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This is a group for fanfics that have Princess Celestia X Queen Chrysalis (is there an official name for the pairing?) as ether the main shipping or a side shipping.

Update: Decided to add Luna X Chrysalis to the shippings accepted within this group.

Don't forget to add any stories that aren't already here and have one of the shippings so that others may enjoy them! :D

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just a quick suggestion, maybe you should sperate the Luna x chrysalis from the Celestia x chrysalis

To quote Ken Page who a character he played is in my story:

my my, what have we here

(is there an official name for the pairing?)


I like Chrysaluna ships, but they are so uncommon, and the ones that I find are all way too short.

I have found a few decently long Chrysaluna ships, but one could say they are a rarity :twilightsheepish:

339837 I'm glad you like it!

This group, sniff, is so awesome...

~ Michael

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