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Writer, artist, and a fan of mlp. Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony, though I really can't have favorites - I love them all. I can take request for stories but I only do human in Equestria stories.


Editing existing chapters. · 3:22pm September 4th

What's up everypony! So I've been gone for a while trying to work pass my writer's block. Then I had an idea; why not take a look at my finished chapters and see if that'll help? Maybe retracing my steps will help in the advancement of my story. However when I did this, I noticed that something was missing; music. So I began adding links to my story in order to give my finished chapters some flare, so as to make the readers feel the atmosphere of the events unfolding.

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Great to be aboard! :rainbowlaugh:

Welcome on board the Crazy Train :yay:


Please PM me

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