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Immortality isn't living forever; It's endless torture, My own sister along with everycreature else has forsaken me to its confines - Abyss inside her prison.

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  • EA Poem for Chrysalis
    After an lost battle with Celestia; Chrysalis is worn and tired, almost broken that is until she begins to read her mothers journal and the poem she had left inside. Causing an flame inside her to carry on fighting for her races survival.
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Friends Of Amino and their commissions of Abyssal and Emerald Gleam (WIP) · 8:10pm Dec 16th, 2020

Hello every-creature, it's been a long time since I did a blog on here or even shown dication that I was alive, but worry not - I'm still alive and well, also If any-creature was curious about the visual of my MLP OCs, worry no longer!. I have had some talented Artist from Amino to create some art peices of my OC's.
Please consider this is in WIP, because I haven't got permissions to post the rest on here yet.

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No problem!, like I said previously to another; I'm very picky with my favourites and you very much earned it. Also I enjoyed reading, so thank you for creating it. I don't write anymore because my grammar is... well not great, but I write blogs about my OCs give them a read if you like. ^_^

Thanks for the fave :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

No problem dude, I'm picky with my favourite stories and you made it into it. Well deserved I might add too. ^_^

And thank you for the favorite! You're great!

Thank you, for the comment! I haven't looked at it yet, however, the prologue had perked my interest, if your looking for constructive critism then I'll give my honest opinion when I've read it - Which I certain will be good. I've stopped trying to write stories because my grammar is to be desired at the very least, so I write blogs about my ideas, OC and other things that might come to my head that I think should be written down. x3

If Anyone would like to read it - Today I've edited and updated my blog on my Alicorn OC Abyss. ^_^

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