerilee slammed her gavel. “Witness, if you would please.”

“Heh, grasping at straws are we?” Babs said as she sat down in her chair and crossed her forelegs. “If ya wanna surrender, I think there’s some white cloth around here you can use as a flag.”

“I didn’t follow her because of the red paint in my way, so I lost her quickly.
“Since her back was to me, I must have just missed the money. My bad…”

“Objection!” Apple Bloom pointed a hoof at the blueprint on her table. “Sorry, but that’s impossible.”

“What? How so?” Cheerilee asked.

“Because, if the witness did indeed come from the left as she claims…” Apple Bloom pointed at the spot on the blueprint to the left of the classroom. “… She’d be around here, correct?”

“Yeah!” Scootaloo confirmed with a nod. “Well, a lil’ further back, ‘cause of the paint.”

“Right. She definitely couldn’t be past this point,” Apple Bloom said with a grin.

“What’s your point?” Babs asked.

“Well, jus’ look!” Apple Bloom pointed towards a vertical line on the blueprint. “This line here represents the classroom door, and the direction it opens. If it was open, then Scootaloo wouldn’t be able to see past it!”

“Objection!” Babs shouted. “Are you for real?! That door only covers, what, a fifth of the hallway?”

“But if y’all will recall, there was somethin’ else there too! Somethin’ that isn’t on this blueprint!”

“And what would that be?” Cheerilee asked.

“The item ah’m referrin’ to is…” Apple Bloom reached into her notebook and pulled out a photograph. “Take that!” She placed the photograph down onto her table. “This!”

“That’s… Ms. Blossomforth’s class’ project?” Cheerilee asked, examining the photograph.

“That’s right. Recall if you will, the paint that was at the scene.”

Babs reached into her own notebook and pulled out a photograph of her own. “This is a photo of the paint as it was found… Ah!”

“That’s right,” Apple Bloom said, beaming with pride as she slammed her hooves onto her table. “There’s a rather big patch there with no paint, which suggests that somethin’ was there at the time!”

“Y-You’re not sayin’-”

“Ah am! Ah took the liberty of investigatin’ the other classrooms, jus’ in case there were any other witnesses! An’ in Ms. Blossomforth’s class, ah found their project, a large globe of Equestria! And at the base… was yellow paint.”

“Y… Yellow paint?!” Babs took a step back as realisation dawned on her.

“Ms. Blossomforth was kind enough ta inform me that she placed the globe outside for a bit, and even told me when.” Apple Bloom nodded. “That’s right. It was there during the second period Gym class.” Apple Bloom raised a hoof and pointed it towards Scootaloo. “Therefore, it would have been impossible for ya ta see anypony leave that classroom that moved away from you!”

Scootaloo’s wings shot out of her sides as she flinched. “N-NO WAY!”

The classroom erupted into chaos at the claim, nopony able to understand what this could mean. Cheerilee had to slam her gavel several times to silence them this time. “Order, order! Apple Bloom, please explain this at once! If Scootaloo could not see Diamond Tiara… then why did she claim that she could?! Was the witness simply lying?!”

“Obviously!” Diamond Tiara exclaimed.

“I wasn’t lying!” Scootaloo shouted. “I really saw her! I did!”

Apple Bloom put a hoof to her chin as she thought about all she had learned so far. ‘She doesn’t seem ta be lyin’, but somethin’s botherin’ me… She couldn’t have possibly seen Diamond, but she saw that. How?

“Apple Bloom?” Cheerilee asked. “Do you have an explanation for all of this?”

“… Ah think ah do,” Apple Bloom said. “Or rather, there’s really only one way this could all make sense.”

“Oh? And what would that be?”

“Well, if Scootaloo was standin’ where she claimed she was, she couldn’t have possibly seen Diamond Tiara.”

“So she was lying, after all.”

“I wasn’t lying!” Scootaloo shouted once more, this time in a more pleading voice.

“No, she wasn’t,” Apple Bloom agreed, shocking everypony in the classroom. “After all, she knew about the paint, despite not being present at the scene during the investigation. The only way she could have known about it… was to be there herself.”

“But, she could have heard about it from somepony else beforehoof.”

“But if y’all will recall, in her testimony, she claimed that the paint was red, when we all know it was actually yellow.”

“T-That’s true!”

“An’ the reason for this? Ah talked ta Mr. Greenhooves about the paint cans, jus’ ta be sure. Accordin’ ta him, one can spilled red paint first, an’ as soon as he cleaned that up… the other cans containin’ yellow paint spilled. That’s when he ran ta get the rest cleaned up.”

“I see… But then, how does Scootaloo know about the red paint?”

“It’s quite simple. At the time, the witness was…” Apple Bloom turned to Scootaloo with a knowing grin. “She saw the incident from somewhere else.”

“What?!” Babs and Cheerilee shouted in unison.

“Where?!” Babs demanded. “Where did the witness see the incident take place?!”

“It’s quite simple, if ya think about it,” Apple Bloom stated. She once again looked down at her blueprint. “When the incident happened, Scootaloo was…” Apple Bloom pointed her hoof towards a specific point on the blueprint. “Take that!”

“That’s…” Cheerilee examined the spot closely. “Outside of the school?”

“Objection!” Babs slammed a hoof onto her desk. “I object! That’s… objectionable!”

Cheerilee shook her head. “Objection overruled. Apple Bloom, please explain what this means.”

“Gladly. If ya think about it, there’re only three places where she could’ve seen anypony leave the classroom. To the left, which was made impossible due ta the globe an’ the door openin’, to the right, which would’ve allowed her ta see the defendant’s face an’ anything they may have been carryin’. Since Scootaloo claims she didn’t see Diamond Tiara’s front, this is ruled out. For starters, if she were there, the case would’ve been solved by now.”

Apple Bloom turned to her friend with a warm smile. “I know y’all don’ get along, but ah can’t picture ya blamin’ somepony for somethin’ when ya know they didn’t do it, an’ if ya had seen Diamond carryin’ the money, there’d be no reason ta claim ya didn’t.”

