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Hey everyone i got an idea for a,Octavia fanfic its uplifting for a pony influenced by her and who idolises her. This inspiration came from Simple Three 'Rain' It would be in the pony that was inspired by her preview. It can be from a young filly or colt, or a few years younger or older mare or stallion. Who was fully blind since birth, completely deaf in one ear and mostly deaf in the other.

They would get bullied because their different by other ponies and go into deep depression, though when rain comes this pony leans against the glass to hear it pitter pattering even though it might be pouring down they could only hear a faint pitter patter against the glass. Their family tried to cheer the pony up but only the rain made them feel not alone because they felt the rain was feeling their pain. Helping her hear without actually hearing but feeling the vibrations of the sound.

Though they still had no motivation in life until they heard the music of Octavia even though their family as a music family they didn't have the soul of the music like Octavia did, with that that Pony thrived to be a violinist something she always wanted to be but because of ponies she could do stuff because they couldn't see or hear every well they thought it was a waist of time. But hearing the passion on Octaivas music... They found their passion again and got their cutiemark a violin.

They grew big, still without hearing or sight until their fans had donated for money for a hearing aid, and organ donation to give them eyes after many years for the ponies father to presuade them... They are invited to a Gala where Octavia is invited into.

The Ponys father knew of their offsprings wish to meet Octiava and for her to be the first thing they see and the be the first thing they hear giving them praise. And despite their offsprings protests at the Gala for. Like 'Dad.. Get back here now.." (The pony stomps their hoof on the floor gently as they still here their fathers hooves walk away before one of the other family band members takes their hoof and spells out "He's gone to ask Princess Celestia if you can meet Octavia." On their hoof making them panick a little, but with maybe a,close family member would sooth them and tell them its not the time to freak out.

Then Celestia anounces the last song of the evening. Their band and they all go outside and they play, everyone except the band and the princesses freak out a bit (nobles did alot 😂) before realising the princesses hadn't freaked put and continued to watch and listen even Octavia is too engrossed by it all.

Seeing the passion in the ponies music and even dancing as they stood up at their part, pouring their soul and heart in their music. only knowing they cant see because of the,bandages. In the ponies thoughts... They plea Octavia to please listen and understand to their passion, mentally stating their life was a brighter one because of her music.

In the end the crowd cheers and the Princesses congrats them and praises them, before the father asks about Octavia and Celestia goes to her and tells her that someone would like to meet her, the pony they had all saw in the violin, Causing Octiava to agree and comment to the pony how amazed she is.

The father tells her that their violinist is deaf and blind but because of her music with the little hearing they had gave them a passion in their life. And they would be honoured if she could turn on the pony's hearing aid and unwrap their bandages because they wanted the first thing they hear and see was their idol.

Octiava is obviously moved by this beyond words but agrees none the less and upon unwrapping the final cloth and turning on the hearing aid. Octiava is moved to tears and congrats them, telling them well done.. The pony smiles moved to tears themselves and sees and hears the beautiful world clearly for the first time. And breaks down crying in happiness repeating their thanks to Octiava.

For the life she had brought to life inside them.

The end.

If any pony would like do this story for me its open because im not very good at writing a story in my opinion.., add your own thing to it if you wish but i think the song is very inspiring to this sort of fimfic :)

Also if anyone can get Lotus Moon to do a reading of it id be so honoured.

This group. It makes me so very happy inside. That is all.

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


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