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Welcome to the Official (kinda) Babs Seed Fan Club. This one was made because the main one seemed to have gone rather inactive. This isn't run by Guardian any more, but hopefully we can keep this up as a good Babs Seed fanclub.

For the moment, go ahead and put stories about Babs into the folders we've got up. We're still transitioning things over from Guardian running things, so expect a few changes. We'll come up with some rules, but for now, be nice to each other, no trolling, don't break site rules, and try to keep things mostly about Babs here.

All the stories here should have Babs as a main character or at least a major supporting character.

The Folder List:
Bloody Seeds: This is for gory stories that have Babs in them.
Bruised Apples: These are stories where Babs is being bullied and picked on, or being beaten up, whether because of being a blank flank or by her family.
One Bad Seed: This is for stories where Babs is a bully or bad for at least part of the story.
Smexy Times With Seed: Clopfics with Babs in 'em, I guess?
The Big Apple: Stories in Manehattan!
Anthro/Human: Stories with humans in them, or where ponies have fingers an' strange things like that.

And these should be obvious:
Slice of Life
Alt Universe

There's a bigger Babs fan group over here, too, though I'm not sure much is going on there.

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