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I read, I stalk, I Write, and one day one of my stories will be featured. That is all

Favorite pony top to bottom

The ships I want to do. As main.

ApplejackxPinkie x 3
Applejack xRarity
Applejack xRainbow
Applejack xspike
Applejack xCelestia
Pinkie xRarity
Rainbow xRarity

A bucket list.

[x] have 50 followers
[x] 100
[ ] 300
[ ] 600
[ ] 1000
[ ] complete 10 stories (not oneshots)
[ ] complete 20
[ ] have a story with 30,000 words
[ ] 50,000 words
[ ] 100,000
[x] have 50 likes on a story x 8
[x] 100 likes
[x] Have a story sit in the popular feed
[ ] have a story featured
[ ] Make people love applepie

Latest Stories


Let's be honest. · 7:47pm Nov 23rd, 2017

So first I want to apologise to all my readers. I keep saying I am coming back and then I dont.

I truly miss writing my stories and really want to get back into the swing of things. So I am going to start trying my hardest to get you guys updated stories.

They may not come once a week but they will update. I am working a 50 hour week job so it is kinda hard to keep up with writing. But I really want to so I am.

Read More

Report huntersunday · 384 views ·

What I will bring to the table

There is never enough Pinkie Pie.

In my opinion. I will write other stories but mostly ones of her.

I also love me some Applejack.

I have several so far please enjoy them. I am getting back into writing and hope to better my writing skills so have a blast

I also take recommendations on the side. So if you have an idea send me a pm.

My Shout out to box (people who have helped me.)
Dummkopf Parodies editor
azurenightlight Editor
Mister Phoenix Proofread
Quantum Pony editor
AwesomeSauce78 Artist
Go give them a look

Thanks for visiting

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2424417 yeah well you need to put your final touches on the Magic of Heat, Lust and Love

2423835 yes, sometimes the hardest part for me is wrapping one up. It can be hard to put that finall touch.

2373448 Has there ever been a story (past or present) that you found to be incredibly difficult to write?

2373448 I look forward to it ^^

2373405 good news then. I am planning a futapie and futajack multiple oneshot series

Have and love it. We needs more Pinkie futa stories ^^

2372687 read magic of heat, Lust and love

Anytime. Gimme more futa stories ^^

2372564 I enjoy his ships sometimes

Are you a fan of spike the dragon and list any spike ship that you faves.!?.!?.!?.!?.!?.

2363457 `That was nice of you. Your stories seem interesting. I can't promise that I'll take the time to read all of them. However, I'll see to it that I let you know of what I think of them when I get the chance to read some of them.

By the way, Here's hoping that 2017 will yield many things, great things for you.

Also, any and all feedback / constructive criticism that you have on anything (whether its stories or something else will be welcome.

2367035 thats awesome thanks so much for the follow:pinkiehappy:

i'm ur 101th follower

2363456 um no? I was thanking you for adding one of my stories to your shelf

2229176 I've noticed that you've left a comment on my page. Should I be worried?

I just love your stories. I never really gave pinkiexapplejack any thought, But your stories make it seem like a match made in heaven


Read...Write...And Stalk...Hm...

Hope one of your stories gets featured sometime soon! :pinkiehappy:

2229171 thwnk you that means a lot:pinkiehappy:

A very good read Catching an egghead. Hope that one of your stories does get featured.

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