“…” Scootaloo looked up at her friend with an uneasy look. “Apple Bloom, maybe you should just leave it at that.”

Apple Bloom shook her head. “Sorry, but ah can’t. Ah have a duty, Scootaloo. A duty ta protect somepony from bein’ falsely accused.” Scootaloo turned to look at the floor, and remained silent after that. “That only leaves one place. Outside.”

“Objection!” Babs shouted, pointing a hoof over towards Apple Bloom. “Sorry ta burst yer bubble, cuz, but that jus’ ain’t right! While it’s true there’s a window there, it’s so high up there’d be no way for anypony ta see Diamond Tiara run by!”

“Objection!” Apple Bloom turned to Truffle Shuffle, who was sitting a typewriter typing furiously away. “Let’s take a look back at the witness’ earlier testimony, shall we?”

“What makes ya so sure?”

“Well, her tiara, duh! It sticks out like a sore hoof!”

“… Not once, did the witness ever claim ta have seen the defendant’s face! Nor did they point out their coat or mane colours!” Apple Bloom slammed a hoof onto her table. “The only identifying feature was the tiara.”

“So what?” Babs asked. “As I said earlier, she’s the only pony in school who wears a tiara like that!”

“…” Apple Bloom turned towards Diamond Tiara and approached her. She reached out her hooves and, ignoring the filly’s protests, snatched her tiara away and placed it upon her own head. “Well lookey here. It seems anypony can wear a tiara, even if it don’t belong ta them.”

Babs grit her teeth together as she watched Apple Bloom return the tiara to the disgruntled Diamond Tiara. “Y-You aren’t suggesting…”

“Ah am. The pony that Scootaloo saw… was not Diamond Tiara, but somepony else! Somepony who was simply wearing her tiara! That somepony was the real culprit!”

“Im… Impossible!”

The class was in an uproar about Apple Bloom’s claim, and had to once more be silenced by their teacher’s gavel. “Order! Order! Apple Bloom, this is quite a claim! I hope you have some evidence to back this up!”

“… As a matter of fact, ah do.”

“Well then, please present it immediately! Where is the evidence that suggests somepony other than the defendant was wearing her tiara?”

“Take that!” Apple Bloom pointed to the piece of broken tiara on the teacher’s desk. “That’s all the proof we need.”

“Objection!” Babs slammed a hoof onto her desk. “What kinda proof is that?! How does that suggest somepony else was wearin’ her tiara, huh?!”

“Think about it. We know that her tiara broke… but why exactly did it break?”

“W-Why? Well… W-What does it matter?!”

“It matters! Though it may not be made of diamonds, this tiara ain’t somethin’ fillies and colts like us can just snap with brute force!” Apple Bloom shook her head. “An’ sorry, but there’s no way tools were used, either. For one, why would they be? And also, tools would leave marks. There are none.”

“Well then, how indeed did it break?” Cheerilee asked, finding herself quite puzzled by this whole situation.

“There can only be one answer. Only one way, for a foal our age ta break somethin’ like that… Magic.” There was a sudden silence through the air, broken moments later by Apple Bloom’s voice. “Y’all heard me right. Magic is the only way that that tiara could’ve been broken. An’ as we all know, Diamond Tiara ain’t no Unicorn.”

Everypony’s attention turned to Cheerilee as she mused the idea in her head for a few moments. “Apple Bloom… this is an interesting theory you have come up with, and indeed, I cannot refute it. But, now I must ask you this: who exactly are you claiming was the real culprit in this whole fiasco?”

“… An’ just so ya know, cuz, there’ll be a hefty penalty for false accusations,” Babs said, giving her cousin a hard, unnerving look.

“… Ah know. Ah know who did it.”

Cheerilee’s gavel slammed onto her desk. “Well then, please name this individual. Who are you accusing of stealing Dinky Doo’s lunch money?”

“Take that!” Apple Bloom pointed down at the blueprint below her. “First, let’s review what we know. The witness, Scootaloo, was outside when she saw the tiara through the window. For that ta happen, the culprit would have ta pretty tall for their age.”

“It would seem so,” Cheerilee agreed.

“Furthermore, the only way that the defendant’s tiara could’ve been broken, was by magic. There are tests for that sorta thing, right?”

“There are,” Cheerilee said. “But not here in Ponyville. We don’t have the funding for such-”

“What about Twilight?” Apple Bloom suggested. “Surely she can do a quick test ta see if magic was used on the tiara or not.”

“…” Cheerilee slammed her gavel onto her desk, and turned toward Shady Daze. “Bailiff, please take this evidence to the library and ask Twilight Sparkle if she could examine it for magical residue. And remember, come straight back. No stopping for snacks or to take a nap.”

“Yes, ma’am!” the colt replied as he took the piece of the tiara away.

“Now then, these two facts combined give us a solid idea about the culprit’s identity: they are a Unicorn, and they are tall.” Apple Bloom tapped her hoof to her chin. “Actually, more so than that, they are a Unicorn who is skilled enough to snap a piece of Diamond’s tiara off. There are only two Unicorns in our class who could do that… and only one tall enough ta fit the bill.”

Apple Bloom turned towards the class and pointed a hoof into the crowd. “The culprit is none other than: Snails!” The class erupted into an uproar at the accusation, and was silenced by Cheerilee’s gavel. “Furthermore, Snails does not have an alibi for this incident! He was absent durin’ the second period Gym class!”

“Objection!” Babs slammed a hoof onto her table. “Have ya taken leave of yer senses?! Though he’s not much of one, Snails is a colt! Why would he be wearin’ a tiara?!”

“Objection!” Apple Bloom shook her head. “Ah’m a filly, but ah still watch gore horror movies aimed fer grown stallions. Anyway, all the evidence points ta him. He’s the only one who could’ve done it!”

“Objection!” Babs grinded her teeth together as she regarded her witness. “This is all based on conjecture! Scootaloo was outside at the time? Prove it!”

