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Nightmare Night is a night enjoyed by grown ponies and foals alike in Ponyville. Among the fillies and colts collecting candy, ponies all over Ponyville spot Apple Bloom and Scootaloo collecting their share of sweets. But one filly seems to be missing from the Cutie Mark Crusaders tonight.

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Babs Seed invites the Cutie Mark Crusaders to celebrate New Years in Manehattan. It's a chance to see some of the big city's culture, and to catch up with old friends and family.

After a day of fun in the snow, all the four fillies want to do is go back inside, and relax until midnight. There's just one small problem: the elevator keeps making some...odd stops.

edited by Aerodragon2 and proofread by Brandonheat.

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The Cutie Mark Crusaders couldn't be happier. They've finally managed to earn their Cutie Marks, and make a couple new friends along the way. As they eagerly look forward to summer vacation, Apple Bloom invites Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara to join her and the rest of the Crusaders at Camp Friendship. Seeing this as an opportunity to make up for all the torment they caused for the three fillies, they accept. After discovering Babs Seed will be joining them, the promise of a fantastic trip seems all the more likely. And if Rumble's stories about his experiences here from last year are true, this trip is shaping up to be out of this world!

But when the seven eager ponies stumble across a set of mysterious devices, a trip out of this world is exactly what they'll get. Stranded, surrounded by strange creatures called Digimon, and with no clear way home, one question plagues their minds: what does this Digital World have in store for them?

Inspired by Digimon: Equestrian Destined by SuperKamek.
Cover art made by Lightning Bliss.

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