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Writer, artist, and a fan of mlp. Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony, though I really can't have favorites - I love them all. I can take request for stories but I only do human in Equestria stories.


Fanfic readings... maybe? · 4:41am July 25th

Hey everypony, hows it going? So I've been thinking about this for a while and I've been wanting to do some fic readings. But I'm not sure if I need permission from the author first before I read the fic. If anyone knows please let me know.

On a side note, so on enough I'll do a fic reading of my own story when I have the free time to do some recordings. Mind you I won't be as good as some of the other fic readers on YouTube but I'll do what I can. So there's that to look forward to.

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Update for The Equestrian Renegade · 2:10am April 13th

Hey guys, it's been a while hasn't it? Well I'm sorry for keeping everyone waiting I'm sure some of you are eager to read some more. To be honest, I'm actually glad that I've got so many followers and those that seem to like my story for whatever the reason lol. Anyway, I've been really busy with work and getting overtime, but the real reason behind the delays is. . . Well, as many of you probably have gone through the same thing, I've never written anything pornographic before. So with my

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Idea for editors! · 3:44am Sep 1st, 2018

So I've been thinking on how any editors could help me out for future chapters. Recently I've been reading this wonderful story called the arrival of Ford mustang, and those who have read it would leave comments on any mistakes the author may have made. So how's about we do that? Sounds super easy right?

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G5 ponies and future projects · 4:00pm Jan 17th, 2018

Hey so as I'm sure that many of you already know, we're getting some new versions of the main6 for the G5 ponies. While I'm not too terribly sure if any of this is confirmed, based on what I've seen for the new designs, chances are that I most likely won't do any sort of story for the G5. Most of my stories will revolve around G4 because that is what I've known. But who knows? I may like the G5 and do a story. But for now, my stories will be based on the characters that we all know and love.

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New chapters on the way...after being proofread · 5:42pm Dec 12th, 2017

Hey everyone! Rene9adeKni9ht here to inform you that the next chapter will be on the way...after being proofread by AndromedaNova, whom I encourage you all to go check out his work:twilightsheepish:. As soon as he/she is done editing my chapters I will post it and it will continue as such. Thank you all again and I look forward to seeing your opinions as to the directions I should go with my story as well as for any future projects :twilightsmile:

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Need advice for new user · 3:40am Dec 5th, 2017

Hey everyone! I'm new here and I kinda need help with a story that I've been handwriting for a while. I'll post what I've got for completed chapters, and I would greatly appreciate it if everyone who reads it gives me their thoughts and opinions. Please and thank you guys. :twilightsmile:

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