“Ah already have-”

“No! You haven’t! You’ve proven she could not have been either left or right of the classroom, but that doesn’t mean she was outside! So she knew about the red paint? She could have found that out on her own! Maybe she spoke the Mr. Greenhooves, too!”

“Objection!” Apple Bloom started sweating as she too regarded Scootaloo. “But she claimed ta have seen-”

“Objection!” Babs shook her head. “She was lying! Plain an’ simple! Though I hate to admit it, there’s no other possibility! It certainly makes more sense than yer ‘Snails wore Diamond’s tiara’ theory!”

Cheerilee slammed her gavel to break up the argument between the two fillies. “The way I see it… unless you can prove that Scootaloo was where you claim that she was, you have no backing to your theory.”

“N-No!” Apple Bloom shouted in a pleading tone.

“Hold it!” Everypony turned with shocked faces towards the pony who had just made that outburst: Scootaloo. “I can prove it! I can prove that I was outside at the time! Or rather, I can prove why I would be outside!”

“Scoots…” Apple Bloom saw her friend smiling at her, and she smiled back.

“You’re right, Apple Bloom. What’s important here isn’t trying to show one another up. If you believe Diamond Tiara’s innocent… that’s all I need to know. So I won’t stay silent about this anymore. The reason I was outside… was this.” Scootaloo reached into her saddlebag and pulled out a small letter.

“What’s this?” Cheerilee asked, taking the letter and reading over it. “Oh my… so many spelling errors and grammatical mistakes… Wait… Is this…”

“Yeah…” Scootaloo blushed. “I was… waiting for somepony to show up. It’s a love letter.”

“… What?!” Apple Bloom, Babs, and Cheerilee all shouted in unison.

“A love letter?!” Apple Bloom asked.

“From who?!” Babs demanded.

“I can’t say!” Scootaloo shouted. “I, uh… told them I wouldn’t say. I turned them down because… well, I’m just not ready for something like that. It was pretty bad… they ran off crying, and I just sat there, trying to get my mind off it. That’s when I saw it. The classroom door opened, and I saw a tiara run past. Curiosity got the better of me, and I went to get a closer look, but I could only see an empty hall and the red paint… The globe wasn’t in view of where I was, so that’s why I missed it.”

The entire class fell silent at that. Apple Bloom was regarding Scootaloo with an ‘I could kiss you’ look, whilst Babs’ look was more ‘I could kill you’.

The silence was suddenly interrupted by the classroom door swinging open. “Miss Cheerilee, I did it!”

Cheerilee slammed her gavel once and turned to face Shady Daze. “Order! Bailiff, what is it? Have you tested the piece of Diamond’s tiara?”

“I have! And Miss Sparkle said there’s magical residue on it!”

The class erupted into an uproar once more. “Order! Order!” Cheerilee banged her gavel several times to finally restore peace. “I need no further proof! Babs, you will call Snails as a witness to testify immediately!”

Babs had to take a few soothing breaths to calm herself, before she nodded and calmly turned to face the class. “… Well?! What’re ya waitin’ for? Get up here!”

“R-Right!” Snails shouted, bolting up out of his seat and walking nervously towards the podium. Scootaloo returned to her own seat, and Snails took the stand in front of the class.

Once the class had settled down, Cheerilee cleared her throat and motioned for Babs to get started. Babs nodded and turned towards Snails. “Witness, name and occupation.”

“Snails… Uh, a student?” A loud cough sounded behind him. “Oh! And co-founder of the Rainbow Dash fan club, co-founder of the G&PT fan club, co-star of the Snips and Snails Magic Duo, co-author of Rainbows and Magic, co-”

“That’s quite enough,” Babs cut in.

This guy certainly gets up ta a lot in his spare time. No wonder he got his Cutie Mark so fast,’ Apple Bloom thought to herself.

“Now then,” Babs began, “Testify. During the incident in question, what were you doing?”

“Uh, right… I was…”


“I didn’t go to Gym class that day ‘cause I really needed to use the bathroom.
“After that, I got distracted by something.
“Rainbow Dash was doing there really cool tricks outside, and I just couldn’t take my eyes off it!
“When I realised what time it was, I was afraid to show up so late and get scolded by Miss Cheerilee.
“So I hid in the nurse’s office, claiming to have a tummy ache.”


“For the record,” Babs began, “The nurse’s testimony confirms that Snails was at her office, but only ten minutes before the end of Gym class. If Scootaloo’s testimony is to be believed… then there are no witnesses to backup Snails’ alibi.”

Which means ah’m free ta poke holes in it ‘til it’s revealed fer the lie it is!

Cheerilee couldn’t help but smile at the enthusiastic look on her student’s face. “Well then, defence, please begin the cross-examination.


“I didn’t go to Gym class that day ‘cause I really needed to use the bathroom.
“After that, I got distracted by something.
“Rainbow Dash was doing there really cool tricks outside, and I just couldn’t take my eyes off it!

“Objection!” Apple Bloom slammed her hooves down onto her table. “This whole testimony stinks, an’ I don’t buy it fer one second.”

“Oh? Would you care to explain what you have a problem with?” Babs asked in a challenging tone.

“With pleasure. Just look at the blueprint.” Apple Bloom pointed to a certain point on the blueprint. “There are three restrooms in the school building. One here…” Apple Bloom shifted her hoof. “Another here, and the final one…” She moved her hoof once more. “Here.”

“What’s yer point?” Babs asked, blowing her fringe out of her face. “Perhaps you should point out you point. Please, show us on this blueprint what’s wrong with the witness’ testimony.”

“Take that!” Apple Bloom pointed towards the second restroom. “This restroom is easily the closest to our class… however, on the day in question, it was out of order.” Apple Bloom put a hoof to her chin. “Now, let’s see here. The other two are… Well, one is just ‘round the corner, in the centre of the school, an’ the other is at the front.”

“Get ta yer point already!”

“… If you were Snails, an’ you were lookin’ for another restroom ‘cause you, as he put it, ‘really needed to use the bathroom’, where would ya go? The closest one, naturally.” Apple Bloom shook her head. “But the closest bathroom, is right in the centre of the school, where there are no windows showing the outside!”

