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Chapter 17 Sneak Peek · 5:35pm September 25th

Hey guys. Been a while huh?

Sorry to keep you all waiting. Believe me, I hate keeping you all waiting for six months at a time to release a single chapter. I had hoped it would be finished by now, but my job, job search, and other distractions keep butting in. But in the meantime, here's a little something to snack on. A sneak-peek into the journey of our intrepid heroes. Bear in mind that this is from a rough draft, and it is subject to change before it's publication.

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Thanks for the follow.

Hee. Thanks for putting the one comment on my lil post of Manehattan Mayhem on the shameless promo thing... :rainbowlaugh:
Never watched Ed, Ed and Eddy tho.
Let me know if you ever want to chat, or stop in and check out my story.

Thanks, glad you noticed. :moustache:
I was long overdue for a new profile picture.

Digging the new icon

Thanks for the fave!:twilightsmile:

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