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Just a big Applejack fan, who loves Rarijack and Pinkiedash as ships too much! (Is allergic to other Rarity and AJ ships) I also enjoy reading good writing and creating good writing!

Honorable Mention: The Jewel of Reinsburg

The Jewel of Reinsburg

This is located on this website however, was left incomplete in it's editing to be posted on this site! The original and complete version can be found via the link above! It is a great story and I thoroughly enjoyed it! So check it out!

Honorable Mention 2: A Wild Crossover!

Pony Age: Origins

This is probably the only crossover fic I will ever read. I'm not into crossovers, but this fic took a subject matter I was already familiar with and combined it with MLP very well. The author took interesting creative liberties and made changes that worked well within the context of the story. Sadly they started a sequel that follows, I believe, Dragon Age: Awakenings, but they have left it incomplete. This original work though, is well worth the read if you enjoy Dragon Age and MLPFiM!

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Update on my fic progress · 12:50am Nov 8th, 2017

Hello all! So awhile back I made my first ever blog about Circlet of Feydra and how it was finally coming along! Well....good and amazing news! I'm about to finish outlining the first 12 chapters of it!!!! 12!! I'm super excited and amazed at how far along this has come. I'm in the middle of outlining chapter 8 and 9, but I know whats to come up in the outline through 12 and once that's done I will begin writing writing the prologue!!

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Thank you so so much!! Yes, I am in development of a big fic. It's an AU fantasy adventure story and it's a big project with lots of work attached to it. Sadly, I do not have an ETA for it's release yet, but I'm working on getting stuff done as quickly as I can manage. :3

I'm still so happy you enjoyed Honest Diamonds, and I will also let you know that I hope to pump out a couple oneshots as well.... hopefully.... some day.... when I'm not stuck in a loop of neverending depression motivational issues hehe XD

Anyways, glad to have you as a follower and am so honored that you're looking forward to work from me!

I read your story earlier today and I have to say it was wonderful as you captured the essence of both Rarity and Applejack! I would really love to desire work from you and Mist had told me that there is a story in production so I can't wait! Have a good day and good luck!

Thanks for the follow! :pinkiehappy:

Good to see another happy reader regardless of reply time. :heart:

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