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Well hi there...I am Tzee. It's pronounced Tee-zee. You probably don't care. And I don't know what else to put here. Kbai.

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Everfree! · 4:31pm Jul 4th, 2014

Everfree is here! And I'm gonna be there! It's gonna be awesome! I would try and blog my experience, but I'll probably walk back to my hotel room every day when it's over and die on my bed. I can't wait to chill with other hardcore pony fans! I may or may not be wearing a custom made SoarBurn t-shirt and go out in search of other SoarBurn shippers...what, it's my OTP? Look for the tall guy with a small afro and a SoarBurn shirt and DATS ME! But since I'm new like 0 people will be looking xD k

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Nopony reads my stories :applecry:
But then again, None of my stories are ready yet *derp*

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