Babs was silent for a moment, before she took a step back and slammed a hoof onto her table. “Y-You’re jokin’!”

“Ah’m quite serious! Once he was done, surely he would’ve made his way back ta class… but if he had done that, then there would’ve been no chance for him ta see Rainbow Dash outside! ‘Least not without us seein’ her, too!”

“N-NO!” Babs shouted, slamming her hoof onto her table once more.

The class’ outburst only lasted a moment this time; Cheerilee was ready with her gavel. “Snails! I mean, witness! Please refrain from telling lies in your testimony!”

“… I-I’m sorry. I just… Okay, I’ll tell the truth this time…”

“… Well, alright then. I will give you another chance. Please, just tell us what you remember, as you remember it.”

“Yes, ma’am.”


“I didn’t want to say anything because I was scared, but…
“I went into the classroom that day because I had lost something.
“I saw Diamond’s tiara sitting there, but, it was kinda dirty, so I tried to clean it… with my magic.
“It’s like you said. I broke it by accident, and then I…
“I ran off to find some glue.”


“… So you never touched the stolen money?” Cheerilee asked.

“I never even noticed it. Diamond’s tiara was just… so sparkly…”

Cheerilee nodded. “I see. Apple Bloom? The cross-examination?”

“With pleasure, ma’am.” Apple Bloom narrowed her eyes. ‘Ah won’t let ya get away with this.


“I didn’t want to say anything because I was scared, but…
“I went into the classroom that day because I had lost something.

“Hold it!” Apple Bloom put a hoof to her chin in thought. “What exactly did ya lose, an’ why’d ya think it was in the classroom?”

“It was my Rainbow Dash pen. It doesn’t work anymore, ‘cause it’s outta ink, so I use it as a lucky charm in Gym class. Y’know, ‘cause she’s so athletic?”

“… Uh-huh…” Apple Bloom glanced between Snails and Scootaloo, who was sitting in the crowd. ‘Ah bet these two’d get along great.

“Anyway, I thought it fell out of my Gym clothes while I was getting changed, which it did… but elsewhere.”

“!” Apple Bloom turned towards Diamond Tiara. ‘She said somethin’ similar… That’s right. She admitted ta losin’ her tiara, but somewhere else.

“What happened next?” Cheerilee asked.


“I saw Diamond’s tiara sitting there, but, it was kinda dirty, so I tried to clean it… with my magic.

“Hold it!” Apple Bloom narrowed her eyes and focused. She knew that she was close. She could feel it. “Why were ya tryin’ ta clean Diamond’s tiara in the first place?”

“Well, because I… I thought it would be nice?”

“But you quite clearly said earlier that it caught your eye because it was so sparkly. An’ let’s not forget, yer desk is closer to Dinky’s than it is ta Diamond’s. Ya noticed the tiara but not the money? The tiara was sparklin’, yet ya still felt it needed ta be cleaned?”

“… I… Can I sit back down now?”

Apple Bloom slammed her hooves onto her table. “Witness, you are clearly lying! And this evidence proves it!” Apple Bloom reached into her bag and pulled out an empty bottle. “Take that!”

“An empty bottle proves he’s lying?” Babs asked in a bewildered tone.

“That’s right, ‘cause the contents of this bottle… was spilled onto Diamond’s desk before second period began.”

“Eh? It was?” Snails asked, now starting to sweat heavily.

“It was. Now, ah ask the court… would the defendant even dare to put her tiara onto a wet and sticky desk? And if somepony found it, why not simply take it to her in Gym class?”

Snails let out a loud gasp and quickly shook his head. “N-N-N-N-NOOOOO!”

The class’ uproar this time was very loud, most of the students beginning to accuse Snails of being the true thief. Miss Cheerilee banged her gavel much more sternly this time. “Order! Order! And watch your remarks!” She then turned a sympathetic gaze towards Snails. “Snails, why have you lied to us not just once, but twice?”

“I… I…”

“There’s a logical explanation for all this, if ya think about it,” Babs said, catching everypony off guard. “Put yerself in the witness’ place. You enter a classroom, and catch somepony stealin’ money. What d’ya think that somepony would do ta ya?”

Apple Bloom thought about it for a moment. “Ye’re not suggestin’…”

“I am. I am suggesting that Diamond Tiara… threatened the witness to stay silent!”

Snails’ eyes widened, and his mouth hung open, but no words came out.

“Objection!” Apple Bloom shouted. “That’s outrageous! Where’s yer proof?!”

“Is the piece of tiara not enough?” Babs asked. “You said it yerself: Diamond’s tiara wasn’t on her desk at all. It was on her head. An’ when she threatened the witness… well, what would you do in that situation?”


Babs grinned and nodded her head. “Ya’d either panic, or retaliate… or both, if you were a Unicorn. A colt, at that, making his magic that much more unpredictable.”

“Miss Seed!” Cheerilee gasped. “You aren’t saying… that Snails attacked the defendant with his magic, are you?!”

“Not intentionally. It must’ve gone outta control in his panicked state, an’ that’s when the tiara broke. The reason he kept silent about it? Likely ta protect Diamond Tiara from more serious punishment. Noble, I’ll give ‘im that.”

“Objection!” Apple Bloom shouted. “That’s conjecture! Why would-”

“Objection!” Babs shouted back. “I have provided a sound theory, backed up with the evidence that has been presented! Witness, speak! Is this truly what happened on the day?”

Cheerilee slammed her gavel onto the desk. “Snails, please testify right now! This may be the most vital testimony in this trial!”

Snails swallowed the lump n his throat, and nodded slowly. “Y-Yes, ma’am…”


“I-It’s as Babs says…
“D-Diamond Tiara threatened me n-not to speak.
“I don’t think she meant it, though!
“I was just so scared, and I… I used my magic without meaning to…”


“… And there you have it. Case closed.”

“Objection!” Apple Bloom shouted. “As long as ah haven’t cross-examined yet, the case is still open!”

