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I make what most people would call "Trollfics".

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"Rarity Eats a Bone" by ron [DRAMATIC READING] · 10:53pm Dec 20th, 2013

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APB #9 · May 6th, 2014 · · ·

Hey man,
Long story short while I'm not depressed I wandered into the Anti-Depression Ponies group and found your comment (its been 9 weeks now). Simply put I came to see when the last time you've been on. Glad to see you're still around, I myself have gone through depression twice, each time lasting around a year, the second time with major repercussions. So I say to you: I can only hope everything has settled or gotten better and that I wish you to get better if you have not already. I may not know you, but I do care for you. There is always a better future and we are responsible for working towards it.
Hoped my soap box speech wasn't too eh... off sounding, I do mean it though. :twilightblush:
For what its worth, have a nice night! :pinkiesmile:

Comment posted by Gray Compass deleted Apr 12th, 2014

927147 sorry it took so long to reply.

Thanks for putting my work on your tumblr, that means a lot to me.

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