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I read, I stalk, I Write, and one day one of my stories will be featured. That is all


Rainbow Dash had it all planned, it was going to be awesome!
A certain egghead however had different plans.
Rainbow dash wasn't going to let her waste her perfect day.

Hey everybody, This is a quick fic. Made for my friend Mister Phoenix, I hope you like this nice Easter fluff.

Chapters (2)
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Not sure what you're trying to do here, consider deleting.
This... doesn't make sense. Remove or edit it because I don't know your original intention.

Best part of the story...

7161240 thanks for that I can't believe I missed it

I'm super sad, because I deleted the old chapter, i lost all my 788 views, but I keep my likes oh well live and let learn

aww, such a nice little bonus chapter of one of my favourite ships :rainbowkiss:

7327623 yep I wanted to award my readers because of the 100 likes maby I will get more but besides that I am happy :pinkiehappy:

7327636 that's a sweet ending thanks for the bonus chapter

7327751 Where the hell do you live mate? It's 4:30 a.m. where I live!

7327757 it's 4 am here as well i work graveyard shift

That was cute. Thanks for it! I will now head to bed smiling!


This was simply adorable!

Well it took awhile, but I finally got to it. Because I read it before hand I waited to get it out of my head before reading it for real. I have no idea what I should think about this story, the main reason I didn't write it. Is because I'm a heartless monster who finds nothing to be cute.

But the story was still a good read, I didn't really like the middle part, but writing a story base on a picture with nothing else to help you out is hard. Take my TwiDash For Dummies fic seeing how it was also based off one. I did enjoy this story, but not because it cute or have a cute picture.

But at the same time I don't know why I like it, it just a good story no real reason, again it might just be me being heartless, but this was good I like it. Sorry for the long wait.

Awwww, this was so cute! This was a really enjoyable read!

Awww, this was a really good chapter! So cute!

This time, nothing stopped me from crying of adorableness in this chapter

I talked about your fic here. Tell me what you think:pinkiehappy:

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