“… Apple Bloom, do you understand what this means?” Cheerilee asked, drawing a confused look from her student’s face. “The accusations against Diamond Tiara are much more serious now. Are you absolutely certain that you wish to continue defending her like this?”

“… Ah believe in Diamond Tiara,” Apple Bloom said, turning back to Snails. “Ah know she’s innocent, an’ ah intend ta prove it.”

Cheerilee smiled and nodded her head. “Then you may begin.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”


“I-It’s as Babs says…
“D-Diamond Tiara threatened me n-not to speak.
“I don’t think she meant it, though!
“I was just so scared, and I… I used my magic without meaning to…”

“Objection!” Apple Bloom turned towards the crowd and pointed her hoof towards one of the students. “Miss Cheerilee, ah would like everypony ta remember that we have a witness ta this very incident…”

“Yes, I remember,” Cheerilee said, looking over at Scootaloo in her seat. “What is your point?”

“Well, think about it. If y’all were attacked by magic… what would ya do?”

“… I would scream.” Cheerilee’s eyes widened. “Wait.”

“That’s right,” Apple Bloom said, turning around to glare at Snails. “The witness, Scootaloo, did not testify ta hearin’ a scream! This testimony is bogus!”

“GAH!” Snails took a step back, his eyes wider than ever before and his teeth grinding together quickly.

Cheerilee slammed her gavel to once more silence her rowdy class. “Snails… even my patience is limited. I have asked you again and again to speak the truth, and yet you-”

“Objection!” Babs slammed a hoof onto her table, also grinding her own teeth along with her witness. “A-And how do you know that Scootaloo wasn’t lying? It could go either way!”

Apple Bloom slammed her hooves onto her own table. “Then explain this! If Diamond was attacked by magic that day, why was she so fine when she finally showed up at Gym class?! If it were me, ah’d be so shaken up ah’d need ta lie down in the nurse’s office!”

Babs gasped and took a step back. “N-NO! That’s!”

“Admit it, Snails! That day, you were the only one in that classroom! An’ it was you that wore Diamond’s tiara, ain’t that right?!”

“Objection!” Babs shook her head. “Ridiculous! What reason would he have for wearing her tiara, huh?!”

“… Ah have a reason,” Apple Bloom said. “Ah know why he did it. An’ ah can back it up, too. With proof.”

Snails flinched. “N-No… Please, don’t…”

Ah’m sorry, Snails…’ Apple Bloom slammed her hooves onto her table once more. “Ah know y’all wanna keep quiet ‘bout all this, but y’ave had plenty o’ times ta confess. Ah’m sorry, Snails, but ah have ta do this. For Diamond’s sake.”

“No… No…”

“The reason why Snails was wearin’ Diamond’s tiara was…” Apple Bloom reached down slowly into her bag, and pulled out the piece of evidence she has retrieved that morning. Upon seeing it, Snails’ eyes clenched tightly shut, and tears began to form in their corners. “Take that!” Apple Bloom presented the evidence to the room.

“Is that… his Rainbow Dash pen?” Cheerilee asked.

“Ah! That’s right!” Diamond Tiara shouted. “I found it and gave it to Apple Bloom, thinking it was her chicken friend’s!”

“What d’you call me?!”

“But wait,” Diamond Tiara continued, ignoring Scootaloo’s outburst, “Didn’t he say he found it?”

“Everypony, this is no pen…” Apple Bloom took off the lid, and revealed the inside. “This is… lipstick.”

The entire class fell silent, and all eyes shifted to Snails, whose own eyes were still clenched shut very tightly as he wished to just wake up from the nightmare he was now in.

“Snails… you like wearin’ filly things, don’t ya?” Apple Bloom asked, making sure to put as much tact into her voice as possible. “That’s why y’all were wearin’ Diamond’s tiara. In yer own words, ‘Diamond’s tiara was just… so sparkly…’ … Ya wanted ta wear it jus’ once before ya returned it, ain’t that right?”

The class waited for Snails to calm down before anypony dared to say anything more. Only Snips moved, bringing a box of tissues to the front so that his friend could blow his nose and wipe his tears. Once the last sniffle had passed, Snails opened his eyes… and nodded.

“Yes… Everypony, I… have another name. My parents named me Snails, but I prefer… Glitter Shell.”

Nopony was sure how to react to all of this, so Cheerilee decided to take charge of the situation herself. “Apple Bloom?”

“Yes, Miss Cheerilee?”

“Perhaps you could explain… just what in Equestria happened that day, in the classroom?”

“… Of course. It all started when Diamond lost her tiara somewhere in the school. Snails then happened ta find it, an’ saw his chance ta wear the piece of jewellery he had likely wanted ta wear for a long time now. He knew that the classroom was empty, so he went there to try on the tiara for a bit.”

“Snails, is this true?” Snips asked, receiving a hesitant nod from Snails. “Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“I… I didn’t want to be called a freak.”

“You… You’re not a freak… If you were, I’d have noticed long ago!”

“Yeah!” somepony in the back of the class shouted. “There’s nothing wrong with you wearing lipstick and jewellery!”

“Well, a little weird… but hey, who am I to judge?”

“I’ve known you for five years! You’re not a freak, Snails!”

Snails sniffled once more, this time with a smile on his face. “I…”

Apple Bloom cleared her throat to regain everypony’s attention. “That’s right. There ain’t nothin’ wrong with a pony wantin’ ta be them true selves. But for now… ya have ta admit ta yer crime.”

A worried look crossed Snails’ face. “M-My what?”

“You used magic, and broke Diamond’s tiara, right?” Snails frowned, and nodded once more. “Then, in a panic, ya ran outside ta find some glue. With the tiara on yer head.”

“And that’s when Scootaloo saw him?” Babs asked, receiving a nod from Apple Bloom.

“At some point, he must’ve seen Diamond walkin’ around, lookin’ for her tiara. In a panic, he ran off, leavin’ both the tiara… and his lipstick, the latter obviously by mistake.”

“… That’s some story. And yet, it still leaves one question unanswered,” Cheerilee said. “No, two actually. The first, is why the witness used magic in the first place.”

