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Love can be a fickle thing, it can be ever changing. It can also be one of the hardest things to find. However honest love can be the worst of them all. When someone finds their true love could they ever truly love anyone else?
For Applejack that saying is stronger for heart than any others. Even if she found her love she could never try to get him. Not with his heart filled by another, it wouldn't be honest.
However if someponey's were there to push him in the right direction maybe their hearts could become one.

A big shout out to my editors Rocket Lawn Chair and Shadowghostalex
also to the artist of this photo tinacrazy29

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Interesting ships. Tracking.

8171534 I really like this ship :pinkiehappy:

Hmm... if Pinkie gives away the identity of her lover, the world will explode?
It's Anon, isn't it?

8171547 nope I dont think you will see it coming though

8171551 Oh, and you need to make an edit to your user page. I'm actually General Tullius :twilightsheepish:

8171559 oh I will fix that




Well this is going in a direction I like - the Applejack x Spike way.
Welcome my friend, to the higher ground in life.

8171649 Actually, this ship isn't random. It's a pretty big ship.

8173925 it's growing but it's not as big as other Spike ships

8173967 It's bigger than FlutterSpike now I think and it was always above Rainbow x Spike and Pinkie x Spike (I couldn't believe Twilight x Spike was bigger than AppleSpike

8173925 Have I been living under the wrong rock or what?:rainbowderp:

Oh well, enjoyed the start of a beautiful thing here... Hopefully I get to see a chapter two.

8174367 Xd u haven't. It's not uncommon for someone to not know of a ship.

8174367 there is one in the making now this story is doing pretty good so far :twilightsheepish:

Interesting. Please continue!:moustache::heart::ajsmug:

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