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Spike's got three whole days to himself while Twilight is away at the Crystal Empire. Three whole days to be independent and free to do whatever he wants.

Or he would have, if a female dragon hadn't mistaken him for an abandoned hatchling. Now he's been snatched up and taken to her home to be "properly cared for."

Stuck in a cave with an overly-protective dragon intent on mothering him...maybe he should have just gone with Twilight.

Thanks to QueenCold for letting me use this picture of theirs as cover art!

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Good start looking forward to where this goes.

I look forward to see how Spike deals with trying to convince this dragon he doesn't need to be cared for like an infant.

Majin Syeekoh

...I'm going to be honest. I thought it was going to be M rated based on what I read in the description.

6920156 You have a really, really dirty mind.

Looks like I've found another story to follow. WOO HOO.

I wonder if the dragon is actually Spikes Mom That would be awesome :3

You have my interest.

Majin Syeekoh

6920174 Hey, Twink has a record for writing really weird M rated fics.

I don't think it's outside the realm of reason.


Guilty as charged :twilightsmile: but I promise this is E rated!

Majin Syeekoh

6920251 I'll take your word for it until I get the time to dive in.:duck:

Have not even finished reading the first chapter and I love it. I predict this is gonna end with Momma Dragon Heartbreak.

Oh yes, Spike stories! I love 'em! :heart: And with a dragoness character, no less! I hope this story gets lots of love! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, if that random dragoness turned out to be Spike's real mother all along, it would a heck of a plot twist! Well, not for me anymore, but still.

... Well, I'm interested in where this is going!

Good call in describing how Twilight treats him normally. Tons of chores and not a lot of free time is a pretty safe assumption from what we've seen of the show, but it's sorta up in the air.

So, I wonder how the dragon's mothering is going to differ from Twilight's "mothering"? Obviously more overbearing but... I hope it's not just as simple as that.


Hooray! Spike is free at last from Twilight! I see now downside to this.

:raritystarry: Spikey's gone and I have such a large order to finish!
:pinkiegasp: I saw another dragon like Spikeys brother if he had another mother like another dragon mother other cousins brothers room mate
:rainbowderp: Spike's dragon napped when he was napping?
:unsuresweetie: don't worry you have a spikey wikey plushy dolly to kissy wissy
:raritycry: Sweetie Belle!
:fluttercry: We all know the truth Rarity , Sweetie Belle can't cook.:raritystarry:

I'd love to be on the rock that Spike was on. It sounds absolutely, wonderfully, comfortable.

6920371 I would love if that happened

Hmmmm An enjoyable read so far, with a convincing plot and motivations for the characters actions in this chapter. Take my like and watch. I cant wait to read more of this story.

So far so good. More please!

I have mixed feelings, giddy yet uncertain. The first chapter sets up the story's base but leaves me hanging. I hardly absorbed details beyond what the title and description gave. I know there was more, but about all I absorbed was "twilight's out of town, nopony will know he's gone until it's too late" Not saying "worst story ever" just that I'm hungry for more and not fully satisfied as with what I have: I've got nothing to chew on/ponder about based of what I read while I wait for the second chapter.

So looking forward to chapter two in due time. (but hopefully soon... *twitch* :pinkiecrazy: I want to know if it's going to be another "I've been adopted against my will" story or if there will be other elements to the story weaving.{edit: I'm rooting for the latter})

unless you plan on updating this quickly then I'm just going to have to tag it for tracking until I read a new chapter of Dexters Lab in Equestria when it comes out, otherwise, its a very good start.
I just hope that you don't wear yourself out and pace yourself with a good scene-by-scene chapter format.

I would be shocked if she was his actual mother... like if a dragoness can sense her hatchling with some sort of magic....

Ooh. I'm liking this.
You pay a great deal of attention to attention to detail. I like reading how characters reason out their actions, an preceding thoughts. Not many stories do that, and fewer do it so well as this!
You have my attention and my favoritism!

Yes...yeeeeeeeees.....YES! YES!

I will be watching this story with great interest.

You've got me intrigued. :)

You my dear Sir/Mam have my most highest of interest.
Please update soon :)

Excellent start, a lot of the female dragon's thoughts remind me of It Takes a Village to Change except more extreme in pony hatred: did you take any inspiration from that fic? Either way I look forward to more.

Oh this is going to be fun. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, this is gonna be good.

This really has me interested. Please release more soon :pinkiehappy:

Interesting premise. Solid writing.

You have my attention.

To quote 'Django', "You had my interest. Now, you have my attention."

I hope spike get a permanent new dragon mom!

Great start, and everyone's actions, reactions, and motivations ring true.

I especially like the idea of Spike appreciating the comfort of a basking rock - it feels natural for his species. Heck, I like it so much I might even use that headcannon in a future story if it's all right?

I wonder if there will be a plot twist, that she is spikes real mother.


No offense mate, but that's not much of a story plot twist. That's just a little cliche..... Besides. The story will probably work better if they just stay as random strangers. I can't imagine this story lasting longer than maybe... 5 or 8 chapters of the author keeps up this length.

If there WAS EVER to be a Plot Twist, it would probably be one of the Dragon Town's Elders telling her that Spike was an expirement by Dragon kind, to see if their young could survive with Ponies- Or Celestia herself going Mother Bear in the Dragon town, demanding for Spike back.... Or, Maybe Spike choosing to stay with the Dragons after 3 Days. :P let's be honest though. We all want it to be 4 days. Just to see a Twilight Freak out moment.

When twilight finds out there will be a crater wherever the dragon lives

Six words: "Yes, oh yes, you beautiful bastard."


Hm. This sounds like it's going to be sad. Such as, at the end, no one's coming out of this the same or something like that.

oh yes
this was great!
i cant wait for the next chapter! X3

No offense, but I think your ideas where even more cliche. Dragon Elders and Spike being given to Celestia to use for experimentation have all been done.


....... Holy Crap, your right. XD
When you put it like that it sounds REALLY cliche.

Alright, um.... Hmmm.... How about....

.... Actually, you know what. It's a slice of life story. A lot of things in slice of life's are supposed to be campy and cliche. So, these are all still useable ideas. XD

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