“I was… pretending to be like my hero,” Snails said, a slight blush crossing his cheek.

“Yer hero?” Apple Bloom asked.

“The Great and Powerful Trixie. She’s a famous showmare who’s supper talented with magic. I was pretending I was performing a show just like her. In particular, the ‘now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t’ trick, and I think my magic went off on its own. I guess I got a little too excited…”

Cheerilee nodded. “Understandable. And now for the final question: what happened to Dinky Doo’s lunch money?”

There was no answer given this time, at least not right away. There was a long pause before somepony finally spoke up. “Isn’t it obvious?” Babs asked. “Snails must’ve taken it, hoping to use it to repair the tiara before Diamond found out about it.”

“What? No I didn’t!” Snails shouted.

“Then where did it go?” Babs asked. “Are you suggesting it simply disappeared? You may have had a magical outburst, but I find it hard to believe that a colt your age could magic something away!”

“!” Apple Bloom’s eyes widened as she turned and stared at Diamond’s tiara. “Magic… away…” With a gasp, Apple Bloom turned back to Snails and slammed her hooves onto her desk, giving a wide smile as she did so. “Ah’ve got it! Ah know what happened now!”

“You do?” Cheerilee asked. “Then please tell us. What happened to the stolen lunch money?”

“Ah’ll do y’all one better! Ah’ll show ya! With evidence!”

The classroom gasped in unison, and Cheerilee slammed her gavel before nodding to Apple Bloom. “Very well then. Please show this evidence that explains what happened to the stole lunch money.”

“Take that!” Apple Bloom pointed towards the piece of tiara on Cheerilee’s desk. “Miss Cheerilee, recall if you will what Snails told us moments ago! In particular, the spell he was thinkin’ of when his magic went off!”

“The ‘now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t’?”

“Objection!” Babs shouted. “Sorry, cuz, but no. Dinky checked her desk thoroughly and found no signs of her stolen lunch money! Even if it was invisible, she should still have been able to feel it.”

Apple Bloom shook her head. “But it wasn’t the lunch money that was targeted… it was the tiara.” Apple Bloom pointed to the part of Diamond’s tiara that was broken. “In particular, this bit here!” Many questions began to attack Apple Bloom from her classmates until Cheerilee’s gavel gave her some relief. “Magic is, by its very nature, unpredictable. When Snails’ magic was cast, he must’ve panicked ta shut it off. Hence, only a fragment of the tiara was affected by the spell.”

“Are you suggesting… that Diamond’s tiara isn’t broken, but…”

Apple Bloom nodded, and answered Babs’ unspoken question. “It’s simply invisible! That part, at least!”

“Impossible! Then, what did I submit earlier into evidence?!”

“… Snails, ah have jus’ one more question,” Apple Bloom said. “If ah’m right about all this, then this question should clear everythin’ up. Were there any more spells y’all were thinkin’ of when ya cast yer magic?”

“… I… I remember… thinking about how cool it would be to turn something into something else. Like an orange into an apple, or a rabbit into a dragon, or-”

“Thank you,” Apple Bloom said, cutting him off there. “That’s all ah need ta know.”

“Objection!” Babs shook her head furiously at her cousin. “You are not suggesting, that this colt actually-”

“Ah am.” Apple Bloom turned back to the piece of tiara sitting at Cheerilee’s desk. “Dinky’s lunch money… is right over there, disguised as a piece of Diamond’s tiara!”

Silence fell over the class. Apple Bloom had a confident look of victory on her face. Babs had a look of utter disbelief on hers. Snips was regarding Snails with a look of awe, and Snails himself could hardly believe what had just been suggested.

“Objection!” Babs shouted, breaking the silence. “It feels nothing like money! Nor does it sound like it! That’s-”

“Objection!” Apple Bloom shook her head. “In shapeshifting magic-”

“Transmogrification,” Snips and Snails corrected in unison.”

“… The form changes to completely match its new form. Of course, that’s way too advanced for colts. Likely, this is an illusion Snails made by mistake. Even so, it’s designed to look, sound, smell, taste, and feel just like what he wants it to.”


“And it can all be proven, too. We just have somepony skilled with magic… remove the illusion.”

After Cheerilee had managed to get the class settled down, she sent Shady Daze to summon Twilight Sparkle to the class immediately. Thankfully the Princess was not too busy, and was more than happy to come along and help out.

Twilight’s horn lit up, and a bright light filled the classroom. The piece of tiara glowed, and slowly began to morph back into the white envelope containing the thirty bits that it once was, and Diamond’s tiara was also restored to its former, unbroken glory.

Babs could not believe what she was seeing, but she also knew that it was real, and that there was nothing more she could say.

“… Diamond Tiara, take the stand.” Diamond Tiara obeyed, approaching the podium at the front of the class and facing her teacher. “First of all, I would like to congratulate both the defence and the prosecution on jobs well done.”

“What?” Babs asked in a confused voice. “But I lost.”

Cheerilee shook her head. “I court, there are no sides, my little pony. The prosecution’s job is to provide evidence and hard facts as they are, whilst the defence’s is to refute those claims and open new possibilities. Ultimately, though, by working together, both sides must seek out the truth of the matter, so that no ponies are wrongfully convicted of a crime they did not commit.”

Babs remained silent at that, and Cheerilee decided to continue. “I honestly did not expect this to happen. You both performed so wonderfully, and went much further than I could have ever imagined. It is clear now that I will not have to have a word with Diamond in my own time, and can safely announce my verdict here and now.

“Diamond Tiara, for the charge of stealing lunch money from Dinky Doo, this court hereby finds you: ‘Not Guilty’.”

Berry Pinch pulled the rope beside her, and confetti showered the room and the entire class applauded the defendant.

“With this, you may all leave for an early recess,” Cheerilee added, finishing with one last strike of her gavel.

Once outside of the classroom, Apple Bloom let out a long, held-in sigh, and turned to face Diamond Tiara. “Ah can’t believe it. Ah actually did it! Ah proved ya innocent!”

