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It was on a whim that Marble Pie had accepted the invitation for the offline meeting of the My Little Birdie fanclub. A stupid, reckless and possibly insane whim, but accept it she did.
And now, as she prepares herself in front of her bedroom mirror, she hopes and prays that things will go according to plan.

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Wow, so she's gone more than sixteen years without attending a single social gathering? To the extent that her sisters treat it like she's heading out to a big job interview?
Crazy Amish kids.

Nice story, though :)


Well, Marble always did strike me as a rather sheltered child especially seeing her reaction to the Apples in the Hearthbreakers episode :ajsmug:

Many thanks for the comment too :pinkiehappy:

The difference being, though, that in this setting she apparently attends an ordinary human high school.
So it seems a little odd. But so be it!

They arn' t Amish, they are Manenites. :pinkiehappy:

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