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MLP Sparkle Star

Hi. I'm Mlp Sparkle Star. Or, as my oc's name is Princess Bubblegum. I am a writer who loves My little Pony. I hope you like my stories ^^


Hello I'm MLP Sparkle Star! I do commissions and art trades and I make stories!



Hello, my followers! · 5:57pm Sep 14th, 2018

Hey! I am back! I'm sorry I haven't been on here for a few months but I have been busy writing other stories, doing videos, animatics, moving (which I am fixing to do tomorrow... again) But I am finally back and I will do everything I can to keep Bubblegum's Adventure and A Magicians Secret going. I am currently trying to write another chapter for Bubblegum's Adventure so stay tuned for that, too. Anyways, just thought I'd let ya guys know :pinkiehappy:

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2414037 *Blushes* Thanks! I will

Hey there! Thanks for following and keep it up with the awesome stories!

2356479 Your most welcome! Merry Christmas Dragon101K_pl!

Thanks for the follow! ^^

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