“So you did,” Diamond Tiara said, looking off into the distance with a bored look on her face. “… I still don’t get why you did it, though. Why did you of all ponies believe I was innocent.”

“… Y’all remember an incident a few months ago, right? Where yer tiara went missin’, an’ everypony thought it was me?”

“Hmmm… Oh, yes. What about it?”

“Well, of all the ponies in the classroom… you were the one who didn’t accuse me.”

Diamond Tiara flinched. “So this is payback? Then you’ve wasted your time! The only reason I didn’t accuse you was because I was too worried about my tiara to pin the blame on you!”

“… Ye’re missin’ the point. What made ya so sure ah wasn’t ta blame?”

“!” Diamond Tiara tried to think of some kind of excuse, but she was far too tired to come up with anything believable, so with a sigh, she decided to just tell the truth. “It’s because… I’ve known you since before we even started going to school, right? You’ve always been such a goody-goody. There’s no way you’d steal my tiara, even for revenge.”

Apple Bloom smiled and nodded. “An’ that’s my reasonin’, too! Well, lil’ different. Like ah said in there: ye’re a brat, but not a thief. An’ ah stand by that claim. Ah know y’all would never take somethin’ valuable like that.”

“… I guess… I should th… tha…”

Apple Bloom eyes widened, and she had to hold herself back from giggling. ‘Easy there, Diamond. Don’t overexert yerself.

“Hey guys!” Scootaloo shouted as she approached the two fillies. “That was awesome! I can’t believe you actually did it! I mean, I had faith in you, but not in her!”

“Um, I’m sorry about my testimony in there,” Sweetie Belle said as she approached the group.

“It’s fine,” Apple Bloom said. “Y’all were jus’ doin’ what ya had ta.” She turned to Babs, who was scratching the back of her neck and looking down at the floor with a guilty look on her face. “Hey cuz, y’all were great in there!”

“… Yeah, but you won,” Babs said, blowing her fringe out of her face. “Listen, I-”

“So, you wanna tell the family how it went today, or should we take turns?” Apple Bloom asked, receiving a surprised look from her cousin, which soon turned into one of amusement.

“Let’s take turns. You might notice things I overlook, right?”

Apple Bloom giggled with her cousin, before hearing hoofsteps moving away from her. She turned around to find Diamond Tiara walking away with Silver Spoon. “Diamond, wait!” The filly complied and turned to face Apple Bloom. “Weren’t y’all jus’ about ta say somethin’?”

Diamond Tiara narrowed her eyes at the cocky grin on her rival’s face, and then smiled as she walked back towards Apple Bloom. “… Too bad you didn’t get your attorney Cutie Mark,” she said, prompting Apple Bloom to gasp and look over her shoulder to confirm the cold, hard truth. “But hey, at least now nopony will have the misfortune of being defended by you,” Diamond Tiara added with a giggle as she walked away.

“Better luck next time,” Silver Spoon began, and both fillies ended the sentence in unison.


The four remaining fillies all watched with un-amused looks as the other two made their way over towards the roundabout. “Sheesh, you’d think she’d show at least a little gratitude,” Sweetie Belle said.

Apple Bloom simply let out a sigh. “Yeah… but then, that’s jus’ how she is.” Looking back over in their direction, a smile crossed Apple Bloom’s face. “She’s been callin’ me ‘Apple Bloom’ all day. So this means she’s finally feelin’ better, an’ we should be glad for that.”

“You sure?” Scootaloo asked with a confused look, only receiving a nod from her friend. “If you say so…”

“Hey, look,” Babs pointed towards a crowd of fillies gathering near the slide, with Snips off to the side with an annoyed look on his face, and Snails in the centre with a confused and worried look on his. The fillies seemed to be bombarding him with questions and requests to hang out together sometime, which caused the four friends to laugh together. “Somepony sure got popular with the fillies.”

“Ah’m glad,” Apple Bloom said. “Ah really wanted Snails ta confess he took the money, so ah wouldn’t have ta reveal his secret. Ah guess that in the end, I was actually wrong about that. To reach the truth, everythin’ has ta be revealed.”

“But seriously, you were so awesome in there!” Scootaloo shouted, grinning widely at the now-blushing Apple Bloom. “I’m surprised you two didn’t get your Cutie Marks… Hey, that’s it! Maybe you just got your roles the wrong way around!”

“Ya mean, we should switch?” Babs asked.

“No way!” Apple Bloom shouted, shaking her head. “That was the most nerve-wracking thing ah’ve even done in mah whole life, an’ ah don’t intend ta go through it again!”

“Awww, but Apple Bloom-”

“No buts! Now c’mon! Last one ta the swings has ta push the others!” Apple Bloom shouted as she began her sprint towards the swing set on the other side of the yard.

“What? Hey, no fair!” Scootaloo shouted as she gave chase, with Babs and Sweetie Belle right behind her, all four fillies laughing and enjoying themselves now that the hard trial before them was over.

Ah jus’ want things ta stay as they are. Peaceful, and fun, an’ no more havin’ ta fight mah friends in order ta protect somepony. Maybe one day, ah won’t have that choice, jus’ like today. That’s why, ah’m gonna cherish these happy days while ah still can.

-Turnabout Theft: End-

Author's Note:

Shoutout to the Glitter Shell Tumblr, which you should all go follow right now :3

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Telaros #1 · Jul 14th, 2013 · · 1 ·

That was a fantastic turnabout. We need more teachers like Miss Cheerilee there. These days they aren't even allowed to even mention amendment rights to students in class let alone do mock trials!

This is why you gotta facehoof at the writing staff some times on the show... Babs Seed could of lasted throughout a few more episodes in S3 and flesh her out a bit more. Allow her to stay in Ponyville for at lest one School year or something.

So much to say but all are spoilers. So I'll end it here xD

Fun story. Though it's not really a crossover as it is an adaptation. Course, alternate universe can be argued (since Babs apparently attends the CMC's School.)

In any case, a lot of characters felt very true to their canon selves. Though, how could Sweetie Belle be confused by a word when she's a dictionary? :p

Oh my god. That was excellent!

