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I read, I stalk, I Write, and one day one of my stories will be featured. That is all

Favorite pony top to bottom

The ships I want to do. As main.

ApplejackxPinkie x 3
Applejack xRarity
Applejack xRainbow
Applejack xspike
Applejack xCelestia
Pinkie xRarity
Rainbow xRarity

A bucket list.

[x] have 50 followers
[x] 100
[ ] 300
[ ] 600
[ ] 1000
[ ] complete 10 stories (not oneshots)
[ ] complete 20
[ ] have a story with 30,000 words
[ ] 50,000 words
[ ] 100,000
[x] have 50 likes on a story x 8
[x] 100 likes
[x] Have a story sit in the popular feed
[ ] have a story featured
[ ] Make people love applepie


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News from the beyond · 5:39pm May 9th

Woot got my promotion and have finally settled in. So now I have time. Oh how I've missed it. Any ways I'm really sorry for the inactivity. That is being rectified today. :pinkiehappy:

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What I will bring to the table

There is never enough Pinkie Pie.

In my opinion. I will write other stories but mostly ones of her.

I also love me some Applejack.

I have several so far please enjoy them. I am getting back into writing and hope to better my writing skills so have a blast

I also take recommendations on the side. So if you have an idea send me a pm.

My Shout out to box (people who have helped me.)
Dummkopf Parodies editor
azurenightlight Editor
Mister Phoenix Proofread
Quantum Pony editor
AwesomeSauce78 Artist
Go give them a look

Thanks for visiting

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2423835 yes, sometimes the hardest part for me is wrapping one up. It can be hard to put that finall touch.

2373448 Has there ever been a story (past or present) that you found to be incredibly difficult to write?

2373448 I look forward to it ^^

2373405 good news then. I am planning a futapie and futajack multiple oneshot series

Have and love it. We needs more Pinkie futa stories ^^

2372687 read magic of heat, Lust and love

Anytime. Gimme more futa stories ^^

2372564 I enjoy his ships sometimes

Are you a fan of spike the dragon and list any spike ship that you faves.!?.!?.!?.!?.!?.

2363457 `That was nice of you. Your stories seem interesting. I can't promise that I'll take the time to read all of them. However, I'll see to it that I let you know of what I think of them when I get the chance to read some of them.

By the way, Here's hoping that 2017 will yield many things, great things for you.

Also, any and all feedback / constructive criticism that you have on anything (whether its stories or something else will be welcome.

2367035 thats awesome thanks so much for the follow:pinkiehappy:

i'm ur 101th follower

2363456 um no? I was thanking you for adding one of my stories to your shelf

2229176 I've noticed that you've left a comment on my page. Should I be worried?

I just love your stories. I never really gave pinkiexapplejack any thought, But your stories make it seem like a match made in heaven

Story Approver

Read...Write...And Stalk...Hm...

Hope one of your stories gets featured sometime soon! :pinkiehappy:

2229171 thwnk you that means a lot:pinkiehappy:

A very good read Catching an egghead. Hope that one of your stories does get featured.

2221978 that's great to hear I like to write so many different things but don't worry my next few are going to be tean

It's not often I follow nsfw authors, but ya are tellin' some stories.:trixieshiftright:

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