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A group dedicated to the maybe nonexistent connection between a hyperactive pink pony and a dramatic white unicorn.

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I wish there was a voice reading of this shipping on YouTube. :/

By gimmick I mean a theme around which the entire relationship revolves.
For instance, the total opposites nature of Rarity/Applejack, Rainbow Dash/Fluttershy, or Twilight/Pinkie, which frames almost every major interaction they have with one another.

Pinkie and Rarity's friendship doesn't rely on that sort of thing.
Their interests are different without clashing, and yet without really being complementary, either.

With how the show tends to treat friendships (as a potential source for drama and growth), it's hard to really pinpoint why they would spend so much time together and yet they do, and because of that, it feels like one of the most genuine relationships in the show.

How do you mean based around a gimmick? Jw

I've loved this ship ever since Putting Your Hoof Down, and it's gotten a lot better in the last few seasons.
They have such a lovely dynamic, and it's one of the few relationships in the show that isn't based around a gimmick.

Two years since the last comment, wowzers....

Hi everypony! My name is MlpLover65, some of you may know me from YouTube. If not, here's some about me:
My favorite pony is Rarity, then Pinkiepie; my favorite ship is RariPie, obvoiously:) Thanks for reading, bye!!:pinkiehappy::raritywink:

lol, 69 stories

:raritywink: + 69 + :pinkiehappy: = you know damn well what

354293 Oh? Sure! What is it?

354266 Hey, um, would you be interested in joining the prompt tag collab? :twilightsmile:

Hi! I'm matcha cheesecake! :pinkiehappy:
I am so happy to meet y'all~ :heart:
Let's spread the RariPie love :raritywink:

Of all the best things that could happen, this is THE. BEST. POSSIBLE. THING! :pinkiehappy:

Hello everypony, I'm the PinkButcher. *giggles* These two are one of the most adorable couples out there...

This group is my shit.

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