Well done on combining the two.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well that was an unexpected twist.

Oh my god... without even reading it, you've made Diamond Tiara into Miles Motherfucking Edgeworth. I just know. I have to wonder who is the Larry Butz of this story. I am so fucking in. I'm just... I love you. *Glomp*


I think Larry Buts is Babs.

Maybe Von Karma could be Babs. Instead of a whip, she spits put seeds.

2876057 I could see it... Ha, dat's what ya get ya foolishly foolish foal, foolishly foolin' around with the cutie mark crusaders! *Spits seed*


Dat's not how ah act like!

Shut up, Babs. This is a fanfic. Anything can happen.

The title should be "Apple Bloom: Ace Attorney"! The only time a title has that order is the Investigations series, in which the protagonist is Miles Edgeworth, a prosecutor, not a Defense Attorney!

EDIT: If it makes you feel any better about the state of humanity, I know this is a nitpick, I just wanted to OBJECTION to something

Actually, Babs might be Godot. Instead if coffee, she eats a bag of seeds. When she's surprised, she would spit out seeds, like Godot's spit-takes.


It's "trial", not "trail." (Spellcheckers won't catch that since they're both legit words.)

Best turnabout ever!

So this sounds exactly like the Classroom Trial from the Ace Attorney series... meaning Apple Bloom is Edgeworth, Scootaloo is the Butz, and Diamond... is Phoenix Wright. Sweetie taking the role of Gumshoe was also rather amusing.

Well done. Fits the spirit of Ace Attorney and MLP very well. I find interesting they had a confetti cannon ready, but then, I never questioned it in AA.
I could comment on any aspect, but I guess I'll say that I giggled at the class giggling at the word "penalized." I always pronounced it with a short e, but I guess it can be done with a long e as well, and subsequently be laughed at by the immature.

Oh, and of course, Princess Twilight readily available. Seems legit.
Thumbsed up, my friend. Good work.

Snails? Glitter Shell? :twilightoops: I think that my head is going to explode...

I like that tumblr a lot. Great work, Yukito.

Congrats on making this featured!

It's like you wanted to make a Phoenix Wright fan game, but didn't have the talent.

yay glitter shell~~!

You have made my day, good sir. I love the Glitter Shell Tumblr and i had really loved the reference you made there. The rest was amazing as well. Great Job!:pinkiehappy:

that was awesome!

Interesting lil ending there had me guessing the whole time. It would be a teacher always complaining about school funding. Twily should get a sign that says no housecalls.

I've only heard of AA, and didn't get the references until the middle of the story, that's where I asked myself "Why is AB saying "Take That!" whenever she proves something?" It hit me immediately, so I felt like a fool for not seeing it earlier.:derpytongue2:

Good story. I can see how this got featured. I like to read a good, short story.

“Objection!” Babs slammed a hoof onto her desk. “I object! That’s… objectionable!”

babs stop stealing lines from edgeworth

2878315 Or the resources? :ajbemused:

2877001 You didn't even read the description properly, did you? How can Diamond Tiara be Phoenix and Apple Bloom be Edgeworth is Diamond Tiara is the defendant and it's already stated that Apple Bloom will be defending her?

2878708 i guess he is talking about the original AA story line when they where young they had class trial and phoenix was the on being accused and edgeworth defending him

:moustache: WOOOO Ace Attorney baby!!! And its was such a nail biter with a giant turnabout that Phoenix Wright and Apollo justice would have been proud of! I couldnt guess who was the real criminal was and that Glitter Shell shout out was great! Great job Apple Bloom! Your big sis would be proud!:applecry: (Why is this the only Apple bloom emoticon?!)

That was epic!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp: I was in gasps the whole time.:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Am I the only one who notices that the title should be "Apple Bloom: Ace Attorney" instead of "Ace Attorney - Apple Bloom"?

i easily find this one of the best things i ever read i :heart: this story:twilightsmile:

Guess what, Apple Bloom. You end up being an attorney anyway. :pinkiecrazy:

I hope this has a sequel, with a more serious case :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I have to thank Turnabout Storm for getting me into the Ace Attorney series. It was a pretty amazing story to read a filly version of Phoenix Wright, especially with the huge amount of twists you managed to put in with using the "Think crazy" strategy or "flip the chess board" strategy that Apple Bloom was using. I'm think I'm going to re-read this while listening to the Ace Attorney series. Great work for making such a thrilling experience.

“I court, there are no sides, my little pony.

Should that be “In court, there are no sides, my little pony.".:twilightsmile:

Skeeter, why you change your name:fluttercry::applecry:

Sequel/ part two with a different case any one?:pinkiehappy:


Proceed to my blog, the parasprite's blog and Formerly Regidar's blog for the answers you seek...

~Skeeter The Lurker


That is all.


Affirmative. The Classroom Trial was a pivotal event in PW's life, when he was accused of stealing lunch money from a classmate during PE and all the students assumed it was him except Edgeworth (only difference here being it was Edgeworth's money while here The victim was a different pony), and the teacher decided to hold a mock trial. Edgeworth defended PW and Butz provided the inaccurate testimony, but Edgey pulls it off. The clincher was the ending when it was suggested Babs and AB should switch, hinting that AB's cutie mark might be for prosecution rather than defense.

For a sec there a thought snails was secretly a female phew crisis averted

It felt like a real AA case, well except in this one there wasn't a murder

This blew me away.
I stopped seeing them as fillies. They turned back into fillies only during recess and when it's all said and done. The level of professionality with Apple Bloom is what sold it.
Sweet. Thank you for the experience.

i hope you make more like this

Snails is Larry Butz, Diamond is Nick, and Apple Bloom is Edgey.

One has to wonder what will happen to turn Apple Bloom into a ruthless prosecutor seeking a "guilty" verdict above even the truth itself.

Please, another! I loved this story.

I'm following that Glittershell Tumblr and couldn't help but feel rather pleased at the hint to it. Besides that, this was a fantastic read and very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

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