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Love can be a fickle thing, it can be ever changing. It can also be one of the hardest things to find. However honest love can be the worst of them all. When someone finds their true love could they ever truly love anyone else?
For Applejack that saying is stronger for heart than any others. Even if she found her love she could never try to get him. Not with his heart filled by another, it wouldn't be honest.
However if someponey's were there to push him in the right direction maybe their hearts could become one.

A big shout out to my editors Rocket Lawn Chair and Shadowghostalex
also to the artist of this photo tinacrazy29

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Being the element of laughter, it's no surprise that Pinkie Pie's favorite feelings are happiness and joy. Smiles make her happy. Her friends make her happy. She loves spreading happiness to whomever she can, however she can, even if it means trekking out to the frozen edge of Equestria in search of the perfect party idea.

She feels a different sort of happiness when she's with her friend, Rarity. There's something about Rarity's smile that makes her feel all giddy inside. Actually, she feels a bunch of different feelings at once, and she's not sure exactly what they are. She only knows this random mishmash of emotions adds up to something else, something exciting.

But how can she explain to Rarity how she feels? Does Rarity feel the same? What if she doesn't?

Those are all questions that never crossed Pinkie's mind. All she wants is to see that perfect, generous smile on Rarity's face as much as she can.

But maybe a certain seamstress has other plans.

A big shout out to my editor and pretty much co-writer Rocket Lawn Chair
Also at the moment this is a one-shot I may continue it. Maybe.

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Love can be a small tiny gust of wind or the most powerful force in the universe. Twilight and Applejack have been given a golden opportunity to explore these new feelings. A simple mistake will finally open one of their eyes to something amazing. Watch as as the two form a love strong enough that it wont only conquer time, it may even cheat death.

A shout out to my editor General Tullius
This is my entry to a Twijack contest please enjoy
artwork by AwesomeSauce78 here is his Deviantart

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Applejack has a simple life, with great friends. Sure times can be tough and bits may be hard to come by, but she's always pulled through. Now her life has been turned upside down and money will never be a problem.
Watch her story unfold. Money, family and friendship can change. Even your closest most trusted ponies can use you. Watch as a simple farmer comes to terms with the fact that wealth isn't all it's cracked up to be.
image is not mine it belongs to this guy LateCustomer

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Life can be unfair, often cruel. Applejack is facing the unfair, and is finding it hard to accept it. Her wife and
friend, is there to make sure she can take the bad, with the good. Sometimes bad things happen, but even though love ones may pass, there always is hope, for a happier tomorrow.

This was a fic done for a request. It's my first crack at sad, hope you guys enjoy!

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Rainbow Dash had it all planned, it was going to be awesome!
A certain egghead however had different plans.
Rainbow dash wasn't going to let her waste her perfect day.

Hey everybody, This is a quick fic. Made for my friend Mister Phoenix, I hope you like this nice Easter fluff.

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