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Derpy hasn't spoken to her parents in nine years, and that suits her just fine.

But when a school project on family trees causes Dinky to raise questions about her grandparents, and why she's never met them, Derpy is forced to talk about the argument involving Dinky herself that caused her to leave her home.


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“I’m sure your anything but a bad pony Dinkie


Other than that, this was short and plausible, an I liked it! Brings me back to the age old question of how ponies would have abortions. I know that horses can abort at will, but I wonder if ponies would do the same thing.

Makes ya think.

Short and sweet. A few grammar issues (wrong forms of 'your', etc) but overall, quite nice.

3477688 holy shit you posted a comment that wasn't full of the anger of a thousand scots

am I dreaming

Yeah, it's a cute story.

Sone grammar issue and way to quick when Derpy made the reveal, but otherwise a good and cute story

short sweet and cute. I approve!

The feels are making my liquid pride generators malfunction. :raritycry:

The family tree on her foster father's side is even weirder. Gallopfreyans are all genetically engineered clones (they lost the ability to reproduce biologically millions of years ago). The Doctor could probably tell Dinky from which clan's genetics his own genes were spun but it wouldn't exactly be the same thing as identifying a 'grandparent' of any kind.

I respect Derpy's decision, but not the reasoning behind it.
Fate... bleh. :rainbowlaugh:

I know it's a bit lame..but I wasn't sure how else to put what I was trying to get at in words.:facehoof:

To me, Derpy is the kind of pony who takes what the world gives her and makes the best of it. So basically....she got herself into that situation and she's going to do the right thing opposed to the easy thing.


Twilights Library?!?! :derpyderp2::derpyderp2:

You have no idea how much that means to me. :twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish:
thank you <3

3478991 when a mother hear the heartbeat of her child for the first time on most cases they fall in love with their child and that drives them to go through the 9 months of pregnancy and raising the child

3478991 I'm not criticizing you, author. You have the right to write a story in a way that it feels genuine to you. If that resonates with me, however, is an entirely different discussion.

I myself don't think that abortion is a bad thing, but the last thing I want for my life is to have a pro-life-esque debate on a pony website. I will, however, tell you to measure your words more carefully. The debate on abortion has several rights and wrongs and it is very easy to just fall into the deathtrap of assumption.

Never assume something is completely, 100% right. Because it isn't.

3477731 Don't you need to go be stupid somewhere else?


I apoligize If I sounded mad, I wasn't trying to get into an arguement either

I was simply trying to explain why I used the word fate
I'm not saying abortion is a good thing or a bad thing....I'm simply trying to show how I think Derpy would reason a decision like that, based on her personality

3479412 Ah, I see. Well, your previous comment makes much more sense now.

While I like the story, I disagree with how it ended.
Dainty should have been the one to ask Derpy for forgiveness, not have it given freely like that.

I'm all for small one shots but this still felt a little rushed towards the end. I kinda want to know Dainty's side of the story as to why she was so quick to forgive. I get that she may be a good mother but that doesn't explain the distance between the two up till now. I just wish there was a bit more to help fill in the gaps.:unsuresweetie:
Still, not a bad one shot.:twilightsmile:

Dainty's line pisses me off. Maybe Derpy had the courage to come home, but forgiveness takes time. I try to keep my opinion out of it but people who abort seem like monsters to me. It may solve that problem, but there are women who continually use it like they are getting nails done. It's a moral decision.


I'm not saying forgiveness happens overnight, but one has to forgive and forget enough to at least take the first towards proper acceptance.
If Derpy wasn't willing to give her mother the tiniest bit of sympathy, she wouldn't have ended up back on her doorstep.

And I'm not getting into an argument about abortion here. It's neither a good thing nor a bad thing.

Yeah I don't want to get into an argument about it, but it just hit me hard she says it so quickly as an option in the flashback. I mean that is just wow, that's a fast response there. I probably should have said that instead. Ok Sorry, now I am shutting up about it... :twilightsheepish:

Anyway nice story.


