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Story Edits (Open) · 4:16pm May 7th

Hello everyone. As the title says, edits for stories are now open. However, i can only manage to edit a particular number of stories. So, here is the progress and openings.

1. Cave Beach Party by Lonely Fanboy48 (Complete)

2. War Mages and False Prophets by WhyteKnyght
3. by The dragon hunter (Currently getting info on that, but this one is reserved.)
4. by Kaiju4ever
5. Hero Name: Princess Midnight by King Ice
6. My Immortal Phoenix by Lieral

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KO thanks for the watch and hope you’ll enjoy reading my stories!

The Equestrian Renegade. Chapter 2 should be done this weekend and when it is could you check and see if I'm doing okay with it?

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