No problem. While Twilight's Library may have that whole incoming folder and a bunch of admins and such, it started as someplace I put fanfics I liked, and I did like this one...


D'AAAAAAAAW!!! This is so cute! :pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:

5/5 Mustaches for you, good sir or m'am. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I'd say I like the story, but that would be a lie. 'Like' is too weak a word. The only thing on my mind is where was Dusty Hooves? Honestly, if it's up to the readers where Dusty was, I'd make one of two scenarios. The first is that Dusty died, either of old age or a broken heart her daughter leaving them. The second is that perhaps Dusty and Dainty broke up. Either way, my idea is to give it a "harsh reality" scenario. That and I have a dark mind.

But nice work on the names.


So...You did or did not like it?

And I frankly didn't feel the need to touch on Dusty...
The reader can assume what they want,
He could be taking a nap upstairs for all I know :unsuresweetie:

Here I was, reading the flashback and ready to roll my eyes at yet another rushed "hit 'em with the feels!" big reveal, and then I finished it and realized you got me anyway with that ending. Good story.

he died before he was born.”

So, Granny Smith's hubby traveled with Doctor Hooves? :applejackconfused:


he died before he was born.

Yes, you probably meant the second one to be "she", referring to Apple Bloom, but that's not how you wrote it.


You sure your commenting on the right story?

AppleBloom isn't even in this :unsuresweetie:

3792028 The full quote:

Even Applebloom knows her grandfather’s name, and he died before he was born.”

She was mentioned, even if she stays offscreen.

3792057 3792057

Oh my god, your right :facehoof:

Sorry, I totally forgot about that line, I'm an idiot :twilightsheepish:


your right

My right what? :derpytongue2:


Curse you, you Gramma Nazi! :facehoof:

You're right....Happy?


Gramma Nazi!

... I have the sudden urge to visit Google Images and search for "Grandma Nazi," but I'm not sure how I'd explain that to my IT department at work ...



I'm about ready to throw my computer at the wall :twilightangry2:

3792179 .. Apparently I should have closed that last reply with:

<EDI> That was a joke. </EDI>

No hard feelings? :twilightsmile:

It was way too quick, but I'll give you a favorite anyway.

Such a feel good story! I'm crying tears of joy :twilightsmile:

I think the story is just long enough. In such a short story, a lot of emotions and feelings are conveyed. We get sadness, uncertainty, anger, sympathy, remorse, courage, forgiveness, hope, and child-like innocence in such a short piece. Expressing so much effectively without any unneeded filler in such a short story takes skill, so despite being short, I really enjoyed it.:heart:

Another thing about stories is that I always believe a story is successful if it leaves me wanting more. I'm not talking about cliff-hangers, but that feeling you get when you finish a tale and you just want to be with the characters in their world because you bonded with them. I felt that way with this piece too. I would have love to stick around and watch Derpy reunite with her parents and eventually see what happiness could have come from this moment. I was sucked in. I wanted more. That is good writing.

4096066 I feel no emotion from this, nor do I see anything that would make someone feel emotional. This needs more because it currently has nothing emotionally.

Eh, maybe I got a little carried away and probably should do a reread before posting stuff like that. I have been letting my emotions go crazy lately (Stupidly-tragic-but-I-still-can't-hate-it DeadDerpyVerse). Heck, even my avatar is still crying. *IGNORECOMMENTSHOULDAVATARBECHANGED*

4100112 I mean, this story has a decent premise and a small bit of sadness, but it's not nearly long enough to convey proper emotion. But, what do I know? Yesterday, I read a story that I was crying hysterically for and it was normally the kind of story I would say had no emotion! It was written poorly, but it got to me! It was probably just because it was about losing a pet. I like animals and I love my puppy. Maybe your weak spot is Derpy/Dinky, so this made you sad regardless of writing.

I think this is a good story, that deals with realistic topics and is just so sad to read:raritycry:(the rarity cry is a bit of an exaggeration)

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